Happily-ever-after coming your way!

Greetings Everyone! First, I have to thank the gals at Romance Junkies for allowing me to tell you about my new novel. It is such a thrill to be entering the marvelous – and sometimes scary – world of publishing. As a debut author it is especially comforting to be given the opportunity to share my vision at a place where the aim is to promote and support romance. Because, if it is romance you want, I got it for ya!

My name is Sharon Lathan and thanks to the amazing crew at Sourcebooks I am privileged to present Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One. Probably easy to figure out that it is a sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but rest assured that my version offers something different.

Lathan bookcoverBack Cover Blurb~~~~

A Honeymoon can last a lifetime… Beginning on their wedding day, Pride and Prejudice’s Darcy and Elizabeth are two people who are deeply in love with one another and are excited to begin their marriage. Their courtship was tempestuous; misunderstandings and misgivings nearly tore them apart. But now that they’ve seen each other without prejudice, their trust, attraction, and delight in each other grows with each passing day. Both are inexperienced and innocent, sharing moments of shyness and boldness as they discover the kinds of intimacies that a newlywed couple shares. As their love story unfolds, they reveal their innermost secrets and feelings, embracing each other in a marriage filled with romance, passion, humor, and drama that will keep you spellbound.

Right from the beginning I suppose I was ‘doing it wrong’ according to the standard romance-writing formula. Ages before I was inspired by P&P and wrote this story I was continually curious about what happened after the final page, after the screen faded to black, after the kiss. Imagining the couple as they dealt with life together and lived the happily-ever-after of the fairy tale intrigued me. I always wanted more and was never content to let the magic wane as I spun scenes in my head. I rejected the idea that it had to be boring. I also rejected the idea that it had to be tragic! Why not find joy and be in love forever? And heck, life can be fun!

The why and how of my taking these random dreams from this particular story and creating a series of novels can be read in depth at my website – The Darcy Saga. In a nutshell, I still am not sure why! Timing and divine providence, I guess. Whatever the case, I believe I have proven my convictions: Two people can become one soul and have terrific fun in the process.

Sharon LathanFitzwilliam and Elizabeth offer hope that marriage can be wonderful and special. They are human, of course, and far from perfect! But don’t we read and write romance novels because we want to believe that the elusive true-love exists? That the fire of passion can persevere and flame hotter? I think so!

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One is volume one in my Darcy Saga series. It is a tale for Austen fans. It is a tale for romance fans. It is a tale for history fans. It is a tale for believers in love. Are you one of those?

Here is a small taste from the wedding night. Hopefully it will whet your appetite for more!

“All in due time, Mrs. Darcy. First, I have a wedding present for you.” He took her by the hand and seated her on the sofa. He went to the armoire and pulled out a square box wrapped with blue paper and tied with a thick blue ribbon. He returned to her and placed it into her lap, kneeling before her. “For you, my wife, always to remember this day, the happiest day of my life.”

Elizabeth was slowly shaking her head and tears filled her eyes. “William, you should not have. You have given me so many wonderful gifts already! All I need to remember and mark this day is you … only you.”

Darcy smiled, “Thank you, dearest. You shall always have me. Now you shall also have this meager token as well. Open it.”

Elizabeth untied the bow and pulled the wrapping away. Inside the box, lying on a bed of dark blue velvet, was a vanity set … brush, comb and mirror … made of mother-of-pearl with Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy engraved on each handle. The craftsmanship was exquisite. She was overwhelmed.

“William, I do not know what to say. They are beautiful! I have never owned anything equal. Thank you so very much!” She leaned over and kissed him soundly.

Darcy beamed at her obvious pleasure. “You would have enjoyed the spectacle, my dear. I have come to realize how lacking my education is in the area of feminine requirements. I have, in fact, studiously avoided the subject in the past. Recently, I have discovered myself extremely fascinated by all the mysteries related to the fairer sex, or more specifically related to you. I scoured my extensive library and found not a single book that could answer the questions I had. I surmised that the only sure avenue open to me was to enter the shops in London that cater to the needs of women.”

