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First off. My thanks to the moderators of Romance Junkies Blog. This is a wonderful opportunity to tell you about my books set in Australia  

 At this point in time, I live in the southern states of Australia. We have all four seasons here and right now, we’re headed into summer.  

In the Northern Territory of Australia, which is my home, there are only two seasons known as The Dry and The Wet.  The Dry is a sort of winter from May to July or thereabouts and the Wet runs for the rest of the year. Really hot, humid and heaps of rain and prone to cyclones. Typically tropical. 

From a schoolteacher to a payroll manager, for one of
Australia’s largest retail companies was a dramatic career-path change for me and which I enjoyed, until, another came along–Writing. So, how did that come about? No. I haven’t been writing since I was six, or anything wonderful like that. 

My husband and I criss-crossed the Outback of Australia, both with his work and on holidays.  Discovering the magnificence of wind-crafted outcrops of granite and sandstone, vast ochre plains stretching to eternity and the bush teeming with wildlife uniquely Australian, our interest escalated. We extended our trips into holidays of gold and gemstone-fossicking adventures and retracing the tracks of explorers. We also followed the stock routs taken by cattlemen in the 1800’s. Droving teams taking cattle across this vast continent from the Kimberley in the west to Queensland in the east. No cattle trucks and road trains, as ride the highways today. 

The notes I kept on those trips translated into a series of travel articles for a magazine until, I realised what better backdrop than this sun-drenched wilderness for conjuring up stories of unique blend–love up against impossible odds. I undertook studies in creative writing, specialising in Romance, and set to work. 

Writing fulfils my most cherished dream, to breathe life, love and emotion into the characters in my imagination, mostly, conjured up from the men and women who dare to live in the Outback.

OTHER INTERESTS (Shared by my husband as well). Animal welfare. Both domestic and wildlife. I am a member of THE WILDLIFE WARRIORSA STEVE IRWIN PROJECT 


A Blue Bird on His Shoulder 

I hope you enjoy the trailer.


Romona Hilliger’s short, spicy Christmas read  

                 available at  ROMANCE AT HEART PUBLICATPUBLICATIONS


                                                                       Short excerpts

Strange weather for November, but then not entirely unknown on the edge of the southernmost tip of Australia’s southernmost state—Tasmania. Next step Antarctica, she thought with cheery incredulity. 

Wanda lifted her bag of meagre shopping from the passenger seat and peeredtoward the old stone hut that she called home, but a movement on the veranda stopped her dead in her tracks. The dying rays of sunset picked up a figure sitting against one of the support posts, his arms hugging his drawn-up knees.“Who are you?” she called, her heart pounding and her suspicions at peak. Couldhe be…? A chill shot through her, and it wasn’t just the thinness of the Indiancheesecloth dress she wore, nor the icy winds. ‘What do you want?’ she shouted,effecting bravado, though she felt none. 

…‘I just… want … a drink of water…a bite to …eat,’ he faltered.A morsel of food and a cup of water she was more than willing to give, but Wanda was unsure of whether she should let him into the house or not.. at that moment he slouched over and instinctively, she reached out to steady him. Now there was no alternative, she had a sick man on her hands. 

…Wanda heard the sound of the zip of his trousers and she left the room to pick up the only two towels she possessed from a pile of clean laundry. She returned and, facing the fire, his back was to her. Powerful shoulder muscles bunched and moved as he slid down his jockey shorts and cast them to the floor, the line of his body curving into slim hips and the neatest butt she’d ever seen. Her heart began thudding painfully and her pulse set to racing.

Naked! A stranger, naked and in trouble, in her little cabin, seemed incredible but so wonderful. He half-turned and she handed him the towel— thrust it, more to the point, not daring a full-on look…


          I do beleive, like us here, preparations are well underway for the coming festive season. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL, MAY YOUR NEXT YEAR BE A GOOD ONE.

AUTHOR WEBSITE   www.thewaterfront.net.au/romona

AUTHOR YOUTUBE http://au.youtube.com/user/snowstarZ2

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