Cookies and Romance!

Cookies and Romance!Amelia Grey

I’m a sucker for a romance book.  Anytime, anywhere, anyplace.  Some people say it is formula, cookie-cutter writing.  I always say so who doesn’t like cookies!  I don’t care if all of them are made from the same basic recipe, and if they all look alike.  A real cookie aficionado not only enjoys but also appreciates the differences in cookies the same way a romance reader enjoys and appreciates that romance books have certain things in common, but they all have a sprinkle of hidden ingredients that makes every book different and special.

My favorite part of the cookie is the first, mouth-watering bite that melts on the tongue and awakens the taste buds.  And my favorite part of a romance is where the hero and heroine first meet. I love it when they size each other up with breathless excitement.  And, to me the best kind of first meeting is confrontational.

I want to see sparks of mistrust and hot pulsating desire flying between the hero and heroine.In A DUKE TO DIE FOR the first book of my new Regency trilogy The Rogues’ Dynasty, the undisciplined and carefree duke is more than a bit surprised to learn he has become the guardian of a seductive young lady who sends heat like he hasn’t felt in years rushing through his loins.

The one thing the lovely and sensible heroine must have in her life is order, and even though her heart trips at the sight of the roguish duke, she knows he is the last person to be responsible for anyone’s welfare so the sparks fly.A touch of cinnamon will spice up a cookie the same way a dash of spunk will spice a heroine.  Ingredients are what make cookies and books different and delicious!

What’s your favorite bite of the cookie and your favorite part of a romance?

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  1. Crystal B.

    My favorite part of a cookie is the middle. My favorite part of a romance is from the beginning to the end.

  2. Carol M

    I like the whole cookie especially if it has chocolate in it. I also like the whole romance novel from beginning to end! You can’t leave out any ingredients in a cookie and or a story!

  3. Karen H in NC

    My favorite part of the cookie, just out of the oven is the first bite, warm and soft and yummy with chocolate. My new favorite is White Chocolate Chunk with Macadamia Nuts. The part of a romance novel I like best is much like that first bite of cookie when the soon-to-be lovers meet for the first time.

  4. Maureen

    I like the first bite of the cookie, definitely, and in a romance I definitely like the first meeting or the first meeting when the hero and heroine realize they are attracted to each other.

  5. PhyllisC

    I love how you compared the story with eating a cookie! I never thought about it that way, but they are similar. I like the last bite of the cookie, you can savor the flavor and really enjoy it. 😀 In a story, I love that first recognition of that spark between them. It may be in that first look, the first touch or the first kiss. But it is that first sizzle between them, the one that makes you go Wow and look for something cool to drink! LOL

  6. LJ White

    I love chocolate chip cookies, especially Chunks Ahoy. I agree with you about the similarities with cookies and romance books, the basic recipe may be similar but how you change the recipe makes all the difference and a very good cookie and a great read. 🙂

  7. Pam S

    Congrats on your release Amelia!

    I love your cookie romance analogy :). I myself like my cookies just as I like my romance novels and that is tons of variety. Which kind I pick depends on my mood. Sometimes it is the soft chewy ones, then there is the sweet sugary ones, the sensfully delicous melt in your mouth ones, and those with the real surprise textures/tastes.

    I also know Mrs. Fields, Toll House, and a nearby bakery all make chocolate chip cookies but they each have their own unique taste.

    Pam S

  8. Pam P

    Love this analogy, Amelia. I savor that first bit of a cookie, then look forward to each subsequent bit down to the last crumb. I savor my romance books from start to finish, but especially love when I get to the part where one or both first realize they’ve fallen.

  9. Gigi

    I love the corelation you made about a romace story is like eating a cookie.
    My cookie of choice would be the double chunky chocolate chip. First bite so wonderful then I bite out each individual chuck of chocolate to savor.
    Just the way I read a romance book. I bite into the first chapter and then all the following chapters are like individual yummy chocolate chips.

  10. Sherry H

    Mine is the first bite of the cookie. For the romance I love the first kiss.

  11. Debby

    My favorite bite of the cookie is of course the first one. I love chocolate chip cookies, For romance I love whent hey realize they love each other. I like suspense and historicals and paranormals and …

  12. Pamela Keener

    I also love the first impressions of the hero & heroine. I also love it when there is a hint of mystery and back story that is let out slowly and deliberately so that the cookie is awesome to the very last bite. MMMMMMMMMM
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

  13. MarthaE

    Fun post! I love the chewy parts of cookies – so probably the middle! I love HEA endings but I think my favorite part is when they are still at odds but beginning to realize they love each other!

  14. Lindy

    Mmm… my favorite part of the cookie is usually the very middle, because I like chewy cookies and that’s usually the thickest, chewiest part.

    My favorite part of a romance is the first kiss, or the moment a hero loses control and finally puts the moves on the heroine. 😉


  15. Sabrina

    I have to totally agree with you – the first bite and the first meeting! I’ll have to pick up your book becuase your duke and heroine sound like the perfect story for me!


  16. RobynL

    cookie: the second bite when I can realize the true taste of the cookie.

    story: the HEA that comes after ‘everything’ they’ve been through.

  17. Joan

    I have never thought about a story being a cookie. Cookes or taste but they still have same basic. They are yummy once you get into them

  18. Kathleen

    Oh, I like that cookie that has a bit crunch to it. Where when you bit it, it give you that little oooommm feeling and then you savour the flavour melting on your tonge about twenties seconds later.

    My romance I like when they feel that first spark when they touch hands or their mouths meet for the first time. Where that sizzle zap right through to their very core and they feel it down to their toes. Then they jump apart like they have been touched by a live wire. That moment when they know that this must never happend again, but they just cannot help but want each other all the more.

  19. Caffey

    Hi Ameila!
    I’m unable to have sugar so I have to have those sugar free ones, but I’m finding more of them! They even have sugar free oreos now! I think those are my favorites now! I think because they are so delicious inside. Same as a romance book!

    I love reading historicals! (Have been looking forward to yours, miss your books!) I love to step out of now into a historical. I really do feel like I am there watching the story unfold. I read alot of genres and historicals are one of my favorites (along with paranormal and fantasy romance). I just find a wonderful comfort with especially regency settings. I love learning about the society and the rules then and them breaking them!

    Congrats on your new release!!!

  20. Amelia Grey

    Hello Everyone! I want to thank Romance Junkies for hosting me today! There are a lot of wonderful things to look at on this site.

    I’d love to hear from you about your favorite part of the cookie and your favorite part of fabulous romance books!


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