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I recently took an online longevity quiz. According to the results, I’m supposed to live to be 106. 106!! I’m sure you can understand why I immediately began searching for a nice bad habit. Nothing too flashy, something simple. Tobacco was at the top of my list until I realized I’d actually have to inhale carcinogens. After that I got more creative. For instance, last summer I did some mountain climbing with my family. True, a little altitude shouldn’t be fatal, but after descending Mt. Elbert in Colorado, I discovered I’d been toting around a lovely little kidney stone. Three hours and ten gallons of morphine later, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to pull the plug and subsequently climbed a few more 14,000 footers.  Still kicking, I also began doing some gymkhana. For those of you unfamiliar with games on horseback, I highly recommend them for reducing your life expectancy. (This is me on Baby Bint running the poles.) We’re not very good, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t decrease our chances of fatality.  In my downtime, I’ve penned a couple of steamy novels just to help me keep mobile through the ten month winter. Consequently, Seduced By Your Spell, my second Witches of Mayfair story, was released on February 24th, while Chrissy McMullen, not to be outdone by anyone, hit the ground running soon after. Her fifth adventure is not called Unnerved as previously expected. My little L.A. nutcase has a new title and a new cover concept. Look for One Hot Mess on or at your favorite bookstore.

 And now, tadah!! It’s spring (kind of…we got more snow last night) and I only have two books to write before August J so I’m gearing up for some more potential fatalities. Until then, I’m having a fun little ‘Lieutenant Rivera look-alike contest.’ at Pop on over to place your vote. We’ll throw your name in the hat for an Amazon gift card so you can kick off your warm-weather reading. Happy summer, everyone. 

Lois Greiman

15 Responses to Guest Blogger Lois Greiman

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  2. Julia B.

    Hi Lois!

    Just voted in your contest. I’m with Eduardo Verastegui, he is totally gorgeous!

  3. Ruth C.

    I took that quiz and I should live to the ripe “young” age of 94.

    Not sure I would want to live that long — unless I was able to really get along undeer my own steam — if you know what I mean.

    My Mom is in a nursing home and I am really hoping that is not in my future.

  4. Beth

    I have been on borrowed time for the last 10 years anyway. (Brain tumor/hydrocephalus when I was 17) So, I figure anything I get is just a bonus. Tim McGraw had it right-live like you were dying.

  5. Pamk

    wow sounds like an adventurous time. Love tothe title now I am off to your website to check out the blurbs and the like.

  6. Kammie are incredibly brave and obviously fit, too. I’m too chicken to climb a mountain, nor do I think I could make it up the hill. lol

  7. BreiaB

    I do the most dangerous thing in the universe, I have kids. Guess that cuts my life expectancy in half. Darn.

  8. Amy S.

    Seduced By Your Spell sounds great!

  9. Cathy M

    My most dangerous activity is driving the support vehicle during my boys’ bike races. I picked Eduardo for your look a like contest.

  10. Raonaid

    Hi Lois! I’ve only read one of your books Taming the Barbarian, and have The Princess Masquerade in my to be read list! You are relatively a new author for me, one that was recommended.

    Didn’t know about your Witch series! I’m definitely gonna have to check them out.

  11. catslady

    If I lived to be 106 that means I could read more books – yours included 🙂

  12. Ashley A

    Oh wow 106?! Man I’ll be surprised if I make it past 30!! lol My most dangerous activity is chasing around my cousin’s 2 year old, or my friend’s 9 year old, 8 year old, 18 month old, and 3 month old…surprisingly that little 3 month old can sure wiggle around and practically crawl!! lol

  13. Ashley

    I have your new book on my wish list! I don’t think I could ever mountain climb but I give you props for doing it!

  14. Carol M

    Hi Lois! I’m not sure I want to live that long! lol My most dangerous activity is babysitting. My grandkids really keep me on my toes! lol What I really enjoy is reading. No matter how long I live, I know I’m not going to read all the books I want to read! I always enjoy reading your books. 🙂

  15. Caffey

    Hi Lois!!! Awesome on the new Witches Of Mayfair book! Love your historicals! I have it down for my next trip shopping!

    LOL on your lifespan! Ouch on the kidney stone! I never had one but saw someone who had to endure that! I did try horseback riding once, I really had no choice because I had to practice it before the kids arrived to camp so that I knew what they were experiencing. I actually so was looking forward to riding a horse but I ended up walking for a couple of days looking like I was doing the ‘split’ and being unable to sit, that next time I try, i’ll learn more and go slower, LOL.

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