Beach Glass Giveaway

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My name is Lynn Hones. I’m a new writer with my first book published by Devine Destinies in July. It was a long time in the making, worked on here and there in the confusion and fuss of raising my two girls, one Old English Sheepdog and two stray cats, adopted and brought into our home. They thanked us by infesting us with fleas. But, we LOVE them with all our heart, even as we battle the fleas. My husband is very supportive and happy I’m blossoming in my love of the written word. My second book, “The Cult of Light and Lies” will be available from Devine Destinies at a date to be announced.

My book “Those Who Wait,” takes place on a beach, my idea of heaven. I love the sand, the shells, the waves, the sun… As a special thank you to anyone who buys my book from now until Christmas I’m offering as a special thank you one of my handcrafted, one of a kind pieces of beach glass jewelry. The jewelry I make, I actually sell, but want to give it away to my readers. I’ll tell you a little bit about beach glass, because I’ve found a lot of people aren’t really aware of what it is.

Beach glass. What is it?

Sea glass

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Beach Glass Giveaway

Beach Glass Giveaway

Sea glass in several colors and shapes.

Sea glass (also known as beach glass, mermaid’s tears, lucky tears, and many other names) is glass found on beaches along oceans or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, creating small pieces of smooth, frosted glass.[1]

Sea glass is one of the very few cases of a valuable item being created from the actions of the environment on man-made litter.

Beach Glass Giveaway

Beach Glass Giveaway

a piece of red sea glass, one of the rarest colors

Beach Glass Giveaway

Beach Glass Giveaway

an old bottle top made of cobalt blue glass, one of the rarer colors

The color of sea glass is determined by its original source. Most sea glass comes from bottles, but it can also come from jars, plates, windows, windshields, glasses, art, flasks, containers, and any other glass source that has found its way into the ocean. Some collectors also collect sea pottery.

The most common colors of sea glass are kelly green, brown, and clear. These colors come from bottles used by companies that sell beer, juices, and soft drinks. The clear or white glass comes from clear plates and glasses, windshields, windows, and assorted other sources.[2]

Less common colors include jade, amber (from bottles for whiskey, medicine, spirits, and early bleach bottles), golden amber (mostly used for spirit bottles), lime green (from soda bottles during the 1960s), forest green, and soft blue (from soda bottles, medicine bottles, ink bottles, and fruit jars from the late 1800s and early 1900s, windows, and windshields.) These colors are found about once for every 25 to 100 pieces of sea glass found.[2]

Uncommon colors of sea glass include green, which comes primarily from early to mid-1900s Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and RC Cola bottles, as well as beer bottles. Soft green colors could come from bottles that were used for ink, fruit, and baking soda. These colors are found once in every 50 to 100 pieces.[2]

Purple sea glass is very uncommon, as is citron, opaque white (from milk glass), cobalt and cornflower blue (from early Milk of Magnesia bottles, poison bottles, artwork, and Bromo-Seltzer and Vicks VapoRub containers), and aqua (from Ball Mason jars and 19th century glass bottles.) These colors are found once for every 200 to 1,000 pieces found.[2]

Rare and extremely rare colors include gray, pink (often from Great Depression era plates), teal (often from Mateus wine bottles), black (older, very dark olive green glass), yellow (often from 1930s Vaseline containers), turquoise (from tableware and art glass), red (often from nautical lights, found once in every 5,000 pieces), and orange (the least common type of sea glass, found once in 10,000 pieces.) These colors are found once for every 1,000 to 10,000 pieces collected. Some of the black glass is quite old, originating from thick eighteenth-century gin, beer and wine bottles.[2]

Like gathering shells or stones, collecting sea glass is a hobby among beach-goers and beachcombers, and many enjoy filling decorative jars or making jewelry from their finds. Hobbyists both enjoy searching for and collecting sea glass, as well as identifying its original origins.

Sea glass can be found all over the world, but the beaches of the Northeast United States, Mexico,Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Maine, Nova Scotia, The Chesapeake Bay, California, and Southern Spain are famous for sea glass. The best times to look are during spring tides and perigean and proxigean tides, and during the first low tide after a storm.

Beach glass, as it is called on inland lakes, such as the Great Lakes, is similar to sea glass. However, this glass is weathered by sand and tidal action and not by the saline waters where sea glass is found.

