I'm Ashlynn Monroe, the new kid on the block!

Hi, my name is Ashlynn Monroe.  For the last few months I have been able to introduce myself with a new moniker…Author.  I have always written.  My imagination has always been my greatest source of entertainment, now I hope it will entertain you too.  I write because I see stories in my head like a Hollywood blockbuster and I just transcribe what is playing out…in my warped mind…Ok, some of my stuff would be a “B” movie and other things probably be a porno…but some of it is really good (gulp…I hope)! 

I’m a thirty-one year old working mom and I’ve been married since I was twenty.  My day job is full time in telecommunications.  This year my New Year’s resolution was to get serious about my writing and share it with readers, because a writer isn’t an author until they have a reader!  Wild Horse Press was the first publisher to give me a shot…They are fabulous!  June 8th my first work with them (or anyone) Hidden Magic will be available for your reading pleasure.

I have made some great friends and have had the privilege of reading the work of some wonderfully talented women!  We have even put together a Christmas anthology of paranormal works revolving around a cursed town called Redemption.  This was one of the most enjoyable projects of my life!  I hope that you all will check it out this holiday season because this book has some brilliant stuff- humor, passion, action, and memorable identifiable characters.  I hope you will love my Phoebe as much as I do! 

You can drop by my website at ashynnmonroe.webs.com/ and please feel free to become a member or leave a guest book note or comment on my blog there.  I also have a word press blog, ashlynnnmonroeauthor.wordpress.com.  Friend me on Facebook if you would like…caution randomness warning…my mind bounces topics wildly (like you haven’t already noticed lol!).

Each time I sit at the computer furiously typing out a story I try to put as much life and humor into my characters as possible.  I let the character decided who they are and as the story unfolds I am occasionally helpless to steer it back in the direction that I had originally wanted.  Writing makes my life complete.  I hope that when someone reads my work it gives them a moment of joy and pleasure…because life is hard and we have to take what little bit of good we can get out of each day.  I want to give my readers all the happy karma that I can with my stories.  Thank you in advance if you are planning to download a copy of Hidden Magic or my June release from Cobblestone Press Chemical Lust.  Ok, enough about me let’s talk about the exciting stuff…my characters and their lives (they have so much more fun than I do)!

Hidden Magic is an urban fantasy about a woman named Alexia who has a nice average life.  She has a great relationship with her older brother, and she is very close with his wife and children…everything is peachy keen until a mysterious man threatens her family.  His appearance opens a Pandora’s Box of unique family revelations that Alexia can never close again.  What she discovers about her destiny leads her to the man who will hold her bound to him for eternity…but will he be able to hold her heart?  Can she lead him past his bitter memories and his hate of humanity to peace?  Hidden Magic, a tale of Fairies, Magic, and love…  Buy it June 8th from Wild Horse Press.

Chemical Lust is a contemporary erotic piece.  This 10k Tryst Cobblestone Press release will be available summer 2010-I believe June-and it is a fun and erotic tale of the studious plain girl getting the hunkalicious hottie!  Leah is a woman who is proud of her career in the military.  She a scientist working on a very sexy secret project, the sexiness begins to get under her skin when she meets a very delicious civilian consultant.  Jericho is the kind of man who is the personification of lust…His presences causes her discomfort as she hides her secret desires.  When an accident causes them to become the lab rats…well thing get hot-hot-hot!  What kind of a relationship could possibly be left when the hellos start with fantastic sex?

Here is an excerpt from the story:

