Crime, Comedy and Cute Guys


Are you one of those people who tends to crack a joke when you’re in trouble?

Is it because fear brings out the urge to laugh, or is it that laughter helps us get though the worst of times? With all the doom and gloom around these days, don’t we all need a ray of sunshine and a few good belly laughs?

We’re Alice and Roy, the husband-wife team behind the pen name Allyson Roy, and our new book — BABYDOLL — is loaded with mega-doses of humor in a fast-paced crime adventure with “hot guys and women who know how to hold their own.” (Front Street Reviews)Pardon us for a brief shout out about book #1 in the SaylorOz series winning an RWA Kiss of Death Daphne du Maurier Award. Woo-hoo! APHRODISIAC also got a Five Blue Ribbons review from Romance Junkies.

Thanks, RJ, for having us here today!In BABYDOLL Saylor Oz and her BFF Benita Morales are at it again, bickering and bantering like a stand-up comedy team. But they also portray two women with personal insecurities like the rest of us, making the same kind of mistakes (okay, maybe we wouldn’t go quite so far as breaking into a psycho killer’s apartment), and with a deep and loyal friendship that’s lasted longer than their relationships with men.Saylor is a tiny, warmhearted oddball who grew up with the horrendous nickname, Munchkin.  Her relentless determination to come through for people who need her gets her into situations that make her look ridiculous, not to mention risking her life. Andeven though she’s a sex therapist who helps couples, her own love life has been mostly taking care of way too needy guys attracted by her nurturing personality. But with the appearance of Eldridge Mace and Johnny Lavender, she’s got a different set of problems on her hands.Benita is more cynical. She’s an obsessively frugalfinancial analyst, a hard line do-it-yourselfer and a female pro boxer. Herring name is Binnie the Bitch, and she’s not afraid to get physical withobnoxious pendejos. But in BABYDOLL she’s feeling totally helpless when her youngest brother is wrongly convicted of murderingthree fashion models. Saylor gets hooked on theidea that there’s a connection between the realkiller and a retro, X-rated movie called Bad, Bad Babydoll. Of course, everybody thinks Saylor’s gone bughouse, especially Johnny Lavender, the sexy P.I. on the case. But Benita’s desperateto free her brother, so she joins Saylor in their usual screwball, hit-and-misssleuthing. Before they know it, they’ve gotten in dangerously over their heads– with Saylor playing killer bait.For our readers who asked for moreof half Mohawk, half Irish, committment-phobe boxer Eldridge Mace, yes he’s back! But this time Saylor’s also got sparks flying with P.I. Johnny Lavender. BTW– Saylor’s love lifedoesn’t resolve itself in each book. It’s kindof like your favorite TV shows where a good part of the fun is witnessing theups and downs and changes that keep us guessing week to week, but she makesgradual progress toward an HEA in the final installment.

Stop by and read an excerpt of both books at AllysonRoy.comWe hope Saylor Oz can put some laugh-out-loud moments into your summer!

12 Responses to Crime, Comedy and Cute Guys

  1. Allyson Roy

    Hello Pam! We are blown away by the great things you just said to us. It really made our day! Being a new author is just plain scary, so your enthusiastic and encouraging words mean so much.


    Alice & Roy / Allyson Roy

  2. Allyson Roy

    Hey, Mary. Sorry we missed your post the other day. Thanks mucho for your interest in BABYDOLL!

  3. Pam S

    Hi guys!

    I just wanted to drop a line and say I’ve read Babydoll. I hadn’t read Aphrodisiac yet and do want to say I had no problems reading Babydoll as a stand alone. However after Babydoll I must, must, must get book one and dying to get book three! This story is awesome! A great murder mystery … a little more gritter/realistic than some of the RS out there, but the trists in the book with the love triangle going on definitely put in the romance ;).

    Great going and best of luck to you on many more great books in the series!

    Pam S

  4. Mary Campbell

    Hey Allyson Roy, Babydoll sounds like a great read. It is going on my to read list. I am going to your web site to read the exerpt.


  5. Allyson Roy

    Hey, Karen! Thanks 🙂 Hope you’ll pop on by our website and let us know how you like Saylor and friends.

  6. Karen H in NC

    Never read your work before but anyone who can mix crime, comedy & cute guys into one book has my vote! LOL I’ll be adding it to my BTB list.

  7. Allyson Roy

    Thanks, Susan!

  8. susan leech

    Hi again Allyson Roy…I hope BABYDOLL hits the top of the charts for you.It sure looks darn good and I have to admit I am almost sure it is because you write great. susan L.

  9. Allyson Roy

    Hi, Susan. Thanks for your good wishes and insightful comments. I totally agree with you on the laughter. There actually is scientific research showing the health benefits of humor.

  10. susan leech

    I often think it is better to try and laugh things out then hold it back or feel hateful. I have severe back pains so much and especially at work. I comment to my co-workers that I sure don’t know what I would do if my back didn’t hurt. I WOULD NOT have anything to complain about. We laugh about that and sometimes it takes my mind off the pain. I am so looking forward to your new book and wish you luck on it and all that follows. Hope this counts in your contest. susan L.

  11. Allyson Roy

    Thanks so much, Pam! Drop us a note to let us know how you liked them. But, just so you’re not disappointed, remember, the relationship doesn’t come to a final resolve yet. Still some more twists and turns to go through.

  12. Pamela Keener

    Good luck on your new book. It sounds awesome. I have added it and Aphrodisiac to my must read list as I am a fan of romantic suspense.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

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