Authentic sea glass has become much less common in many areas due to littering being increasingly discouraged – and so has become increasingly expensive.

Artificial sea glass produced to meet craft demand at a cheaper price, and a wider range of colors, is often produced using a rock tumbler. Such glass lacks the romantic provenance of true sea glass, and differs in many technical ways, (e.g. long-term exposure to water conditions creates an etched surface on the glass that cannot be duplicated artificially[3]), but for professional sea glass collectors, authors, artisans, and retailers the main issue is honesty regarding the source of glass[4].

While some prefer the term termed “craft glass” for the artificial product, this usage is by no means universal

beachglassblogg075.jpg little bottle earrings picture by liamay10

Author wearing little bottles filled with beach glass made into earrings.

beachglassblogg026.jpg mom in beach glass jewelry picture by liamay10

Author wearing necklace and earrings made from amber colored beach glass.

beachglassblogg019.jpg picture by liamay10

Just a few of my pieces.

beachglassblogg055.jpg picture by liamay10

Bookmarks included in giveaway have small bottles of beach glass attached. People seem to love these as I pass them out to friends and family.

beachglassblogg014-1.jpg picture by liamay10

All my pieces are original and my daughters and I collect every single piece I work with. It is all original, true beach glass from Lake Erie, where my book takes place.

Here’s an excerpt from my paranormal romance. It’s rated PG 13. It’s an old-fashioned kind of romance, like the movies of the thirties and forties. Sweet, innocent and dear. Something my Mama would have loved to read if she would have lived long enough to see me published. (Sniff, sniff) I do miss the darling lamb. Take care, and keep in mind my jewelry is the perfect gift for that someone on your holiday shopping list who is impossible to buy for.

I’ve seen similiar pieces going for $25.00 to $30.00, but mine is priced way lower. Check out my website for more information and remember, none of us is promised a tomorrow, so live and love today as if it were your last.


Lynn Hones

“So, you’re rentin’ the Chase cottage, huh? Nice couple them two. Got money, no doubt, but nice none the same.”
“She’s my boss. She…” The car hit a bump and rattled so loudly a frightened Simone grabbed the handle above her. Convinced only a matter of time remained until the entire contraption gave way at the seams and dumped her, Vinnie and Madge into the middle of the rutted road, she swallowed hard. Madge turned as if she wondered why Simone stopped.
Her mouth dry, Simone began again. “She’s lending me the place for a couple of weeks.”
Her head took a pounding on this short trek to the cottage and she longed for it to end. Vinnie eyed her reproachfully and she flicked a cobweb off his ear. Madge rolled her window down and the car became a wind tunnel. Simone tried to gather her long, brown hair together with one hand and calm a terrified Vinnie with the other.
“You want me to roll my window up, sweetie?” offered Madge. She stared at her in the duct-taped-on rearview mirror.
“No, it’s fine,” Simone lied. She brushed a strand of hair off her lip.
Weathered cottages tucked along the lakefront looked barren, waiting for the broods of happy families to take residence in them for the long, happy summer days ahead. Further down, the island became more remote and they turned onto a dirt road that ran through a field of tall grasses. Simone concentrated on every detail to remember the way.
Madge took a right by a grove of trees and the Chase cottage came into view.
It took Simone’s breath away and she let out a relieved sigh. An enchanted cottage, right out of a book by Beatrix Potter, Simone half-expected to see Tom Kitten or Jemima Puddle Duck stroll down the pathway to greet her. The fairy tale feature of ornate trim, inherent in cottages of its kind, invited her mind to simpler, quainter days of old.
A large wraparound porch surrounded the entire structure, yet it stayed true to its purpose and provided a cozy place of solitude and repose. The light blue shingles and rose-colored shutters reminded her of butter cream icing that begged to be scraped from a gingerbread house and licked off eager fingers.
Beyond a small incline in the yard, the lake beckoned visitors in all its majestic beauty. The captivating scene recharged Simone. She gave Vinnie a nudge and hopped out to help retrieve the luggage from the trunk. “How much do I owe you?” Her attention shifted between the beauty of the cottage and the sights and sounds of the great lake. The sun’s rays beat onto her fair cheeks, making her glad she brought sunscreen. Freckles are cute on fourteen-year-olds, but not adults.
“Why, honey, that wouldn’t be neighborly of me, takin’ money from a friend and all. You’re on the island, so that makes you my new friend.”
“Thank you. How kind.” Shocked by the unexpected hospitality, Simone smiled.
Madge put a bag on the ground. “You ever been up here…to the islands, that is?”
“No, this is my first time.” Simone sensed a slight change in Madge’s countenance.
“Be careful, little lady.”
Simone studied her. “Be careful of what?” The strange woman’s comment baffled her out of her reverie.
Madge came close and gave her an intent stare. “Of things appearing to be what they ain’t.”
“What do you mean?” Simone swore coffee grounds clung to the eccentric woman’s teeth.
A queer gaze overtook Madge’s face. “When it gets dark out, you get inside, don’t you wander.”
“I wasn’t planning on it.” Simone retreated a step. “I have to say you’re making me nervous.”
Madge burst out laughing. “Me, little old Madge, makin’ you nervous? Well, ain’t that a hoot!” She squeezed behind the steering wheel, shook her head and snickered loudly. She turned the car around, stopped beside Simone and said loudly, “What a hoot.”
She pulled away as her disturbed laughter echoed shrilly in Simone’s ears. Simone watched the rusted, green heap go around the bend and disappear. While she choked on the clouds of dust it left behind, she gazed at Vinnie as he trembled beside her.
“Hey, pal, our new neighbor is kinda creepy, don’t you think?” Vinnie glanced up at her, his concerned eyes spoke volumes. Simone knelt in front of him and rumpled his ears. “But she don’t scare us none, huh, Buddy Boy.” She nuzzled her face into the scruff of his graying neck. “Come on, Vinnarooni.” She stood and grabbed his leash. “Let’s check out our new digs.”
Bordered by an English Garden leading to the porch, a brick walkway summoned her to her respite from the world. Vinnie hesitantly followed, caution in his step, tail tucked firmly between his legs.