Leah took control, throwing her jacket over the mess in hopes that it would not penetrate the thick fabric. Unfortunately, her efforts didn’t seem to be helping. She frantically jabbed at the emergency button and began to call for help. The chemical lust was making her choke and cough as her lungs filled with the oddly floral-smelling gas. She grabbed her BlackBerry and tried to dial. She cussed loudly, which was very out of character for her. There was no signal—the building was constructed of very durable materials, and in the elevator no one had ever gotten a signal. Leah wanted to scream when she realized just how screwed she was. Because of the previous emergency, no one was responding to their call; security probably assumed they were just getting impatient for their elevator to move again. Leah tried to cover her mouth and nose, but it was too late. She was already feeling lightheaded, the first sign that the drug was taking hold of her. Jericho seemed to be fairing no better than she was, even with his makeshift mask. His pupils dilated; she assumed hers were as well. No matter what, she was still the scientist, so she began to mentally compile her data on their reaction. If they lived, she would have much to say about the effectiveness of the drug, as she was now experiencing it firsthand with her knowledge of its structure and of how the human body would metabolize it. Jericho stumbled and dropped to the floor. His large frame made the elevator shake, but it still had not moved. Leah also lost her strength and sank down next to him. The gas was starting to dissipate, and they were still alive. For one moment of relief, she was sure that the gas was having no effect on her—and then it happened. Raging fire shot through her body, and she gasped for air. Her head fell back as her back arched. She felt as if she was on the brink of an orgasm right there, fully dressed and untouched on the elevator floor. Her keen awareness of Jericho’s eyes on her and the fact he was watching with interest, not saying or doing anything, made it all the more embarrassing and yet kind of kinky. Leah actually shook her head to try and clear that thought away. I am a scientist, and this is a perfectly uncontrollable reaction to a laboratory mishap, she reassured herself. I am in no way responsible for my actions, she thought as if pleading with her own subconscious. Before she completely gave in to her loss of control, she managed to grab her jacket off the floor and flip it up to where the security camera was pointing directly at her. She did not want even more of an audience for her panting and writhing; it was bad enough that Jericho seemed to be completely aware of her predicament and enjoying it thoroughly. It made her hot just knowing he was the one seeing her need. She wanted him between her legs. She wanted him to fuck her right there on the elevator floor—an elevator that could start working any second, she reminded herself. Jericho’s perfect lips made her want to kiss him more than she’d thought it possible to want to kiss anyone. She was never the sexual aggressor in a relationship, but she suddenly wanted to pin him to the floor and remove his clothing until nothing but skin was rubbing together in delicious friction. Whoa! Where had that come from? She wondered, trying to get herself under control. She was career military and damn proud of it; Leah was one tough lady who had always prided herself on her control and her commitment to the job. She tried to breathe and quell her raging lust, but the panting and gulping for air only made her think of how nice it would be to make Jericho pant with need for her. Even if she was plain, there were things she could do with her tongue that would make him scream hallelujah. She wondered how his sexy voice would sound calling her name, begging her to wring the pleasure out of him.  

Please take a look at cobblestonepress.com and this is where you can get a copy of Chemical Lust for yourself.  wildhorsepress.webs.com/ is the place to go for Hidden Magic.

As for my reading wish list let me tell you about some very talented and wonderful people.  Jessica Coulter Smith’s Ashton Grove Werewolves are awesome. My favorite piece of the Wild Horse Press eye candy has been J. L. Oiler’s Blood Dance.  I can’t wait to read book 2 in July.  Lila Munro (no relation lol) is so on my wish list in August.  Her book The Executive Officer’s Wife sounds hot-love the boys in uniform check her out! BethAnn Buehler’s Rebel Canyon series is also a must read. Both of these women write sexy and page turning books.  I love the power of their words and the passion of their stories.  I love T. L. Mitchell’s dark of the kNight series.  Her website is beautiful.  Alexia Duvall’s All Tied Up is a beautifully written piece of very sensual erotica.  Also, check out Bonnie Lea Elliot and Tamela Quijas these ladies have some fantastically brilliant works and websites! Olivia Starke has a great vampire series from Cobblestone Press.  I could go on all day, but just go to these publisher’s websites and you will be so glad you did!

Check out Keith Publications, they will officially be open in September but already titles are becoming available.  If you are a writer they would love to see your work.  I am very excited to be working with them.  They have contracted my Templar Vampire series.  If you like vampires and history please check this one out.  They will also have my novel Blood Kin, a story of vampire hunters finding love.

