Author Question of the Week

What kinds of research do you do for your books? What is your most valuable resource? What is the most interesting thing you have learned while researching for a book you were writing?

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  1. Ann Marie

    Excellent fucking post Joel…

  2. Laquita Moore

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  3. Claudia Pemberton

    Hi Kim,

    I was priviledged to get to interview both retired and active soldiers. Two of them were out of the country at the time, but all of them were wonderful to me. They treated me like royalty. I will forever be indebted to them. Several of the same soldiers are helping me with technicalities on the sequel. Getting to know and work with these guys was the most awe inspiring thing I’ve ever done in my life. It certainly gave me an everlasting appreciation for America’s military. Please thank your nephews for me for their service … and for my freedom.


  4. Romance Junkies

    Very cool, Did you interview soldiers on base or soldiers that were home? One of my nephews did a round in Iraq and he really had some interesting stories. Another one is out in boot camp for the marines.


  5. Claudia Pemberton

    For my debut novel, “Love Leaves No One Behind”, I was privileged to be able to do research with real-life American military heroes … specifically U.S. Army Rangers. My lead character, Ranger Jesse Daulton is as close to the real thing as I could possibly make him. I was afraid that I created my Ranger larger than life, but let me tell you … he pales in comparison to the real thing. The most important and rewarding thing I’ve learned from my research is a deeper and more abiding respect and love for America’s soldiers. They are everything I imagined them to be … and more. I believe that America without her soldiers would be like God without his angels. I’m so in awe of them, and thankful to them for my freedom.

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