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Energize the Moment

August brings a certain excitement to most folks because it’s the month we all associate with new beginnings. For at least twelve years, we’re conditioned to get ready for a new “school” year. We buy new supplies, new clothing, get our hair styled differently, and prepare mentally to start a new phase of learning. We are energized for the moment.

I often find myself starting new projects in August, and I think it’s because I’m conditioned to “start fresh” this time of year. I got to Wal-mart and the first thing I want to do is purchase writing supplies whether I need them or not. I absolutely love new spiral notebooks. I call them my antique laptops because before computers, I’d take a new spiral to class with me and start drafting out a scene while I waited for class to start. Buying paper, ink, pens, etc. just puts me in the mood to write.

This August, I have even more to be energized about. I have a new release out. On the Silver Edge of Time is a Viking time-travel that I’m very excited about. This story made it through several rewrites and I thought I’d never see it finished, but … To celebrate its release, I also gave my website a new look. Of course, some of the link buttons still don’t work, but I’m working on that. I love to learn, but diving into html code and the like about kicked my booty.

So, this month basically energized me to get all sorts of things done. I have a new book out, a new website, a new blot (yes, I finally started my own blog which you can visit at ), a new parking paved parking lot at school, new lesson plans to try, and even better, a new idea for a story.

Gotta love August. I hope the energy is contagious and you can feel the excitement of gearing up for a new year.

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  1. ciara gold

    Oh, Robyn, You’re just like me. I loved buying all the different colored spirals. Of course I bought them for different subjects in school, but I also have a different color for each story I’m working on so I can jot down ideas when the mood strikes. Too fun.

    Hey Angela, so glad you found me. Yeah, with this weeks schedule, even I’m confused on where I need to go and when. LOL. I am hopelessly tied to my calendar to help keep me straight.

  2. Guestauthor

    The above comment was left by Angelica Hart and Zi. Not certain how else to leave a comment here.

    Angelica Hart and Zi

  3. Guestauthor

    Ah Ha! There you are, Ciara. We thought you were at the RJ chat. Glad we found you. Congratulations on your new release. It is on our next to buy list. I (Angelica) used to use a yellow legal pad and a lead pencil to plot, but now I’m totally hooked on toting my lap top around.

    Enjoyed your blog. Will look for you tomorrow night at the chat.

  4. RobynL

    I just bought myself some colored highlighters that are a new style to me: pink, yellow, green and blue and a roller pen came as an added bonus. I checked out the notebooks but decided my tote full at home would and should suffice for now. LOL.

    I remember having different colored notebooks and each color represented a subject when in lower grade school.

  5. ciara gold

    Hi all, yep, sexy Viking alpha hero – Hmmmm. Erik was most fun to write. LOL.

    As for paper – after last night, I’m wanting to do everything paper and toss computers. I have a love/hate relationship with the beasts right now. Mt PC dies. No worries, I bought a mini-mac, but alas, my printer won’t work with the mini and there are no mac drivers for this printer. Grrrr. So, I had to print something last night and it was quite fun getting my printer to work on my son’s PC. Two hours of dickering around and I finally printed a page.

    Yep, I think I’ll go dig up a spiral right now. LOL.

  6. Linda LaRoque

    Whew! I finally found you!

    I like spirals too. They help keep me organized which is difficult.

    Gotta love those Vikings. They have such a tradgic history. Headed out right now to buy a copy.

  7. Ellen

    Funny, with all the technology out there, I still need my paper files, my notebooks etc. Oh I’ve got everything on my computer, but sometimes its easier to simply open my spiral bound publishing schedule to see what’s what, than to scroll for the right file.

    Oh and about On The Silver Edge Of Time, which is a fantastic story by the way… the cover art is to DIE for. But then, I’ve got a thing for half nekkid Vikings.

  8. Kimber Chin

    Ohhh…. I LOVE Viking romances!
    Big primitive men!
    Woo hoo!

    And I like my spiral notebooks too.
    I’m a steno person myself,
    something about the coil being at the top
    and flipping the page up.

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