Romona Hilliger

Author Romantic Suspense  Filled with stunning twists and surprises, this storykeeps the pulse racing while challenging the emotions…     


Never in her wildest dreams did the young beauty, Megan Ducass expect be caught up in a hunt for a killer while on holiday in
Australia’s Outback.
As he lived and breathed, the maverick, with fire in his eyes and a physique like mortal sin, has sworn to avenge his wife’s rape and murder. But Buck Daniel, discovers that scouring the Australian Outback with revenge on his mind, isn’t that easy.  Hitting dead-ends and false information, keeps him just one step behind his quarry. And then, out of nowhere, he’s confronted with a young woman in distress.Megan is in desperate need of bush photographs to tie up a contract of a lifetime. But securing a ride through the bush proves difficult, until Buck reluctantly, answers her plea for help.But travelling with Buck is a dangerous business. Their campsite is invaded by two thugs on motorbikes, out to warn him off, none too gently. Meg teams up with Buck, and her surprising self-defence skills, win Buck’s admiration. But in the bargain, Meg is hurt, and in his gentle care, she senses the throb of desire running through him, well aware of the answering cry within herself.  Dark secrets and stormy passions surrender to love. Tortured with guilt, Buck believes he’s betrayed his wife’s memory and the quirk of fate that has brought them together now threatens to tear them apart.  

With his wife’s murder avenged and Meg armed with her photographs, they are both ready to leave and go their separate ways.  

They now, face the fight of their lives – the fight within themselves to acknowledge their love for each other.  But will Buck’s past forever, haunt him?  Or will the love he sees in Meg’s eyes prove the more powerful…TRAILER .  


Chapter 1Murder! Not in her wildest dreams had Megan Ducass thought that she’d becaught up in a hunt for a killer while on holiday through
Australia’s Outback.
~On a sensuous breath, she drew in the hot, moist male scent of his broad bare chest.      “Love me,” she sighed, enticing him with the seductive pressure of her breasts. He captured her chin and tilted her face upward, teasing her parted lips with a kiss of soft fire. Her knees buckled and she slumped against him helplessly…      Meg heard herself moan. Her eyelids fluttered and flew open. In a state of drowsiness, she fought her way out of a net of dreams, trying to focus on where she was. Placing her palms on the Land Cruiser’s seat, she pushed herself up from the slumped position she’d slipped down to and stared out of the window. She swallowed hard. The tall, dark stranger with long raven hair, fiercely tied back at the nape of his neck, was still standing by the petrol pump refuelling his vehicle, an impressive, black, ST Nissan Patrol. Cold reality slid over her, clearing her foggy mind, and with it came the realisation that the heat and gentle pulsating, way below her belly, was sexual stimulation. It struck her like a slap in the face.      Horrified, she glanced up sheepishly at her travelling companions. Had they heard her mumbling? Perhaps not, they were both too busy arguing. Meg drew herself up—was she that confused that a total stranger could bewitch and arouse her in this cruel way?      They pulled out of the service station and snaked their way along the

Stuart Highway

again. Meg rested back and gazed out of the four-wheel-drive window, but without even being aware of it, she found herself avidly searching for the black Nissan Patrol. Was he behind them again? Her eyes strained to focus on the traffic lining up at the rear but the sleek black Nissan was nowhere to be seen. She stared ahead and focused on the passing scenery, trying to erase the persistent longing to get a glimpse of the man’s vehicle again. But shoving away the thoughts of him wasn’t easy, they remained large and immovable. Why was she looking for him? 

     Why did he seem so vital to her? What on earth made him so compelling? Someone she didn’t know even existed a few days ago seemed now to consume her. This was the big camping holiday by road around
Australia. At first, Meg hadn’t been interested but Jessica and Nat were doing the trip and had asked her to come along.


Author  Romona HilligerPublished by BLADE PUBLISHING.ORG     “Red hair,” Jim had said back at Bulia. Well there were two men with that description but neither looked anything like him. But then, what if those two rats on motorbikes were right and Jim wrong? They said they knew where Larkin was. Well where were they?Finally, Buck came to a decision. He slapped the steering wheel. “I’ll wait inside,” he said, and jerking the door open, he let himself out of the vehicle. 

     Meg began unbuckling her seatbelt. 

     “Not you, Meg,” he snapped. “You take the Nissan and park just up the road and wait for me. Don’t get out of the car.” 


     The rush of adrenaline through his veins sharpened his voice. “Do as I say Meg. I don’t want you caught up in all this. Now go!” 

     “No, I want to—” 

     “You want nothing!” he said, fiercely. “Do as I say.” 

     An angry retort sprang to Meg’s tongue but she bit on it. She knew he meant well; besides, there was no reason to cross him, not when she could see how taut his face was, taut with the strain of tension and nerves stretched to the limit but held in iron control. 

     Meg drove on and hardly had she parked, when the two men on motorbikes drew up and stopped a little distance from the bar. With caution in their movements, they scanned the area and when they seemed satisfied, they eased off their helmets in a nonchalant way. It was the same two men who’d invaded their camp. Meg froze and her stomach clutched. She could hardly forget that horrible man, Kel. Once more, their suspicious eyes roved the immediate area, and making sure the coast was clear, strode gingerly into the hotel behind Buck.      Hardly had a few minutes elapsed when they all came out and stood on the pavement, talking in low tones. Buck handed them the envelope he’d stashed away in his pocket and without another word, the two men slapped on their helmets, grabbed their bikes and revved away in a noisy retreat. 

     Buck crossed the road and came to the driver’s side of the car. Meg pushed herself over to the passenger seat and Buck got back in, but remained silent. Meg glanced across at him, itching to know what the men had said, but the hard line of his eyes and the scowl on his face spoke trouble, and taking heed of her instincts, keeping quiet seemed the best thing to do. Wordlessly, he started the ignition and drove slowly along a side street, and after some distance, he came to a stop at a dimly-lit house. 

     Meg swallowed hard as icy fingers clutched her stomach. “Is this where Larkin is hiding out,” she asked, mutedly. 


     “Please be careful, Buck,” she said, the words hanging tremulously on her lips. 

     Buck made no reply; it was as though he hadn’t even heard her. So intent on his task he was a different man, one she scarcely recognized. Granted, he wasn’t an old pal or anything like that, but their time together had given her a good insight into his character and she’d not found it wanting. Just then, a man and a woman came out to leave and another man followed behind. She felt Buck grow tense beside her, his knuckles sticking out as his fists clenched the steering wheel.







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