Caly’s Game is the new erotic romance by long-time BDSM veteran, Trinity, in which Caly Arling is used to being the hunter, but when she meets sexy Evan Morrell, she finds herself on the other side of the hunt.
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Title: Caly’s Game
Author: Trinity
Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, BBW
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: Loose Id
Print Length: 55,000 words
Format: Digital
ISBN: 978-1-62300-887-1

About Caly’s Game:

Caly Arling is a headstrong, independent attorney who has always been the hunter when it came to getting men into bed. As a fat chick, she learned a long time ago to grab her world by the horns. She doesn’t do relationships; she takes what she wants and sends the man on his way. When Caly meets sexy architect Evan Morrell, her world is thrown topsy-turvy. He doesn’t respond to her advances the way she’s used to men responding—yet he seems interested. Evan pulls her from her game of hunter/prey into his, which includes rope, blindfolds, and spanking benches. Can Caly break old habits in order to explore this world that she finds intriguing with this man who inspires the most staggering emotions she’s ever experienced?

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Read An Excerpt:

Excerpt: Challenge Accepted

 Tessa might have thought I was a bit off, but I don’t like giving my number out to guys I pick up. They’ve been taught by society that they’re supposed to call or whatever within a certain amount of time from a date. But what I do isn’t dating. It’s fucking. And I don’t want calls or texts from most of them. Some, yes, maybe. Mostly not though. The point is, I want to be the one to choose. So sometimes it’s a challenge figuring out how to keep my digits out of their phones.

Last night, I’d had to redirect the conversation twice while I was shooing Gary out of the apartment. In the end, I’d almost managed to avoid the whole phone-number conversation in all its glory; it was a close thing for a while. Gary was nice. He was pretty sexy. And he definitely knew how to use his cock. But I don’t want an attachment. I just wanted a fuck.

I’d wondered whether he’d show up at Chemistry again, but so far, I hadn’t spotted his gorgeous green eyes. My libido was a bit disappointed, but my rational brain was happy with it.

Having almost finished the chapter I was working on, I had another scope around the bar. Out of habit, I surveyed the men. Most guys were paired up with a woman. One single guy in a blue work-shirt at the bar, a huge beer mug in front of him. Two guys in business casual watching a game on the television. One man in a business suit, tie loose, sitting alone at a small table, sipping on a short glass of probably bourbon or something. None of them really my type. Not that I was actively looking. But there’s never anything wrong with passively looking, right?

I wrote a few more lines, halfheartedly, and then finished my martini. Nice and tart, just the way I like them. I left money for my check and a good tip for Sandy, then packed up my laptop.

I scanned the bar again as I slid into my light jacket. Not much change. A group of college-age girls with a couple frat boys in tow. Two more guys joined the ones watching the game. Things would get a lot busier as Friday evening wore on. Mr. Bourbon still sat with his loosened tie, though he was watching me. I flashed him a grin, slid out of the booth, and heaved my laptop bag onto my shoulder. He tilted his glass to me and gave a very slight nod.

Hmmm. Perhaps the Universe had a different plan for me tonight. I did a quick assessment of him. Black hair, cut high and tight. Former military? His broad shoulders and solid-looking chest could have meant he’d served. Olive skin, brown eyes, thick eyebrows. He looked comfortable in the suit though and not a lot of military guys liked the civilian uniform. He looked bulky but not huge.

What the hell? Couldn’t hurt to try. At the very least, it might lay some groundwork for some fun in the future.

I weaved my way through the scattered tables, skirting the game table just as one of the guys jumped up and cheered a touchdown. Or something. Mr. Bourbon watched me approach, one corner of his mouth angled up only a tiny bit.

All right—challenge accepted.

About Trinity:

Trinity writes realistic kink! Trinity came up in the Atlanta BDSM scene in the mid-90s and has been an active BDSM and poly person for two decades. She’s a kink educator, having traveled the Southeast from the Carolinas to Louisiana, teaching classes about kink and D/s. Her particular passions are protocol, ritual, and rope, which readers will see reflected in her books. And, of course, hot sex!

She also loves to attend conventions and conferences, both vanilla writing conferences and kink events. Travel is one of her passions; she’s been to twenty of the fifty states and ten countries outside the United States. Otherwise, she can be found at home with her hubby, who doubles as her muse, and three often temperamental cats. Follow her on Twitter: @Trinity_writes.

Connect at her website | Facebook | Twitter | Fan Site | Tumblr


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