To celebrate the release of Hidden Magic, for sale from Wild Horse Press, I am having a contest. If you purchase a copy of Hidden Magic forward your email receipt to contest4ashlynn@gmail.com and you will be entered into a drawing for one of six gift envelopes. The winners will receive an email confirmation and then be announced on my blog (ashlynnmonroe.webs.com/) the evening of July 8, 2010. You will receive a fabulous nail kit, an autographed book mark (for all those old fashioned paperbacks!) and a personalized magnet. Don’t forget to include your mailing address on your email.  Feel free to tell me how you like the story. I would love to hear from you!Thanks so much for taking your time to get to know me and my work.  I will respond to any and all comments this evening.  Thank you Romance Junkies for letting people get to know me…I hope that you will check out my work and I look forward to reading your comments!

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    Molten Gabriel, oh yeah, definitely have to meet up with him!

  12. Guestauthor

    Thanks Pam S~ I so appreciate the support! Everyone has really warmed my heart! I hope you enjoy meeting my characters as much as I enjoyed making them. Thanks again Pam!

  13. Pam S

    Hi Ashlynn,

    Congrats on your releases! They both sound awesome and are my to get list for sure ;).

  14. Guestauthor

    Kathleen you are so sweet! I am so overwhelmed with the kind responses that I have received from everyone!

  15. Guestauthor

    Kareh~I am so glad that you have read my blog! This has been such a great experience for me. Thank you so much!

  16. Guestauthor

    Hi Maithe~Glad to find another “brain movie” watcher! I hope that if you read my work it will be a “brain Movie” that you will want to see more than once!

  17. Guestauthor

    Carol L. Thanks for reading my blog. I can’t wait for everyone to have the chance to read me books!! It’s like sending your children to school…You just want them to make friends!

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    Thanks Stacey!

  19. Kathleen

    Very nice to meet you Ashlyn…I wish you well with your books..

  20. Kareh H in NC

    Hi Ashlynn,

    It’s so nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading about you and your work. Thanks for sharing. I think blogs like RJ are a great way to meet new authors and new-to-me authors and their work.

  21. Maithe

    Hi Ashlynn. LOL! When I read, the story is processed in my brain as if I were watching a movie–I thought I was the only one. *L*

    And oh boy, I love UF! I am definitely checking out Hidden Magic! Best ob luck!

  22. Carol L.

    Hi Ashlynn,
    Nice to meet you here. Templar Vampires and Chemical Lust sound like awesome reads. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L.

  23. Stacey Smith

    I like to find new authors to me.your books sound good.great excerpts


  24. Guestauthor

    Thanks Lexee! If you read a copy I would love to hear your opinion on my website! As I am feeling out this wildly wonderful world of writing I am dying to know what works and what doesn’t. I just have to say I am so loving the way you spell your name!

  25. Guestauthor

    Thanks so much Kari!! Loved your website…Oooh, and congrats on the awards! That is so exciting! I will have to check out that award winning eye candy!

  26. Guestauthor

    Pam P.

    I am so glad to hear your excitement because they have me feeling the same way. I have had them in my head for the last few months and I am so glad to be getting them on paper! Michael’s story is the foundation of the why and the how. He was fun to write, but his brother is really making me smile! Gabriel suffered terribly as a man, and his existence as a vamp hasn’t been so great either. I am so glad that I am giving him a heroine with so much life! She is one of the favorites that I have written because she is just so darn honest with herself and the world. She is super sexy and frank. I am excited for Michael’s story to be out this fall but I am going to be working furiously on Gabriel because I really want his story to be available on the heels of his big brother’s. Michael’s story is passionate but Gabriel’s is molten! These books are writing themselves because the boys won’t even leave me alone when I’m asleep. I’ve been dreaming of them recently. (hope the hubby won’t get jealous when he reads this lol!) Thank goodness they are Hunkalicious!

    Hidden Magic is one of my favorites because I love fairies. These fairies are not the kind that you will expect and I think this story is one that will stick with you. I’m a book-a-holic and when I write a story that sticks with me it makes me smile. I hope this one will stick with you too. My Alexia is so spunky…She makes me want to take her out for a cocktail!

  27. Guestauthor


    It was my pleasure to mention you! Thank you for all your support in the months since the muses smiled on me. You wild…wild horse girls make my day and I don’t know what I would do without all of you! I am honored to be in your talented ranks.

  28. Lexee

    Book sounds fascinating for sure.

  29. Kari Thomas

    Absolutely LOVE the sound of Hidden Magic, Ashlynn!

