Impromptu Giveaway -two hardcover copies of SEEING RED by Susan Crandall


Category: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Published by Grand Central Publishing, 2009

Pages: 420

About the book: In the sultry South Carolina night, thirteen-year-old Ellis Greene was the only witness to a vicious crime against her beloved cousin, a crime that eventually claimed her cousin’s life. Now fifteen years later, the man she helped convict is out on parole… and hell-bent on revenge.

A suspect in that attack, Nate Vance left Belle Island with only one person believing in his innocence, his childhood friend Ellis Greene. Now he returns to find that Ellis has grown into a strong, beautiful woman who needs his help. As this man whose adult life is shrouded in mystery and Ellis try to outwit a ruthless criminal, they become closer than they ever dared to hope. But shocking secrets are starting to emerge from the murky, blood-soaked past. What really happened that horrible night? Will the truth protect them? Or send them straight into the trap of a killer…


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Author Susan Crandall is giving away two hardcover copies of Seeing Red. If you enter and your name is picked and you are international winner we will give you a replacement prize – a free read from the RJ book Vault.Clear as mud?

Now how do you win?

Go to the Author’s Webpage

 and then come back here and tell us in the comments something of interest you found at her webpage.

Will be picking winners December 9st.

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31 Responses to Impromptu Giveaway -two hardcover copies of SEEING RED by Susan Crandall

  1. Cat Brown

    I used the online number generator to snag some numbers


    Kelly Ann T



    I need you to send your snail mail addy to chaoscat @ romance junkies .com

  2. RobynL

    Actually, I detest exercising. And truthfully what I do barely qualifies as exercise – it certainly doesn’t qualify as “working out. I feel the same way.


  3. Kelly Ann T.

    I learned that Susan learns something from every book she reads and that helps influence her books.

  4. Leslie D.

    I found it interesting that “Susan and her sister co-authored four novels, none of which were published.” I love to write, but don’t think I could do that with one of my sisters. Thanks so much for the giveaway:)

  5. Alicia

    I learned She is not a city person, so she likes to write what she knows, small towns and families.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^

  6. Maureen

    Her and her sister wrote some unpublished stories together.

  7. christy m

    she has a space where she recommends a book, currently the book is The Weight of Silence, by Heather Gudenkauf

  8. judyv

    She loves Christmas.

  9. Tracey D

    Susan’s son is a writer, too.

    Tracey D

  10. susan

    she dental hygienist…

  11. anne

    Susan was a dental hygenist and her sister is a writer.

  12. Beverly G

    I Learned she came from a family of reader sand her son hated school likeher da dbut loves to read she was a dental hygenist and her sisteris a writer too
    Susan ur work rocks!

  13. Deedles

    Her father and now her son, both hated school, but are somehow addicted to books. I can relate to that.

  14. Sharon A

    For much of her young life, even those exhausting years when her children were young and Susan worked in her previous profession (yes, the rumor is true, she was a dental hygienist) she was an avid reader.

  15. Lisa G

    She was a dental hygentist, who grew up in a small town in Indiana. She married a man fron the same town then moved to Chicago. Though her son hated school he became a writer like his mama. She is also and avid reader. She has two grown children. She and her sister co-wrote four novels.

  16. mindy

    that her previous professions was so far off from what she is currently doing, from teeth to books thanks

  17. Linda Henderson

    I learned she grew up in a small Indiana town and that her son is also a writer.

    ernicole2001 at yahoo dot com

  18. Ashley A

    She worked as a dental hygenist before becoming a writer.

    Ashley A

  19. Little Lamb Lost

    Susan’s previous profession was as a dental hygienist.

  20. Kathleen O

    She was a dental hygenist and married a boy from the same small town in Indiana where she was born. They eventualy moved to Chicago.

  21. Mariska

    Her book, Pitch Black has won 3 AWARDS ! wow, it’s awesome.

  22. susan leech

    Susan will be at Dallas Book Diva Internet Radio Show on Dec. 12,2009 and she used to be a dental hygienist. Her books looks sooo good and love those covers. susan L.

  23. Carol M

    Her son is also a writer.

  24. Sherry Haut

    She was a dental hygienist.

  25. Quilt Lady

    I love Susan’s books. Everyone I have read of hers has been an awesome read and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I found it very interesting that Susan worked as a dental hygienist in her previous profession and then became a writer. I would love to read the books her and her sister wrote together.

    ghurt110 AT bellsouth DOT net

  26. Debby

    I found a newsletter and the word mesopelagic. neat word. She loves words.

  27. Cathy M

    Susan is a guest today, DECEMBER 2, 2009,, for a
    Discussion of the craft of creating memorable characters


  28. catslady

    She was a dental hygienist but always an avid reader.

  29. Cherie J

    I learned that Back Roads was Susan Crandall’s first solo work, her first published work, and her first award winning novel, winning a RITA for Best First Book and two National Reader’s Choice Awards.

  30. Pam Keener

    Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She loves where she lives because of the four seasons which can come all in one week.

  31. tina

    This must be genetic, because her father and now her son, both hated school, but are somehow addicted to books.

    I think that is funny found that on the bio page, also loved the covers!! of the books!!!

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