Guest Blogger Shara Lanel!!!!!

Happy Wednesday to all of you Romance Junkies!! Tomorrow we welcome Author Shara Lanel to the blog where she will be discussing her facination with werewolves. Shara has an upcoming release with Loose Id and not surprisingly it features her own twist on werewolves.

So sit back, relax and learn more about Shara and then join us tomorrow for her guest appearance.

Shara began her writing life at the age of five, creating those little About Me books with the balloon on the back. She finally managed publication in high school, writing and editing the Entertainment Page in the school paper, and she toyed with the idea of being a rich and famous author.

Of course, there was a large period of time during which she planned to be an astronaut or rock star, whichever came first. But since neither of those careers panned out, she went to college in New York City to study film.

A fellow writer, who shall remain nameless, implored Shara to “come to the Dark Side,”-referring to writing erotic romance-so she did, and now she may never go back. She’s having too much fun writing the sexy, sinful stuff she loves to read. In fact, she’s pretty good at it, and the research is fantastic.

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! Research, as in background for creating her authentic characters and settings. For example, Shara recently participated in her local Citizens’ Police Academy, and had a blast shooting things, meeting sexy SWAT guys, and riding around in cop cars during high speed chases. All in the name of research for her books, of course.

Shara lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, son, and brand new puppy. When she’s not writing, she’s killing chile plants, setting fires in her oven, and avoiding housework at all costs. 



Blame it on the Moon

Kitty Lazarus can’t help reading the new pub owner’s mind—that’s her gift—but his thoughts are very different from anyone else’s, very 3-D, and they always involve stripping her naked and doing…other things. But who is this blonde lady he keeps thinking about, and why does he sometimes picture himself in front of a mirror sprouting fur and fangs?

Haden Blackwood doesn’t need the complication of lusting after the rental storeowner, especially when she leases the space he plans to expand his pub into. Worse, she has the uncanny ability to guess his thoughts. He’s got too many secrets to keep, like a tendency to howl at the moon when it’s full and a warrant for his arrest. But he can’t fight his sexual attraction to Kitty—she smells so good!—and pretty soon he’s going to have to act on it.

But his secrets may be revealed as someone from his past tries to frame him…again…for a murder he didn’t commit. If he doesn’t trust Kitty with his true nature, he may find himself locked in jail during the full moon—not the kind of publicity his pub needs. But if he does involve her in his complicated life, she may find herself the target of a madman.

Coming to January 15th!

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  1. TJ Thompson

    thank u for the update

  2. Rob Hartong

    Hey, I am a content editor on the site We’re constantly looking for new content sources for the blog, and your writing might fit well with our other content. You should shoot me an email at if you’re at all interested in getting your writing out on our site.

  3. Debbie Arnold

    Also added to my list. In fact ordered it today. Can not wait to sit back and enjoy.

  4. Shara Lanel

    Excellent! I hope you love it 🙂

  5. Ayreann

    I love paranormals and werewolves are a particular favorite of mine. I’m adding Blame it on the Moon to my list so I don’t miss it. *Smile*

  6. Cathy M

    Love werewolves and look forward to reading this story.

  7. JOYE

    Enjoyed reading the information about Shara and the book has been added to my list to read

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