Impromptu contest with Author Tracy Anne Warren

For this contest we are giving away 2 copies of Tempted By His Kiss and 2 copies of Seduced By His Touch

 So we will be picking 4 winners total 😉


How do you enter to win? Go to Tracy’s webpage and come back here and comment about something of interest you found there.

I will be picking winners the middle of this coming week from the comments 😉



A Duke’s Duty, A Woman’s Desire, And The Triumph of

A Love Greater Than Both


Impromptu contest with Author Tracy Anne Warren


At The Duke’s



By New York Times bestselling author

Tracy Anne Warren


Text Box: “Delightfully witty and sexy…readers will be utterly entertained by her stylish prose and hallmark humor.”—Romantic Times

Enclosed is an advance copy of New York Times bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren’s At The Duke’s Pleasure (ISBN # 9780061673429, $7.99, On-Sale 01/12/10). This witty, sensual addition to The Byrons of Braebourne series will continue to captivate readers with delicious love scenes and plot twists galore!


[TAW1] Edward Byron, Duke of Clybourne, is one of the most powerful and handsome men in London society. The oldest of the Byron brothers, Edward’s sense of duty has always been a driving force in his life. From managing the estate, to his secret work for the government, to keeping his scandalous family in check—Edward is a man who does the right thing. And the lofty notion of “love” is not on his list of priorities.


Lady Claire Marden was destined to be a duchess since the day she was born. Claire and Edward first met years ago, when she was just days old and he was eleven and their fathers informed Edward that this screaming little baby was his bride-to-be. Now 21 years have past and Claire has grown in a beautiful, spirited young woman.

Edward knows it’s time to settle down; he figures it is best to honor his (now-deceased) father’s arrangement and decides to claim his bride. There is only one problem—Lady Claire does not wish to be claimed.


To compromise on the matter, Edward invites Claire into his home for The Season. He reasons that they can get to know each other over this period, and grow to enjoy each other’s companionship. What Edward doesn’t know is that Claire has loved him deeply since she was sixteen years old, and she’d rather be alone than be forced to endure a one-sided marriage.


Sparks begin to fly, but Lady Claire wants all or nothing—and she’s prepared to go to outrageous lengths to achieve her goal.


At The Duke’s Pleasure

Avon Books * ISBN 9780061673429 * On-Sale 1/12/2010* $7.99



Impromptu contest with Author Tracy Anne WarrenAbout the Author:

Tracy Anne Warren, a New York Times bestselling author, and recipient of the prestigious Rita Award, grew up in a small central Ohio town.  After spending years in the finance industry, she finally quit her day job to pursue her first love – writing romance novels. Warren lives in Maryland with a trio of exuberant, young Siamese cats, and windows full of gorgeous orchids and African violets. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and dreaming up the characters for her next book.

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  1. Mario Stampe

    This write-up makes me know that we all need to take much more proper care of yourself and every other.

  2. Mariska

    i wonder who the winners for this post ? I had checked the winner page but no announcement there (yet).


  3. Dina

    Hi, were the winners chosen and I missed them? thanks. 🙂

  4. Dina

    I enjoyed reading about how she didn’t let her dream go away and pushed forward until she got published. 🙂

  5. Pam Keener

    Tracy has a very interesting and colorful site that welcomes you and draws you in immediately. She has recipes on the site. She lives in Maryland with her 3 kitties.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

  6. catslady

    My favorite part was reading about your cats – Christofur (clever), Georgianna and Viloetta. And not to be forgotten – Mitten, Sally and Marshmallow. I never realized there were so many types of Siamese. I myself have 6 inside cats at the moment and care for ferals/strays outside.

  7. Lexee

    I love her cats.

  8. Lori Leger

    This is one of the most original websites I’ve ever seen! We have cats and music in common. (I have one male cat named ‘Matou’ which is french for male tom. I love listening to Debussy when I write. Seeing all of those reference books makes me glad I’ve no interest in writing historicals. That is WORK! Great site.

  9. Kammie

    I just love those kitty photos. How cute! I had a Siamese cat that passed away at the age of 22. She was a huge part of my life.

  10. Lindy

    What a gorgeous home page! I appreciate how the site makes it easy to see related books and reading order. That’s nice for people like me who feel compelled to read books in order whenever possible. Thanks for taking the guesswork out of it. 🙂

    Your Christofur does a lot of things our Cow does. (Kitty Cow, not bovine – lol – that would take some pretty big boxes) He’s always got to be in or on something. In fact I see a lot of shared characteristics of our cats and your past & current cats. Thanks for making me smile.


  11. Maureen

    She has some beautiful covers.

  12. Karen H in NC

    The the opening page with the trellis and flowers. Also loved all of her books that I’ve read so far. This new series sounds just as good if not better than her previous works!

