Day's End Farm Horse Rescue, The Wild Rose Press and Maggie Toussaint

February 29 comes around every four years, and when it appears, folks take notice. Leap Year Day in 2008 marks the release of my second romantic suspense, NO SECOND CHANCE, from The Wild Rose Press, in trade paperback format. This story about a horse rescuer and a corporate executive trying to outwit a lethal enemy has an added bonus. Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Days End Farm Horse Rescue. 

Why horses you ask? Ever since I was a girl I loved horses. I lived for the times when I was allowed to ride my neighbor’s horses. I couldn’t get enough of horses. I brushed them for hours. I sat on them bareback as they grazed in their fields. I loved to race them across the salt marsh. I just flat out couldn’t get enough of horses. 

My oldest daughter had the same deep-seated affection for horses, so I got a double dose of horses. I ended up on the board of a therapeutic riding center. I was so impressed by the way chronically ill children responded to horses, and how these horses, all of them donated to the center, loved the children unconditionally. 

It was during that time that I wrote the first draft of NO SECOND CHANCE. I wanted to give back to the magnificent animals that had helped so many children, to give those who needed help a second chance. When I signed the contract with my publisher this year, I knew a horse charity would be a beneficiary of the proceeds. The nonprofit I selected, Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Lisbon, MD, assists in the rescue of horses across the U.S. ( 

My book is about a woman named Hope who is about to lose the only home she’s ever known, Second Chance Farm, a horse rescue organization she founded. Devlin is the corporate mogul who needs her help to win his dream job. His dying mother gifted her stock and her board seat to Hope with the understanding that Hope and Devlin would help each other. Sparks fly from the boardroom to the barn to the bedroom when these two unite against a foe that is determined to win at any cost. 

Reviews for NO SECOND CHANCE are posted at, as well as Buy Links for the electronic format. Print copies of the book are available at online vendors, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or they may be ordered from any book store. (ISBN 9781601541628, The Wild Rose Press) 

I’m participating in a book give-away contest, the Wishing for Spring Round-up, which runs from March 1-16. Contest details are listed at While you’re there, check out my other titles including SEEING RED, a sweet romance from Freya’s Bower, and an upcoming hardcover mystery release in June from Five Star.

6 Responses to Day's End Farm Horse Rescue, The Wild Rose Press and Maggie Toussaint

  1. Maggie Toussaint

    Thanks Susan and Cherie J! I’m thrilled to have this book come out in print.
    Hugs, Maggie

  2. Susan

    Always great to see a prior Critique Group member get published, yet again! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  3. Cherie J

    Congrats on the new book. It sounds great!

  4. Maggie Toussaint

    Thank you Maureen and Mammakim for your encouraging comments. I am very excited about this book and the chance to raise money for Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Maggie Toussaint

  5. mammakim

    Your books look awesome Maggie. Great blog

  6. Maureen

    Happy Leap Year Day and congratulations on your new book. I have never had the opportunity to spend time on a horse but I think your books sounds very interesting.

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