Clare London calling!

Let me just ask you all one question.
Do you love to read about a strong, sexy man in love?
If the answer’s YES, then how about *two* of them?

Clare London calling!

Hi everyone, I’m Clare London and I write male/male romance and erotica.  That question is the very basis of my work!  I’m very grateful and excited to be here on the Blog today to meet you all and talk to you about my books.

And if you get the chance to say ‘Hi’ to me today, you might win a download of one of my short stories.  Visit my website DarkPearlDiva to whet your appetite!

Me?  I can’t believe you’ll be interested in me, but anyway…

I’m married, straight, a mother of two lively teenaged boys, I work full time as an accountant and I live in the city of my pen name – London.  I was born on the South England coast in Sussex, but I’ve lived in and around London since I was 9.  I’ve been writing since I was at school, some very immature stuff *lol*.  At the end of 2000, I wrote a huge bodice-ripper novel – well, more like THREE novels in length – and from then on I’ve been writing every day. It’s difficult to fit it in with everything else going on, but I try.  It’s a joy and an escape for me.

In 2003 I discovered the magic of fanfiction, and especially male/male fan-or-slash fiction, and – as they say – I never looked back.  In 2007, I discovered two great publishers, Eternal Press and Dreamspinner Press, and they both took a chance on me.  My first year as a published author has been a whirlwind!  I have three novels published, a succession of short stories either in anthologies, or separately published, and you can find me at 5 different publishers at the moment.  I’ll post the links at the bottom here.

What do I write?  I like to write strong, sexy and sympathetic characters.  There’s usually a good dose of erotica in there too – I like my characters to enjoy all of life and to share it with you, the reader.  I write romance mainly, but there are instances of humour and angst and spooky horror too.

***Have a great weekend and feel free to say Hi to me – even better, demand plenty of excerpts!***

Here’s a worksafe snippet to tempt you, from my Christmas short story at Eternal Press, Secret Santa.

Seb and Jamie argue over everything, even Christmas supper.  But when they both receive an unsuitable Secret Santa present, it helps cook up something rather more exciting between them!

The temperature in the kitchen had increased by many degrees and not all of them were caused by the cooker. Seb’s back was to the counter, the edge digging into his waist.  He had a smudge of cranberry chutney on his nose.  Jamie was only a step away from him, their eyes locked on each other. They were both breathing more shallowly than earlier in the evening. When Seb lifted a hand to wipe away the chutney, Jamie grasped his wrist, not harshly, but the grip was firm.

“I’ll do that.” With his free hand, he wiped the chutney gently off Seb’s nose. Then his fingertip continued to trail down Seb’s cheek, under his jaw and then along the lines of his throat.

Seb groaned aloud, a soft growling sound from the back of his throat. His head went back, baring his neck, and he swallowed heavily.

Jamie dropped his hand, leaning in closer. “I mean . . . I want . . .”

“What?” Seb’s voice was just a whisper. “Say it.”

“I want you.” Jamie’s murmur breathed heat and sweet excitement into Seb’s ear. He sounded both shocked and thrilled, but then hadn’t that been his permanent state, ever since he put an arm around Seb’s waist and pulled him in for a proper, non-cranberry caress?

Seb bit back a gasp. His body shivered. “How long, Jamie?” His words were hoarse.

Jamie watched the movement of Seb’s mouth, the drop of sweat on his upper lip. He thought he could watch it for hours. He’d never imagined quite how fascinating this vibrant man could be! “What do you mean?”

“How long have you wanted me?”

Jamie smiled. That was an easy question. “For always, for too long. Have I said the wrong thing again?” He realized he didn’t care anymore. He knew he spoke honestly and with care, the same as always. It was just that he was finding new words and new expressions now—and Seb was listening to him too. “We’ve never talked about these things; never stopped arguing long enough to discover an alternative way of communicating. Do you find it offensive?”

“Offensive?” Seb’s laugh was a little shaky. “I’ve wanted you since you first turned those icy eyes on me and told me to shut the hell up.”

Jamie frowned. “Those have never been my words.”

Seb grinned at the narrow wrinkle of concern on Jamie’s forehead. He had a mad, bad and reckless urge to put his lips to it and kiss it away. Damned guy was too literal! He was too pale, too, and it made the flush on his cheeks stand out more boldly. But Jamie was strong enough to press back against Seb’s torso when they shifted around, and it felt like both of them took their turn struggling for dominance. He was also intuitive enough to know that if his fingertips brushed at the crease of Seb’s jeans, just underneath his left buttock, Seb would be tempted to whimper and roll over, playing dead like the best kind of obedient pet.

How does he know me so well? Seb grinned at such a wild and happy thought, and just kept grinning. Jamie felt good under his grasp and tasty on his lips. When and how had he deserved this Christmas present?  

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Clare London, Author
Writing… Man to Man

My publishers:

Eternal Press
Dreamspinner Press

Torquere Press
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    HA! I guess I should have signed my post. LOL

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    Great excerpt, Clare. I love your talented writing and you unique voice. Keep ’em coming, baby! I can’t get enough.

  4. Lisabet Sarai

    I love a romance in which people who argue all the time fall in love! It’s so realistic.

    Fun post and excerpt, Clare!

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    Me! Me! Me! This is one of my guilty pleasures. 🙂


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