A Change Of Mind

I’m Jane Toombs.  Maybe some of you know me.  Maybe not. The Viking and I live on the south shore of Lake Superior with our calico grandcat, Kinko, who is as happy with the warm fall weather as we are.

After close to thirty years of selling to New York publishers as well as Harlequin/Silhouette, I decided electronic publishing was the  future as well as my own future, and have enjoyed the going-on-ten years I’ve been writing almost exclusively for them. In this period I’ve seen companies start and succeed, but also start and fail. More of the former attest to the health and future of electronic publishing.  I like the ease of of electronic submissions and editing. Plus the freedom to write my story without having to tailor it to fit a certain “line.” 

I was dragged under protest into the computer age, since I’m not mentally wired to deal anything more complicated than a typewriter.  But writing on a computer is a dream.  With effort, I’ve managed to download enough computer lingo into the hard drive of my mind to actually get here today–by following explicit instructions, of course.

Writers all know we’re lucky to have readers to tell our stories to.  What would we do without them,  when every one of us has characters in our heads yammering away to have their stories told? And, oh, the ideas! One of the Viking’s granddaughters works for a California zoo. On a recent visit she was telling us how even a hyena can be lovable. So what immediately leaps into my head? A were-hyena, wanting to present his side of the story. From that sprang a sketchy  outline for PRIME AND NULL, the saga of a were family, one of whom is a–you guessed it!  But before I write this one, there’s an array of others that have precedence.

What epublishers do I write for? I started with new Concepts Publishing, then added many others–Wings-ePress, Amber Quill Press, Double Dragon. DiskUs, Whiskey Creek Press, Champagne Books, Eternal Press, Crescent Moon Press,  Mundania, Freya’s Bower.  I recently added Red Rose Publishing and The Wild Rose Press.

What new books do I have coming out in 2009 and 2010?

From Champagne Books: Nightingale Man For their new gothic series IN THE CARDS, which features a Tarot card that influences each one: my story is Lady Luck

From Red Rose Publishing: For their new gothic series SHADOWED HEARTS: my story is Null and Void

From The Wild Rose Press: SKY HIGH, a roaring 20s historical romance 

From Crescent Moon Press: The second story in my fantasy UNDERWORLD Series: Unwanted

From Freya’s Bower: TWO HEARTS AND A CROW, a sweet contemporary romance

All currently available books have covers, blurbs and buy links at my web site: http://www.JaneToombs.com  

3 Responses to A Change Of Mind

  1. Damion Basha

    Hey, fantastic web site..I haven’t figured out how to add your web-site in my rss reader : where’s to link towards feed?

  2. Cheryl McInnis

    Wow Jane! You’ve been a very busy lady, congratulations on all the upcoming releases. I bet you love living on Lake Superior, the scenery is so amazing…especially in the autumn.

  3. Pam Keener

    Hi Jane! Thanks for the blog post today. I love that you call your DH your Viking. The books coming out sound awesome. I will be watching for In The Cards & Sky High which have neat premises.

    I haven’t read many e-books but have dipped my toes a bit as I have read a few that I’ve won. I would love to get an e-reader instead of sitting at my desk to read a book on my computer.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener

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