A View to Behold

A while ago as I headed to the train to go to my day job as usual it was still dark outside. Yet this time as I arrived at the end of my block I glanced up as I always did to look at the train another block away. But this time my breath paused as I took in the view before me. A full moon hung over the train tracks. A train was just pulling in under the this full moon. It was breathtaking.

I paused to take in the moon. That soft glow casting everything is a mystical looking light. It was surreal and wonderful. Not to mention inspiring. What is more romantic than a full moon bathing down on you?

I continued on my way to the train as the moon continued to shine. I had a spring in my step and the feeling it would be a great day. As the day wore on the feeling stayed with me. The day did turn out to be a wonderful one.

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One Response to A View to Behold

  1. Pam Keener

    What an interesting visual! I love when things happen like that.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Hugs,

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