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I enjoy music and love my MP3 player. It is filled with some of my favorite music. I have play lists for various moods I might be in. When I am happy I listen to love songs, country and some R&B. If I need a little pick me up it is some rock and alternative music. All on my MP3.

I have play list also according to what I am writing. Music creates such a variety of emotions. It helps my writing along. An my MP3 is an essential tool in my writing. I flip to my play list then put on my headphone and off I go with the writing.

My MP3 has seen me through many parts of my various books. The pivotal love scene. The black moment or those difficult to write scenes to write. I’ve been inspired to write when I feel like I can’t do anymore. All due to my MP3 player and the music it provides me.

McKenna Jeffries
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Gadget – MP3 PlayerConquering Jazz – What’s a woman to do when she unwittingly makes a tantalizing proposition to her best friend?

Be brazen, bold and set some ground rules. Her offer. One night of carnal bliss. No emotion allowed.

His counter offer. A continued affair to fulfill all their sexual cravings.

His hidden agenda. Conquer to make sure their affair never ends.

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4 Responses to Gadget – MP3 Player

  1. Pam S

    Hi Mckenna,

    Great post :)! I am a gadget person usually, but I don’t use my mp3 player all that much. Admittedly, I am not sure where it was last stashed at the moment. I do enjoy music of all kinds (lol much how I enjoy books, movies, etc.) – I am a variety girl ;). It’s cool that music plays such an inspirational role for you in your writing! I agree on the different emotions it can definitely conjure up depending on the tempo etc.

  2. Lois M.

    It’s funny, I just can’t imagine writing to music, especially since I can’t read to sound most of the time! LOL 🙂


  3. Vellum Voyages

    I love how authors are inspired by music and use it to evoke their moods and emotions especially while writing a book! I agree with how music can affect the way you think and feel just by doing something as simple as listening!

  4. Kathleen

    I am most likely the only person on the planet to not have an IPod, MP3 player or any other individual music player…. But it is on my list to get…
    love the premis of this book..

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