Dynamics of Family

I’ve been writing and building my families so I’ve been thinking a lot about families lately. Also I had something happen that made me think of family. Let me first give you the typical definition and my own.

The Typical Dictionary Definition of Family ~

A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.

The McKenna Jeffries Definition of Family ~

Individuals who share ties either through blood or through a deeper bond that surpasses friendship that shares in each other’s lives to create a close knit unit of familial relations.

Some examples of family are what I have at my chat group McKenna Jeffries List. Another is the people I see as family although some are not family by blood.

I had some good news to celebrate and was thinking of my mom not being here to share it with me. It made me a little sad. I celebrated by phone with my one sister since she lives too far away to celebrate with me in person. My lunch buddy who I eat with everyday who I think of as part of my extended family celebrated with me about my news. Moments like this continues to reaffirms my take on the diversity of the definition of family.

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past at various places family isn’t about the blood it’s all about what is in the heart. There are millions of definitions you can have of family. Think of some moment in your life and give me what is your own definition of family?

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