  13. Pam S

    I have to say I really liked the artwork of the site itself. Here Tidbits page is awesome! The recipes sound good and I’ll have to try a couple.

  14. Crystal B.

    She worked as a financial management specialist for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. She has three spoiled Siamese rescue cats, Christofur, Violette and Georgianna.

  15. susan leech

    Love the photos. She lives in Maryland with Christofur; Violette and Georgianna who are spoiled (well loved) Simese Rescue cats. She grows orchids and African violets. She held several positions but to list one I am listing the financial management speciallist position for the US Dept. of Education in Washington , DC. susan L.

  16. Eva S

    Wonderful site! I loved the cat photos, I have two cats of my own and the Tidbits part was very interesting. I spent some time solving the puzzles.

  17. Little Lamb Lost

    She has three Siamese Rescue cats.

  18. anne

    The lovely photos and recipes are definitely special.

  19. Margo Novak

    I loved the foreign cover section – I think it is really interesting to see what the books look like for different corners of the world.

  20. Theresa N

    I loved see the pictures of her cats, they’re all such sweet babys.

  21. Valerie

    Ah, she writes Regencies which I enjoy very much. She has some really delicious covers that make me want to get those books!!!! I enjoyed looking at the recipes….looks like I need to start cooking again!

  22. RobynL

    she has yummy recipes and photos on her site; I enjoyed looking at them;


  23. Lisa G

    She is reading Oh My Gods by Tera Lynn Childs, Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (which she is rereading) and A Taste For Diversions: Sport in Georgian England by Dennis Brailsford. Her books are translated into French, Japenese and Polish (which is my family orgin.) She has a recipe for yummy sticky buns on her website. She loves cats, 3 of them, loves movies and music, has african violets and orchids in her window. Resides in Maryland.

  24. Caffey

    I love reading historicals and loved TEMPTED BY HIS KISS! I’d love to play for SEDUCED BY HIS TOUCH

    I loved just entering Tracy Warren’s site with all those spring flowers! Its beautiful! One thing I love about historical romances is that I get to learn things along the way that I think are fastinating in the Regency, Victorian, Medieval, etc time period. I saw that Tracy has a link under ‘tidbits’ to ‘reference’ and a list of sites and books with great info! I especially love seeing the clothing in those time periods!


  25. peg360

    I like the what am I reading page.That she is re-reading the HARRY POTTER books is cool.

  26. Mariska

    i noticed the recipe of Gateau : Violet, Duchess of Raeburn’s Gateau au Chocolat. I’m gonna try this, since i love chocolate and Baking 🙂

  27. Booklover1335

    I learned that the 4th book in the Byrons of Braebourne series is title Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed and is coming out Sept 2010. Woo hoo! Can’t wait!

  28. Linda

    Tracy Anne has 3 spoiled Siamese Rescue cats —- we have 4 spoiled kitties that are the bosses in our house.

  29. MJ

    There is a recipe for Blueberry Scones that I simply MUST try on her recipe page.

  30. Quilt Lady

    I found out she is re-reading the Harry Potter books. My son has all of them and he has tried to get me to read them for years. For some reason I just have never had the interest to read them. Tracy say they are awesome so maybe I should try them.

  31. Margay

    I love the trellis on the first page and how that theme of a garden carries through to subsequent pages – and how it loads up quickly despite the graphics. It is a very clean-looking site. The tidbits page is nice, too – I love her cats, which is something that always interests me, given that I have two myself and they are both black like one of hers, though not quite as fluffy!

  32. Ruth Chesick

    She has a window full of orchids and African Violets.

    I have several African Violets in my window — although not as many as I had when we lived in our house (24).

    Not enough window space in an apartment — also don’t have quite the right window – doesn’t face exactly the right direction.

  33. Becky Ward

    I love the design of her website and the graphics she uses on her home page. I also like how she calls it her cbyer-garden and reading about her found out she has full of gorgeous orchids and colorful African violets, which happens to be 2 of my favorite flowers too. I also thought that the Tidbits section was great and loved looking at the pictures of her cats.

  34. Linda Henderson

    I discovered she penned her first to remain unpublished book at 17.

  35. CC Rogers

    I love the artwork on the website! The Tidbits section is great – music, recipes, puzzles, wow! And the cats are, of course, adorable! I see that At the Duke’s Pleasure will be available as an e-book at B&N. I look forward to downloading a sample to read on my Nook!

  36. Debby

    I checked out her tidbits and could not resist checking out the foreign editions. Her books have bben translated into Polish, French, Norwegian, and Japanese.

  37. JOYE

    On the very first page I feel like she likes flowers and cats. Then on perusing her site, yep, she loves cats

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