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  1. Lourdes Grona

    If only everybody respected kittens to the extent we do. Perhaps you have heard concerning the Epa and flea preventive products? It is quite disturbing what exactly some of those items are causing to our kitties. Unsettling: Flea Products Killing Pets

  2. Beverly G

    Lynn thank you soo much! that totally made my whole day when i go home from asad day to see that i was left a suprise in my mail box ur jewlery is beautiful and how cool is that book m ark i wear the necklace you sent since you sent it thank you again!

  3. Lynn Hones

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your comment. Beachglass is addicting, be careful!!! LOL. Please send me your address so I can mail you a piece of my jewelry.

  4. mammakim

    Lynn the beach glass is very cool. I have never noticed at the beach we go to, but now I will have to look. It was very intersting to learn about it. Congrats on your first release the book looks great.


  5. Lynn Hones

    Hi Kim,
    I love it. We have our cottage in Vermilion. I love the fact across Lake Erie is another country. LOL. We have jars of glass too. My girls love to bring me their “great finds.” Please email me your address, Kim, and I’ll send you a little surprise in the mail.

  6. Kim S

    Holey moley this was such an interesting, informative and a “Hey, it’s like being back at the cottage!!” post!! LOL

    We have a cottage on Lake Erie(northern shore in Canada!) that we’ve owned for almost 30 years and have done MANY walks looking for treasures on the beach!!! We have MANY jars of glass both here and at the cottage from our many walks!! And go figure, we never associated the lesser degree of glass on the beach to everybody going green!! Duhhhhh!! Course, now being handicapped, I don’t get down onto the beach much anymore. But we like to take the glass out and look it over and remember when and where we picked it up at!!

    Congrats on your book! It looks very good!

  7. Lynn Hones

    Hi Carol,
    Please send me your address and I’ll send you a pair of earrings simply for giving me encouraging words. Thank you.

  8. Carol L.

    Hi Lynn,
    I enjoyed your post here today. The info about “sea glass” was very interesting Lynn. I love your ear rings with the sand in the little bottles. I’ve never seen anything like it. 🙂 Wishing you much success with your debut book, which sounds very good and is now on my to buy list . I’m off to your web site to look at your jewelry . Have a great day !
    Carol L.

