Familiar Feeling (Coven of Four #1) by Daniel A. Kaine

Title ~ Familiar Feeling (Coven of Four #1)

Author ~ Daniel A Kaine

Publisher ~ Wilde City Press

Published ~ 6th May 2015

Genre ~ Paranormal M/M Romance


Drew never believed in magic. Then three years after his wife’s unexplained death he unearths a book of spells in his attic. Reading the first ‘stupid poem’ seems harmless, until he acquires his very own familiar, Felix. Drew and Felix soon realise an attraction that goes beyond their magical bond. However, there’s a coven of demon-worshipping witches out to steal Drew’s newfound power. If they want to survive long enough to see where their mutual desires take them, Felix must teach Drew the art of witchcraft. But will he be ready in time?

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Meet Daniel Kaine

Daniel was born and raised in the Land of Rain, aka England, where he now lives with his four lovable furballs; Mik, Ash, Spidey and Flash. Originally trained as a Biology teacher, Daniel was unsure what to do with his life until he came across fanfiction for his favourite anime and decided to have a go at writing his own. To this day, he still cringes at the memory of the cheesy terminology he used. When not writing, Daniel enjoys a variety of activities, including running, going to the gym, bondage, watching anime, and the mass-slaying of virtual monsters in the hopes of receiving epic loot. One day, he hopes to become a werepanther and invent chocolate that can be eaten all day without making you fat.


For the first time in three years, Drew stood at the top of the stairs leading to his attic. His fingers curled around the brass doorknob. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, the palm of his hand slick with sweat against the cold metal. Steeling himself, Drew turned the knob and pushed. The rusty hinges groaned and the door swung inward, revealing a dust-covered mess of boxes and furniture.

Drew stepped over the threshold, and an icy chill ran through his entire body as though the ghost of his wife had run through him in a bid to escape the dark attic. He shivered. The light hairs on his arms stood almost painfully rigid, raising goosebumps on his skin.

He took a step forward, stirring up a layer of dirt and dust as his black boots came down against the floorboards. The stale air lingered at the top of his nostrils, and he scrunched up his nose. A white figure at the corner of Drew’s right eye caught his attention, and, for a second, he was sure he’d seen long blonde hair blowing gently.

“Linda?” But it was only his wife’s wedding dress hanging from the end of a rail of clothes, the veil swaying in the cold draught that swept through the room.

Drew let out a long sigh and dropped his chin to his chest. A dull ache emanated from deep in his chest. For three years, he had kept his wife’s belongings locked up in the attic in order to avoid the constant reminders of his loss. Time had done little to heal the hole left behind.

Two minutes passed before Drew returned to the present, shaking off the memories of a time when life had seemed almost perfect. A time that was lost in the blink of an eye, turning his world upside down and inside out. He walked toward the dress and touched the soft fabric, stroking the veil as though he could feel Linda’s cheek against the back of his hand. How he longed to caress her soft, ivory skin again. Skin, that in its last moments had been spattered with splashes of crimson, as her last breath faded.

Drew jerked his hand away, the final moments of his wife’s life and death flickering in the back of his mind before fading away and leaving him cold and alone once more in the middle of the attic. His chest rose as he breathed in deep and held it for a few seconds, clenching his fists. Then he exhaled slowly through his mouth.

“I can do this,” he muttered, lifting the dress from the rail and draping it over his left arm. He picked some more of the clothes from the rail and carried them downstairs to lay across the bed.

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