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The Making of IN ANOTHER WORLD by Kelli A. Wilkins

In Another World by Kelli A. Wilkins

As most readers know, I also write horror fiction and I have a great love of the paranormal. One night several years ago I was watching one of those “paranormal caught on camera” programs and they showed footage of a dead woman/spirit walking around a car. The backstory to the video was that the woman...

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ENEMY TERRITORY with L.A. Day and Deana Birch

Mace's Wraith by L. A. Day

Mace’s Wrath by L.A. Day He would protect her even if it killed them both. Their second chance was paid for in blood. Mace, the President of Wraith’s Blood MC, is out for vengeance. Juice, his best friend and Sergeant at Arms, was just gunned down. Juice’s last request was that Mace protect his sister,...

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The Unexpected Love Series by Lauren Helms

Boyfriend Maintenance by Lauren Helms

The Unexpected Love Series by Lauren Helms is a fast-paced, must-read contemporary romance featuring three couples and their charming and entertaining journey to happily ever after. Boyfriend Maintenance, Flawless Foundations, and Unexpected Expectations are on sale for a limited time. Grab your copies today and see why 425 Madison Ave is the perfect place to...

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Don’t Miss Tawna Fenske’s KILLER INSTINCTS! It’s Killer Good!

Killer Instincts by Tawna Fenske

What reviewers have to say about Tawna Fenske’s KILLER INSTINCTS: “Only Tawna Fenske could make a hitman so adorable and sweet and yet deadly!” -Laurie Anne, Goodreads “Laugh out loud funny, morally grey assassins with a heart of gold and small-town love!” -Nikki’s Book Nook “Killer Instincts was action-packed and kept me turning the pages....

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A Firefighter and a Cop Walk into a Bar…

Turn Up the Heat by Marie Harte

New Release! TURN UP THE HEAT by Marie Harte She won at soccer. He won at pool. She’s a cop. He’s a firefighter. He lost a bet, and when it comes time to pay up, she ends up on top. A rivals to lovers romance between a hot firefighter and a sexy cop who refuses...

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