Free Sampler Book

I’ve a free Seasonal treat for FFP readers, and I wondered if you’d like to add it to the goodies you give away from your site.
I’ve attached a pdf and below is a url to the same thing.

I collected 10 willing FFP authors (Nina Bangs, Catherine Spangler, Jade Lee, Robin Popp, Susan Grant, Deborah MacGillivray…. and more) and I put first chapters of great books into one sampler.

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  1. Erna Endsley

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  4. Pitambharadharaya

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  5. Deidre Durance

    Sounds like a great way to introduce folks to new authors or new to them authors.


  6. danette

    This looks like a nice sampler.Thank you.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Birthday!

    Hugs, Danette

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