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Book 2 in my Dark Ritual series is out today. Since it’s the SPOOCKTUCLAR month 0f Halloween and my books are YA Paranormal/Horror they are releasing the first three books in the series this month. “After taking few deep breaths, I… still don’t feel better, in fact. That was terrible. And great. Colina would say: Terrific....

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32 Lays Later by Kate J. Squires

32 Lays Later by Kate J. Squires Blurb: Can passion and porn co-exist?  Sexually adventurous Bethany is ready for a change. After spending almost ten years as a nurse, she craves work that will stimulate her amazing body as well as her quick mind. When she finds out her crush, the enigmatic film producer Ari,...

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Author Jessi Gage

You please tell us a little bit about your current projects? Thanks for having me!  Fall is my favorite time of year. It seems as soon as the weather cools, my fingers get busy at the keyboard. This month, I’m working on promoting my fourth Blue Collar Boyfriends book, HOLIDAY BARGAIN, which you can find...

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