Hanging with Fam

It’s been and interesting summer. I’ve been hanging with the fam. My sister and nephew are here for their yearly visit. Just chilling and reconnecting. I love when they come for their visit. My sis and I laugh and have lots of fun. My nephew looks at us like we are nuts but he also has a wicked sense of humor.

My cousin and her fam who live close to me have come by to also chat and so on. My other sister who also lives close came by too. One day they all showed up and my house was overrun with people. Imagine 8 kids and 6 adults. Whew it was a fun and crazy day. I love hanging with the fam. Nice talking about old times, current events and politics. We had some rousing discussions. LOL.

Hanging with fam is one of my favorite summer things. What are some of your fav summer things?

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One Response to Hanging with Fam

  1. Lindy

    I love being able to hang out on my deck in the summer. It doubles the size of my living room when we can have the sliding door open. 🙂

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