Dream of a Series by Taige Crenshaw

I was talking the other day about dreams giving me some of my idea for my books. Dreams are indeed powerful. I’ve been known to dream of an outfit I want and then wake and make it. I love to sew. I also love to cook and have been know to dream of delicious dishes and then get up and make them. Yeah I dream of food. LOL.  

Thinking of the dreams I’ve had It got me to thinking of one of my series that came from a dream. My Rarities Incorporated series came from a dream. Let me take you inside my dream that became my Rarities Incorporated series.   

It was a dark cold night when I dreamed…. nah that’s not how it happened. Hey what can I say I’m a writer and kinda quirky. {Grin}. Here how it really happened. 

 I was in a deep sleep minding my own business when all of a sudden I found myself sitting at this table with a bunch of women. Each proceeded to introduce themselves. I was confused but let them have there way. When they were done the first one to introduce herself Zarya Burke lifted her hand and I was floating in the air. I rolled my eyes and told her to get to the point. The women looked at each other and laughed with me. They lowered me back to my chair and told me of a race called Zuri Maji. They told me of what they were and all they could do. That they had many stories to be told and would tell me more as needed.  

I jerked awake and I had goose bumps. I ran to my desk and took pen and paper and wrote all I had been told. The women I had met in my dream are the women who were the owner of Rarities Incorporated which appears in my series. Each woman was distinct and I wanted to get what I had gotten from them down clearly. Once I was done writing I had books of information waiting for the first story to come to me.  

Fast forward months later and again I was asleep and a Rarities Incorporated story came to me. It unfolded in a cinematic movie I went through all the steps the heroine and hero did. It happened at Christmas and in where I was originally born. Besides the Zuri Maji it had a race of beings that were both unique and beautiful. Again I woke revived and went to write furiously. Veils Rising took form and when done I was pleased and a story in Rarities Incorporated was started.  

When an opportunity came up for me to be a part of a special theme with EC my publisher I was racking my brain on what to write it on. Again another dream and I was met by the women who were in charge of Rarities Incorporated at the table we had sat at before. They let me know the first story I had written was out of order in which the stories needed to be told and I needed to fix it. Then they sent me on my way to the adventure which became Golden Seduction. As I entered the dream of Golden Seduction I met my heroine who is an ultimate geek more comfortable with computers than people. When a man comes out of a tarot card she is confused but not shocked. She works Rarities Incorporated, a place with many beings. When she hears his plight she doesn’t think she can help him she is not athletic and more adapt at books. Yet the hero has fate in her and knows he needs her. She steps up and they have an adventure which shows the sense of hope and sensuality. The hope of the hero and heroine. The sensuality of their love story that touched many emotions. After I woke I wrote furiously.  

Before I could even digest the story another dream came to me the next night. Shadow Dane featured a heroine who was tackle charge and knew what she wanted. A hero who has seen to much and trusts even less. His control is shredded by her and she wants him but not all the strings he offers. They find common ground. Have an adventure that led’s them to secrets and so much more. It was intense, exhilarating and sexy. Upon waking I was torn between which to write first. The two stories happened during the same time frame so it really didn’t matter. I wrote Golden Seduction then after it was done immediately wrote Shadow Dance.  While I wrote them I didn’t dream of anything but the stories. After they were complete I found myself once again at the table with the women who run Rarities Incorporated. They were pleased with what I had done and couldn’t wait to meet the world.  They sent me off and said be ready for my next adventure soon.  

They were right. Since then I have had many adventures in the Rarities Incorporated world and each one revels more and more. Besides the Zuri Maji there are many races I get to explore. I enjoy each adventure and imagine it all started with a dream. 

A dream of a series.

8 Responses to Dream of a Series by Taige Crenshaw

  1. Taige Crenshaw

    Ashley go on and make them into books. It’s probaly your muse giving you those vivid dreams. And I’m glad too but it was self preservation. I learned that when I dream and it is to be a book I dream about it until I write down the idea.

  2. Taige Crenshaw

    Yeah Jane. Dreams are wonderful for ideas. I also get idea when I am riding the subway to work. Lots of ideas.

  3. Taige Crenshaw

    Thanks Cheryl and yes my brain is always filled with ideas. And I love greedy readers.

  4. Taige Crenshaw

    Thanks NJ for coming by and there are alot more books to come.

  5. Ashley Ladd

    Lately I’ve been having very vivid dreams and thought about translating a couple into books.

    The dreams can give you goosebumps, I know, and I’m glad you recorded your ideas so you can make them into stories.

  6. Jane Beckenham

    I love dreams that lead to books. Lots of my books have come via dreams, snippets of conversations, or sometimes whole stories. One came at my local RWNZ conferences, so very appropriate.

    Jane Beckenham

  7. Cheryl McInnis

    I’ve always wondered where all these amazing story ideas come from, especially the stories set in alternate universes or in the distant future.
    Your poor brain must be working overtime, day and night. That’s great news for greedy readers like myself,LOL.

  8. N.J. Walters

    Wow! I wish I had dreams like that. The entire series sounds fascinating, Taige. And it looks like you’ve got lots more books to come.

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