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Once again something happened that got me to thinking of all the extraordinary people in my life. What is extraordinary about all of them is that they are giving without looking for anything in return, they support when needed and you can trust them with any of your secrets. I’m going to give you some insight into who they are.

The 1st of my extraordinary person came into my life through our joint love of reading. We bonded over reading and became family over time. We are there for each other through rough and good times. Have great conversations about books we read. And she listens as I tell her my ideas and vice versa. The things we have shared are so much I can’t put it all down.

Next up is someone who started as a writer I knew and became a friend to count on. No matter how weird my ideas instead of saying no way she usually says yes what comes next. We talk and listen to each other. Listening is a key component to her extraordinariness. People listen but sometimes doesn’t hear. She listens and hears. She is there no matter what.

Another person started as a writer I knew and became a friend I admire and respect. I loved her books and the first time I wrote her I was shaking. But she was so cool and blunt that I laughed and knew she was real. When I met her at RT Convention in 2008 her first words about my covers made me smile then laugh. In 2009 we chatted even more. Her wisdom and wit are great. She is gracious and I love all her series. Each time she gets a contract I dance for her in joy. And her Writerly posts give such insights.

And last of the extraordinariness for this time around is another writer I’ve spoken with online a few time but it wasn’t until I met her RT Convention in 2008 but it wasn’t until RT 2009 that I was able to get my voice and speak. That happens when you admire not just the writer but the person. She was warm, blunt and oh so real. We talked, connected and she made me believe. Believe that grace comes not from success but from the soul. At RT she teased me about my delightful accent and nails and toes looking so fierce. It was fun and a joy to get to know her. I’m looking forward to her Wyoming Wilde series.

Those are a few of the extraordinary people who have touched me. Who are some of the extraordinary people in your life?

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