By:  Angelica Hart and Zi

Excerpt from a manuscript being finalized

May 12

A misty mid-morning was gently touched by rain.  The lick of the sun wanted to push the clouds apart, to spread them wide.  A patter of drops could be heard splashing on the new green foliage of the maple trees. 

Our Forever Rest cemetery was expecting a new guest.  Herb Watkins.  A good man.  A father.  A widower.  A friend.

Eight cars were parked facing the same direction in a row on the narrow path.  A small group of mourners were huddled beneath umbrellas flanking a coffin on one side.  A minister stood facing them balancing his umbrella, reading from his vade mecum.  It leather bound, worn by time was protected as if a sugar treasure from the rain.

The loved ones were silent.  One female, his only daughter, was tearing.  Frequently, wiping them from her face with a wad of tissue she had balled in her hand though not making a sound.  She stood somewhat separate from the group.  Wearing a dark blue pants suit and holding a blue umbrella. She was the only family he had and he hers.


            The service for Herb Watkins was attended by a larger number of people then did Mr. Matters anticipate.  He realized that in his private way Watkins had affected others.  This was a refreshing act of support to his premise that Herb was a special man.

By many standards this would be considered a small gathering.  But considering he had one living family member and by most standards he was a graybeard with few friends.  An old-timer who stayed to himself.  Old-fashioned.  Set in is ways.  A loner.  Yet, he touched others in a human way.

Just prior to Mr. Matter’s eulogy he turned to his son and handed him the paper with a poem his son had written and asked, “Could you read this today for Mr. Watkins?  I have realized that in some small way that you became the proxy grandson he had hoped to have.  I know this is asking a lot of you but I know Herb would appreciate it.  I believe that.”

Ronny took the paper, hesitated then responded, “I’ll do it.”

Ronny unfolded the paper his father had handed him, and looked at for a long twenty seconds.  Raised his now reddening eyes to peer at the mourners and began, “I have titled this PROXY GRANDFATHERS IN PERPETUITY

He read:

The nevers are far too many

Sad that is

Their scars time-lines of a hard life

Each worn with honor and respect

Time etched masterpieces

Speaking of wisdom



Each man’s skin was aged by time



And worry

I stand before men of advance age

Humble and proud

I, a young manRaw with possibilities

Humbled by all of their successes

And proud that they are my

Proxy grandfathers in perpetuity.”

He folded the paper, raised his eyes again and put the work into his coat pocket.

Ronny spoke, “Mr. Watkins was my friend.  And I am lucky for that. Thank you all for letting me share my words.”  Then he sat.

His father approached the podium and said with a quiver in his voice, “I have never been more proud as a father then I am today…”

The manuscript, IT MAY BE LOVE, is a romance of a young woman, Mr. Watkins’ daughter, who was looking for online love, and found mystery and danger.

We share this specific piece because it highlights our ample respect for the elderly and in light of our most finished manuscript, LOVE LETTERS, a romantic thriller which has a backdrop of folks at an Assisted Living Facilities being in great peril… we felt it apt.  Our minds were with those of advanced years.  We adore the oldies.  

Be sure to watch for our upcoming September 2009 release, KILLER DOLLS, a precursor to LOVE LETTERS and SNAKE DANCE, a romantic sci-fi fantasy, due out February 2010.  For excerpt go to 

Angelica Hart and Zi

Killer Dolls  ~  September 2009

Snake Dance  ~  February 2010

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12 Responses to IT MAY BE LOVE

  1. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Nan, It is great seeing you here. We’re so glad we have given you the sense of being right at the gravesite. It is our ambition to bring readers right into our stories, and your comment has complimented us greatly. BTW, we’ve heard you have an upcoming release, a romantic comedy HITTING THE HIGH NOTES. We’ll have to check out Champagne Books to find out just when.

  2. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Big Mike, To quote Celia Thaxter, “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” Having a compliment from Champagne’s Author of the Year, has warmed our hearts like the eternal summer sun. Yes, we believe love doesn’t have a limit, for the heart truly never ages. Speaking of love, we just noticed your new romantic suspense BLIND CONSENT is on sale at Champagne Book. How awesome is that!

  3. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Nicole, If our words touched you, than it speaks of the warmth of your heart. We are so happy that you enjoyed it, and hope we can bring that sentiment into more readers lives. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our words.

  4. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Kimber, Mae West said, “You’re never too old to become younger.” Being in the unique circumstance of being able to socialize with those of a more mature vintage, we really see them as treasures that aren’t old at old, just reaching a different level of youth. How astute of you to notice that specialness about them. In the vein of the opposite of old, I believe you have a new release out called INVISIBLE. The premise is especially interesting.

  5. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Oh, Tami, that is such a gracious and wonderful compliment. Knowing our words had touched warm memories within you, has given our humble words merit. It is why we write, to stir emotion, and offer the reader something beyond a mere stringing together of words. Thank you so much for letting us know we had evoked a sentiment.

  6. Angelica Hart and Zi

    Ciara, How absolutely wonderful that you had your grandmother with you for so long. Hearing those rich stories is like stepping through a time portal, seeing the past through their eyes is one of those richest gifts that could be shared. We appreciate your insight into what we written, and especially your sharing that glimpse of something so special about your world. Speaking of special, we just came across your book KAITLIN’S SILVER LINING. It has us hooked.

  7. Nan Arnold

    Moving and intriguing. Real sense of being there at the gravesite.

  8. Big Mike

    Very well done, A&Z. Amazing quality among the authors. Funny how some of us see eternal love illustrated by couples in their senior years. In a novel I just finished (but haven’t submitted) I also used an elderly couple as a bench mark of what the hero is searching for in a mate.

    Big Mike
    Author of the year, 2008

  9. Nicole

    Very touching! I loved this excerpt.

  10. Kimber Chin

    Very touching! Yep, every generation adds great value and is to be appreciated!

  11. Tami

    Wow Angelica and Zi – That was both touching and heart wrenching! It made me think about my grandparents. I have none left and I wish every day that I could tell them how much I love them. Thank you for bringing that love again to my heart so they will be able to feel it from above.


  12. ciara gold

    Oh, that was very touching. Yes, the older I get the more appreciation I feel for those who have lived long and rich lives. My grandmother lived to be 101 and oh man, the stories she could tell. This looks like a very intriguing story. Thanks for sharing.

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