Good Day Romance Junkies!

Well Howdy there and how are ya?! Before I start, I wanted to give a huge thank you to Romance Junkies for the opportunity to be here!

So lets get this bloggin’ started!  I’m Mila Ramos and welcome!

Just to give everyone a little background about myself, I’m a Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Author.  My stories are character, emotionally driven work and I write from my soul capturing the emotions meant to stir the heart in endless ways. I love the dark and light side of romance, the beauty rising from tragedy, the magnificence of difference and the possibilities of what-if.  My works ranges from modern-day love to paranormal-science fiction quests at their best.

Now most people aren’t that big into paranormal stories, but oh are they the greatest ever in my opinion.  It is an area the work can be as mild as telepathy and as highly developed as an advanced race of beings that are slowly being exterminated for their ability to control the time continuum.  Cool huh?  I currently have five paranormal stories out; each unique in their own way, but showing just how in the paranormal realm anything is possible and nothing is untouched. There are excerpts and blurbs on my website to satisfy everyone heart galore.

On the contemporary though, I like to tackle the tough issues. I love writing about things that could happen in day to day life but the emotion that can come from a look, a touch, and best yet desire of what might have never been thought of.  I do so with a sarcastic flare but a strong character approach.

When asked what do I feel is important in a novel, what’s gets me as a reader and lover of romance?  It’s the plot, the characters developing, learning about their world, their own lives and being immersed in it. As a romance author, yes the sex/romance is just as important, but when it’s mixed with a great story. You’ve got one massive explosion of great writing.

Torrid TeasersIn my latest books from Whiskey Creek Press – Torrid Teasers 44, I bring two stories of unique women dealing with real issues as best as they can. Plots dealing with such sensitive issues are difficult, but can be done perfectly right if you know your characters.

In Smoldering Ember, Cassandra Vance is divorced from her husband Ethan and after several years the shame hasn’t diminished. Ethan though, returns in her life and in doing so, stirs a heart that hasn’t truly moved on.  She learns that some hurts are much deeper than she previous thought, and sacrifices aren’t just what one has to give up but what you are willing to protect.  Both Ethan and Cassandra are unique in their own way, and what I love about them is that from tragedy and misunderstanding an ember of their love still lived on. Sometimes with love that’s all it takes.

Touch of Fire deals with the character Kat O’ Brien, best friend to Cassandra Vance.  Though Kat has a supporting role in the previous book, she isn’t quiet sort of woman, she too has experienced her own type of eye opening experience.  Her journey is surviving domestic abuse to a life she always imagined; one she is proud to live.  In this story it’s that inner fire that Kat used to survive that she needs to make it one step further back into safety. But this safety has her crossing paths with her lost love, Ben.  In the short time they are together, the issue of sacrifice is one again visited but through a different set of eyes; sometimes that spark, that touch of fire can blindside you.

Both books are great, and I loved writing them. Touch of Fire particularly because Kat is a woman I can imagine walking around in current life and having a cup of coffee.

Though it’s a little different for paranormal characters, they each bring a different aspect of the people they were inspired from.  So a great many of these books do come from my own imagination, others from real life, but each and everyone of these are possibilities. It could happen, who knows if they are happening now.

Many of the readers and comments for my books, both paranormal and contemporary, love the original plot line as well as the tension of the main and supporting individuals. Each couple has their own great tension and defining moments and that’s what makes each of them special in their own way.

You can visit my website,, blog,, and myspace,,  for information on my books as well as excerpts.  Come by and read reviews, enjoy some music and then read for yourself about the different worlds, intriguing characters and their moments of life that are passion beyond words and stories beyond dreams.

See everyone February 15th when I come back and blog at this great place!

Good Day Romance Junkies!

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  1. Mila Ramos

    Hello there mamma kin and joan. Thanks for the comments!

  2. mammakim

    Great Blog Mila. I loved hearing the differences in your characters.

  3. Joan R

    Thank you for talking about your characters and the differnt genre characters. It really has given me insight into your writing.

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