From Agony to Ecstasy by Taylor Kincaid

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself.  Most people know me as Lanette Kissel.  But, when I write, I usually go by the pen name of Taylor Kincaid.  I chose my pen name to honor my heritage.  Taylor is my father’s family name, and Kincaid is my mothers.


I started writing about six years ago.  I like to attempt writing novels, and really enjoy writing short stories.  I write in a variety of genre, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Suspense, and even Inspirational.  Most of my Inspirational is in the form of poetry and non-fiction essays.  With my Inspirational writing, I hope to honor the Father in heaven.  If I have a gift, it’s because He gave it to me.


My road to publication has been a rough and rocky one.  I love the writing part of being an author, and even enjoy many aspects of the submissions process.  But, that process and everything it involves can be so frustrating. 

I started out submitting novel queries to traditional book publishing houses.  I would receive either rejection notices, or no response at all.  I would submit my short stories to literary magazines, and after waiting for months for my response, I would receive a rejection.  It’s so hard to break into that market.  I remember one literary sent me a letter asking if I had anything else I could send them.  The editor said my story had almost made it.  Do you know how much I hate that word almost?


After about two years, I was completely disenchanted with the process.  I decided to give up on all of it.  I stopped writing, and boycotted the mailbox and Microsoft Word.  Then about three months later, I received an envelope in the mail containing a contract from a magazine, for a story I had given up on ever hearing from.  I was thrilled.  That was the encouragement I needed to start writing again.


I was able to place my Inspirational poetry with various small press poetry pubs.  I found it easier to place than my short stories.  I did have successes with a couple of print magazines, and a couple of ezine publishers.  I was thrilled when my story, The Legend of the Ghost in the Garden, was selected for publication in an issue of Sage of Consciousness ezine.  With that story, I earned the title of featured short story writer for that issue.


A couple of years ago, a fellow author told me about the new e-book publishers.  She said she was concentrating her energies in that direction, because that was the wave of the future for the publishing industry.  I took her advice and began to submit some of my stories to the e-book publishers.  Finally, some doors began to open for me.  I began to see light at the end of the tunnel.  My first acceptance came from Forbidden Publications.  My first e-book is available on their website.


I have also just recently contracted with them for a series I’m excited about.  The genre is Paranormal/Historical Romance.  I don’t know when the first book is coming out, but I hope it will be soon.

Here is a list of my available, and coming soon e-books.

Dreams of Destiny, by Taylor Kincaid, Mainstream Romance,

Whiskey Shots Volume 12, by Lanette Kissel,  a collection of two Inspirational short stories,

Coming soon:

The Attic Ball, by Taylor Kincaid, Paranormal Romance,

Confessions of a Confederate series, Part One, The Calhoun Saga, by Taylor Kincaid, Paranormal/Historical Romance,

You can visit my website:

3 Responses to From Agony to Ecstasy by Taylor Kincaid

  1. Taylor

    Sandy and Cherie,
    Thanks for the kind comments about my excerpt. I appreciate it.

  2. Cherie J

    Thanks for sharing about your publishing journey. Dreams of Destiny sounds great!

  3. Sandy

    Hi Taylor,
    Great excerpt. I felt the same way about getting published with NY. Their rejections didn’t tell you anything. Sometimes they would ask for something else from me, but never told me what was wrong with the one they rejected.

    Good luck in your writing career.


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