Guest Blogger Jess Dee!!!!

Please give a warm Romance Junkies Welcome to Jess Dee who will be joining us here on Monday November 26th.  Jess will be discussing writing the Happily Ever After in romance writing.

For now we offer you a little glimpse of Jess Dee and her most recent Samhain release.

Jess lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and two sons. When she’s not racing after kids, cooking meals, packing away toys or finishing yet another load of washing, she spends her time lost in the wonderful world of books. Give her a chocolate, a cup of tea and a good romance and you’ll make her very happy.

Ask Adam by Jess Dee

Can one wild night of passion turn into the romance of a lifetime?

 Lexi Tanner’s got a major problem: AJ Riley, the man she’s about to approach for a hefty donation, turns out to be the stranger she shared a night of steamy sex with less than a week past. She’ll do anything to raise money for a children’s charity—anything except sell herself. Now how can she ask AJ for money without it seeming like he’s paying for sexual favors? 

If there’s one thing the past has taught Adam “AJ” Riley, it’s that loving someone can only lead to pain. He knows he shouldn’t feel so attracted to Lexi, and he definitely shouldn’t trust a woman who’d sleep with a man one week and approach him for money the next. Yet somehow Lexi breaks through all his barriers. His instincts tell him to run but his heart wants to give Lexi—and love—a second chance. How can he let go of his tragic past and still protect his battered heart?


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You can find more about Jess and her writing on the world wide web.





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