A Summer Break

For the most of summer I’ve been spending a lot of time off-line. Taking a summer break for me and to spend time with my family. At first it was hard. I’m used to going on my computer everyday. It is one of the first things I do when I get home from the day job. It is so instinctive that as I walk in my door I head straight for my office to boot up the comp. The first few days my finger was on the button ready to push it to boot up the comp when I stopped myself realizing that I wasn’t going on the comp. I have gotten much better at not going on the comp everyday. And even the days I go on comp I don’t spend as much time on it.

So now instead when I get home I bypass the office and relax with my family who is visiting from out of state. My cousin who lives close to me come by with the kids and it is a full house of family. We laugh, chat and have a blast. Since we enjoy various TV shows it is fun discussing them or debating according to the show. We get loud and defend out positions. LOL. We’ve also been spending time exploring some sights, shopping and dining out.

I’m also getting some reading done. My big sis and I are avid readers and have similar tastes in books. Someday’s we sit in the living room reading a book while the TV drones in the background. If something in a book grabs us we tell each other about it. When we are done we switch books. After we finish each others book we then talk about it. The debates on what we liked or didn’t in the book gets heated. The other day my nephew came running to see what the arguing was all about. I calmly told him his mother was ‘crazy’. He looked at both of us and said right back that we both were. My sis and I looked at each other then back at him and replied in unison ’so are you’. He sighed loudly, rolled his eyes and countered he prefers to call it eccentric. We all cracked up. Ever since we are saying we are eccentric. Hanging with fam is so much fun.

The break for summer has been a much needed escape.

Taige Crenshaw

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12 Responses to A Summer Break

  1. Pam S

    Hi Taige,

    Great post :)! LoL well as a web and graphic designer my laptop pretty much stays attached to me. This is a good excuse to use for when I actually have ebooks pulled up reading or over at facebook playing some of those addictive games.

    I sadly don’t have many readers in my family, so no one to swap books with or compare notes. I do have several online friends and the RJ group I can come to share with though :).

    Silk and Shadows sounds wonderful by the way and I hope to get to it soon!

    Pam S

  2. Mary Campbell

    Hi Taige,
    I know what you mean about the computer. My husband teases me about being on mine so much. My daughters an I like to read the same books too. It is so hard sometimes not to give away what is going on in one of our books, but we do our best until the others have read them then we discuss what we liked and didn’t like about the books. We expecially like series books.


  3. Deidre Durance

    Yes the computer is a black hole to spend much of our time in. Sometimes we just have to tear ourselves away. LOL


  4. Karen H in NC

    Glad you are taking a summer break. I’m so-o-o lucky…I’m retired AND I live in NC where we have a very long, long summer which means nearly every day is a summer break for me! LOL

  5. Debby

    Silk and Shadows looks great. Another book to add to my list.

  6. Sherry

    Giving up the computer is tough. I’d rather give up tv.

  7. Cheryl McInnis

    Hi Taige! Hope you enjoy your “break”
    My summer is always busy……I work more hours because the library is busier ( all those summer readers!) and the kids are home and want to be entertained. I take my relaxing break in the fall, usually I really, really need it by then LOL!

  8. Leslie Jane Fahrney

    My family is full of readers. When I visit my parents, we have been know to spend an afternoon reading. This is especially true if we are at their Beach house, and it is nasty day out. We sit in the sun room, each with their own book, and about the only time we move for hours on end is if one gets up for a refill on the drink (and we offer to refill everyone while we are up), or need to go the the bathroom. And when us kids were younger and all living at home, there would be certain books with multiple bookmarks in it as we are all reading the same book. You don’t lay it down because someone else will pick it up before you can get back to it, and then it will be a while before you can get back to it.

  9. MarthaE

    Hi Taige! Glad you got some good quality family time in! Sounds like a household of crazies there! Doesn’t that make life more fun!! Martha

  10. susan leech

    Hi Taige, glad you took time for a summer break. Silk and Shadows sure looks good. I know I can easily be hooked on this computer and I am not even an author. I kind of like to know what is going on with everyone here. I hope you are rested up and now you can resume where you left off. ha ha Susan L.

  11. Mona Risk

    oops,meant addictive.

  12. Mona Risk

    Good for you for being able to break away from the addoctive Internet. My husband has to take me on far-away trips to have me forget the computer.

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