Elizabeth could picture it clearly and the vision did make her smile. He went on, “I was most relieved to find that I was not the only gentlemen present in the establishments, but I certainly was the most ignorant! Fortunately the proprietors were remarkably sympathetic and willing to further my education. So, I learned numerous incidentals, which I am certain will aid me in being an understanding husband. As for this particular gift, considering how ardently I admire your beauty and especially your lovely hair, it seemed fitting.”

“William, you are too good to me. I truly do not deserve you.”

“Nonsense,” he replied gruffly, “I love you and enjoy giving you gifts.” As he spoke, he absentmindedly reached up under her gown and began running his hand along her right calf. Time stood still for both of them. Instantaneously their mutual desires were awakened and their thoughts became riveted to their need for each other.

Gazing into her eyes with a deep intensity, Darcy took the box off Elizabeth’s lap, laid it on the floor, and then rose onto his knees, bringing himself level with her. He slowly ran his hands along the tops of her thighs and around her bottom, pulling her to the edge of the sofa. Her knees parted and he moved closer to her body as his hands leisurely caressed their way up her back, eventually entwining in her hair as he brought her lips to his and kissed her passionately.

****For more excerpts and information, please visit my website: The Darcy Saga

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    I recently found your website site on the internet and read through a few of your earlier articles. Continue to keep up the fantastic work. I also added your Rss to my MSN News Reader. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the future!…

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  3. Cliff Mccormik

    Hi there thanks for the right up it was a pretty good read, I only stumbled across it on Google! Keep up the good writing.

  4. Sharon Lathan

    Thanks Janet! I wish you luck on your quest, and do pray you love my book. Keep me posted!

    Vee, you are the BEST! I love ya baby. 🙂

  5. Janet G.

    Sharon, I cannot wait to own this book!! I’ll be visiting Target on Friday and I’m so excited! Every excerpt I’ve read so far is so exciting. I even pulled out the movie today and watched again!! Thank you for taking on the challenge of continuing the story of Mr. & Mrs. Darcy!!

  6. Vee

    Sharon the reasons you explain for taking a romantic and loving turn for your sequel, rather than the boring or even tragic twists, is exactly the reason I LOVE your beautiful story.
    It IS full of romance passion and sensuality. The wedding night scene was a hook for me in the beginning. The Darcy’s enjoy lots of loving amongst day to day routine within their new lives together running the grand Pemberley.
    More than just passion and romance your descriptiveness captures me as a reader and I’m sure many others will too.

    Congratulations, I look forward to so much more writing by my favourite author!
    TSBO devotee

  7. Sharon Lathan

    Its OK Cheryl. As my sister is famous for saying, I wouldn’t kick Colin out of bed for eating crackers. 🙂 I would just rather it be Matthew! Just picture who ever you want as you read and have fun!

    Celena, thanks for stopping by. It is lovely to ‘see’ you outside of Topix. 🙂

    Tracy, Let me know what you think. I, just for the record, I totally agree with you!

    A special thanks to all my Casablanca sisters for taking time out of their insane schedules to support me. Romance writers are the BEST!!

  8. Cheryl Brooks

    I’ve started reading this one, and so far, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been a Jane Austen fan since the Colin Firth version of Mr. Darcy–and yes, Sharon, we’ve had that discussion before, so I won’t go into it again!

  9. Celena

    Sharon you write so exquisite I almost thought I was Lizzie opening that beautiful present William gave to her…..so much love in the air! Thanks!

  10. Tracy Carboni

    Am looking forward to reading this series. I appreciate the fact that you will not try to emulate Miss Austen but rather capture the spirit and essence of her works.

  11. Mary Margret Daughtridge

    Oooooooooh! I do love a real love scene

  12. Linda Wisdom

    Now this is the way to start the day, Sharon!

    Off to write a love scene.


  13. Sharon Lathan

    Post #3 was me, obviously. I forgot to logout after posting the blog essay. Duh!

  14. Guestauthor

    Ah Terry! You kill me! I needed a good chuckle!! Thanks to you and Judi for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

  15. Terry Spear

    Hey, Sharon, I’m all for hotter flames! 🙂 Hehehe….yes, more, more…no, that’s okay, I’m going to get the book on Wednesday so I can read the build up to this point and the satisfying end. *sigh*

    Terrific post for wetting, uhm whetting appetites. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Judi Fennell

    ooh la la!

    Congrats, Sharon!

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