I want to be a zoologist!

That’s me — a zoologist at heart. I’ve always been fascinated with wildlife; however, at eighteen I wasn’t nearly as focused and scholarly as my heroine, Cassidy Lowell. She is everything I wanted to be and more. I love being able to create characters that allow me the honor of participating in their adventures, mishaps and love affairs.

Dr. Cassidy Lowell is a zoologist within an international organization called ZEBRA (Zoological Environmental Bio Research Agency). Her job allows her to travel the world, uncover some of the most dramatic environmental travesties and fight to re-balance ecology. In DEVIL’S GOLD, Cassidy is faced with the destruction of the Niger Delta — once a corner of the world alive with rare creatures, now nothing more than a burnt husk rife with political corruption and irreparable damage to its flora and fauna.

Of course, a great fight isn’t worth a damn without a sexy undercover Special Forces agent that sends your heart into a wild Mexican hat dance whenever he flashes his cocky over-the-top grin. Jake Anderson’s a storm in the making and Cassidy’s not certain whether she wants to run for cover or open her arms and succumb to the turbulent emotions he awakes. Add in a few nasty bad guys, betrayal, murder, bio-terrorism and a perilous helicopter ride and I say welcome to Cassidy’s life.

If you’re an advocate of nature, like a great roller coaster of an adventure and a convoluted romance — then I think DEVIL’S GOLD will be right up your alley.

Read an excerpt here

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a guest blogger here at Romance Junkies. Y’all are such an awesome bunch.



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  1. Julie Korzenko

    First off, thanks so much to Lisa Marie (who by the way has written an awesome historical), Kim for directing me here and Gator errr I mean Meg for the heckling. Thanks guys.

    And Shiver, that was an awesome question and one I can answer with an emphatic YES!

    Beyond the shores of the Niger Delta is the city of Port Harcourt. Once you skirt the poverty that flows from the harbor, you find a beautiful area full of expansive mansions topped with red clay roofs and well irrigated lawns where the wealthy of Nigeria live. It’s amazing and disgusting all in one. These mansions equal anything that graces the California coast line and is a travesty to the poverty that lies beyond their white walled gates.

    So, um, yes there are tons of other bits that for the sake of keeping a book interesting, I had to eliminate.


  2. Shiver

    Hey Julie!

    I’ve got a question for you. I know that authors research stuff like crazy, but often only little bits of that research actually end up in the book.

    So, are there any bits about your setting of the Niger Delta that you’d like to expound on? Because I, for one, love to hear about all those extra “bits”.

  3. mammakim

    Yay Julie, I am glad you made it. Devil’s Gold sounds awesome. The research must have been interesting!

  4. Meg Allison

    Hey, Julie!

    Just stopping by to heckle… um, support you. (GGG) Great excerpt — I can’t wait to read DEVIL’S GOLD. It sounds like a real page-turner.


  5. Julie Korzenko

    Thanks, Ray. We’ll have to touch base regarding some of our local writing events.

  6. Raymond L. Atkins

    I’m looking forward to the arrival of my copy!
    Ray Atkins

  7. Julie Korzenko

    Thanks so much for stopping by Elizabeth and Lisa Marie.

  8. Lisa Marie Wilkinson

    Hi Julie!
    Your hero sounds “to die for” and I loved your blog about “Devil’s Gold.” Congratulations on your March Medallion Press release!

  9. Laura Hamby

    That’s a great “birth of a story” story, Julie. 😀

  10. Elizabeth Sinclair

    Hey Julie — Your book sounds like it’s right up my alley. Being a country girl at heart, I have a love of wildlife as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  11. Julie Korzenko

    Thanks, Don. I have your book on my reading list to take to England next month.

    Hey Laura, thanks for stopping by! I’m a googleaholic. And one area of research led to another until I ended up at a report written about the environmental devastation of the Niger Delta. I was fascinated and appalled and wanted to show the world what was happening. But I needed a way to lighten the scenery so I chose my favorite place in the entire world – Jackson Hole. And wallah — the book was born.

  12. Laura Hamby

    Hey, Julie,

    Awesome excerpt! Can’t wait to read your book.

    So, how was this idea born?


  13. Don Helin

    HI Julie: As a fellow Medallion Press author, it’s nice to see you on the blog. Your book sounds great and I’ll pick it up. Don Helin

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