Good Morning from Guest Author, Bess McBride!

Bess in Key West

Hi all!

Romance Junkies has kindly allowed me to blog today…all day.  I know, I know…  All day??  What can you possibly say all day long?  Never fear, Romance Junkies.  I’ll come up with something.

A little bit about me…natch!  I’ve been writing romance novels since July 2006.  At the time, I was in the throes of some bizarre…and ongoing…midlife crisis, and I’d walked away from a secure, well-paying job with the government as a mental health therapist.  I plopped myself down in a comfy bookstore with my hot chocolate on hand and read books…especially books on how to make a living without a job!  🙂

A woman would come into the bookstore daily, plug in her computer, and proceed to spend several hours alternately staring into space or furiously typing.  A writer!  I knew it.  Eventually, we met, and Ann Elizabeth Cree told me she was a romance author (though the modest woman failed to tell me she was a Golden Heart winner or that she had eight published Mills & Boone novels to her name), and she directed me to the nearest chapter of Romance Writers of America, where I stood up and said, “Hi, my name is Bess McBride, and I want to write romance novels.”  🙂

And sooooo, I received my first contract in April 2007 from The Wild Rose Press, my second contract in April 2007 from The Wild Rose Press, and four more since then.

In the continuing and neverending midlife crisis, I sold my house last year, bought a recreational vehicle, convinced my significant other to give up security and steady paychecks, and we “hit the road” to travel the United States (before the gas crunch).  Right now, the plan is for me to work summer seasonal jobs with the National Park Service and spend the winters in warm climates (like the Gulf Coast of Alabama) writing romance novels.  It’s a great life!

I have four books out in release right now, a paranormal/fantasy called Love of My Heart, a contemporary set in Alaska called A Sigh of Love, another contemporary set in Glacier National Park called A Trail of Love, and my latest release is a time travel, A Train Through Time.

All four books are available at The Wild Rose Press,

And yes, I’m going to be back with blurbs, covers, book trailers and excerpts of all of them…ad nauseum!  Bear with me…  🙂

Bess McBride,,

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