  9. Lynn Hones

    Hey Pam,
    Thank you so much for your comment. My daughter was looking at t-shirts at Abercrombie on-line and she saw one that said TAKE ME TO THE BEACH. I said, “get that for me for Christmas.” LOL. Pam, send me your address and I’ll send you a little “treatsie” as I call them with my kids.

  10. Pam S


    Congrats on your first release and well as your upcoming releases. I will have to go check out your work, they all look great!

    I think you took the words right from me. I love the beach too. I could sit out on a chair for hrs either at the water or a balcony over looking it. Thanks so much for sharing the info on sea glass. It was a very interesting post. I really liked the photos as well!

  11. Lindy

    Such a small world! Kinda rainy today, but wasn’t September gorgeous? 🙂 Will go send you my addy right now.


  12. Lynn Hones

    Hi Breia and Lindy,
    Send me your addresses and you’ll get a little surprise. I live in Cleveland too, Lindy. I love Lake Erie.

  13. Lindy

    I live in Cleveland, so beach glass from Lake Erie is extra cool! 🙂


  14. BreiaB

    Congrats on your novel and your jewelry is lovely. Your book sounds like its right up my alley.

  15. Lynn Hones

    Hi Pam, Robin and Martha,
    Thanks so much for the compliments. You are too dear. As with the others, I’m so happy you took the time to even read my blog and leave a message, I want to thank you. Please leave me your address on my email and expect a little surprise in the mail. If you’re anything like me, I love knowing I have something “special” on the way.

  16. MarthaE

    Congrats Lynn on your debut novel! I am not much of a beach person but when I go I like to pick up pretty shells and rocks! Your jewelry sounds/looks very interesting! Thanks for sharing the info with us! And a paranormal … sounds good!

  17. RobynL

    loved the info about beach glass and would love to own one of your pieces. Sounds so exciting to be looking for this glass. Then one could imagine where the glass came from and what was in it and who did what with it; etc.

  18. Pamk

    Your book sounds great and what a fantastic hobby. Finding sea glass and then making lovely with your daughters. My son loves to go beachcombing and the ocean is where he is determined to live when grows up. Hope he does since his mom will can come visit him.

  19. Beverly G

    aww thank you Lynn! deff made my day i sent you an email and i have to say i cnat wiat to read your book

  20. Lynn Hones

    I’m sorry. I just checked back here and saw you left a note for me. Thank you soooo much. Please, as with the others, give me your home address so I can send you something fun in the mail.

  21. susan leech

    I sent my address to you by email and what a generous thing to do. I will cherish it and think of how it came about..awesome. susan L.

  22. Beverly G

    Lynn i have recomnded your work to my family and readers group they r new to ebooks so are egar to try new authors

  23. Beverly G

    Lynn first off let me tell you how awesome your book sounds. Thank you for explaining what beach glass was and is i never knew. I have to say those peices are absolutly beautiful. what fun things you cna do with it i never really knew you could so next time i buy an ebook ur books on the top of the list!

  24. Lynn Hones

    Hi Quilt Lady,
    Thanks. Sounds like you are crafty too, by your name. If you want to send me your address I will send you a piece of my jewelry. I love to tell people about sea glass. It’s fun. Thanks for your kind words. They’re precious to me.

  25. Quilt Lady

    Lynn your book sound fantastic! I have never heard of sea glass, very interesting post!

  26. Lynn Hones

    Hi Pam,
    The book is actually an ebook. I should have specified that. Leave it to me to leave that out. LOL. Send me your address and I’ll send you one of my jewelry pieces simply for leaving a comment on my blog. Bless your heart!

  27. Pam Keener

    Lynn the book sounds awesome. The beach is also my idea of heaven on earth. I am going to look for your book next time I am out. I cannot wait to read it.
    Good luck
    Love & hugs,

  28. Lynn Hones

    What a darling you are!!! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. They mean more to me than you will ever know. If you see this Susan, please leave me your address at my email,, because I want to send you one of my pieces.

  29. susan leech

    lLynn, this was such an interesting the sea glass pieces and never thought such lovely things could be found out of the sea. I am also awed by your book and hoping it reaches the top. I was happy to read all about you and you are going on my new author list to be checked as I get to the stores. Thanks for your time. I have another name to tell my reader’s group now. susan L.

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