    Wishing you GREAT Sales!

    hugs, Kari Thomas, http://www.authorkari.com

  30. Pam P

    Hi Ashlynn, templar vampires got my attention right away along with Valerie. I’m a big fan of mostly anything paranormal or fantasy, so Hidden Magic is sounding like a book for me. Meanwhile I’ll be watching for more on the templar series.

  31. Bonnie Lea Elliott

    Ashlynn is a wonderful author. She is also one of the sweetest people on the net. Thank you for the mention Ashlynn.
    Bonnie Lea Elliott (Author and Promoter of Books)

  32. Guestauthor

    https://www.keithpublications.com/ I almost forgot to give everyone the web address for Keith Publications. I am honored to be one of the first authors for them. I hope my work will do them proud!

    You can see my book covers on my website for Wild Horse Press and Cobblestone Press now but soon my website will show you Keith’s beautiful art.

  33. Guestauthor

    Lois M.

    I so appreciate your encouragement! I hope you like my website Lois! I work with technology but when it comes to using it…lol! I am proud of my site because I did it without having to call my nephew!

  34. Guestauthor

    Little Lamb Lost:

    Thank you so much!! **blush** I hope you will love it. My hero has a cruel streak in the beginning but after you read what he experienced you will understand his motivation. Alexia is fun and sassy. She discovers something very interesting about herself! This is a great length for reading on your phone or e-reader. You should definitely check out https://www.knightseriesonlinemagazine.com T. L. Mitchell has put together a great resource for new fresh literary voices. She is an inspired author too. T is the webmaster!

  35. Guestauthor

    Thanks Debby:
    I am so excited for the contest. It is another first for me. I am so looking forward to it too!! This whole year has been full of wonderfully exciting new experiences. I am meeting so many wonderful book lovers, editors, and authors!

    I have have a couple of fun urban fantasy pieces in conception now. Writing is like childbirth. Coming up with a great idea takes a moment of pleasure. Then you have months of development. After that you have to labor away at the editing (the worst part) and then you have this beautiful thing you want everyone to see! I am reminding myself of when my kids were born, I am showing everyone I meet my book covers. I’ve made my website the homepage on my phone so that I can say “look at this!”. I even showed the sweet woman who checked out my purchases at the grocery store today!

  36. Lois M.

    Congrats and lots of luck that you’re coming back here plenty of times as an author – and will go check out your site for more info soon! 🙂


  37. Little Lamb Lost

    I have really been enjoying urban fantasy reads and am always looking for new authors to try. Hidden Magic sounds like a darkly flavored, exciting read with plenty of conflict. Neat!

  38. Debby

    Sounds like a great read. Your contest sounds great as well.

  39. Guestauthor

    Anna Shah Hoque:

    Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog! I hope it has given you the chance to get to know me. I love writing and I am so excited to be able to share the characters that have been in my heart and imagination! It’s always scary to be “new” so your comment has made my day!

  40. Guestauthor

    Hi Valerie:
    I have to admit that I am in love with my sexy Templars! I am hoping to have at least 10 of these works. My 1st story, Michael’s story, is contracted and at with the editor at this time. I am working on his brother Gabriel’s story now. Each of these stories has a unique tone and pace set by the characters. I have been at their mercy. Michael’s salvation comes in the form of a sweet, studious Midwest girl. They are well matched with serious intensity.

    Gabriel’s broken heart is in the creative process of being mended by a stripper turned heiress. She is so down to Earth and has a great sense of humor. Their story is very hot-hot-hot! Her ability to see the man and not the monster leaves me in awe.

    I am simultaneously working on my 3rd Templar’s story. Gavin, the bad boy, needs a good woman to redeem him. I love history and so these stories combine Templar history and Templar legend with paranormal romance. The first story will hopefully be available fall/winter 2010. I hope that you will love them as much as I do. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my blog and getting to know me. I have so much in my imagination that I want to give to romance enthusiasts! If you read any of my coming work I hope that it will give you the same escape that writing it gives me. (There is just too much real in my reality…)

  41. Anna Shah Hoque

    This sounds like a fascinating read…will put on my TBB list.

  42. Valerie

    Templar Vampires….wow, sounds really interesting.

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