It's Raining Cats and Dogs by Michele Hauf

Sorta, kinda, literally in my latest release, RACING THE MOON, which debuts the new Nocturne Bites eBook short story line on May 1st.  There is much rain in the story.  And there is a cat.  And well, not a dog, but a wolf. 

      A werewolf, to be exact.  This quick read (about an hour to read the whole thing) is my first foray into the wild and alpha world of werewolves.  I have to admit, I’ve not been keen on werewolves until recently.  I think it has to do with my very real fear of dogs.  I was bitten as a child, and chased a couple times as an adult.  So while I don’t hate them, I am just very unsure around dogs (of all sizes) and try my best to walk a wide circle around them.

      Until now, I’ve written about vampires and witches in my Bewitch the Dark series.  But the BTD world is populated with all sorts, including werewolves, faeries, familiars, demons and others.  So when my editor asked me to write a story for this new line, I figured it great opportunity to explore a paranormal creature I had always wondered about.  And what better match for a werewolf than a shapeshifting cat familiar? 

      My own cats (Sebastian and Toast) are not afraid of dogs at all, and Sebastian has been known to smack a dog three times his size on the nose if it gets out of line.  So I had some great examples to model my heroine after.  She is a feline who can stand up to anything the big bad werewolf had to offer.  Did I gain a new respect for canines after writing RACING THE MOON?  I’m still not sure about dogs, but wolves are gorgeous creatures that I’ve developed a newfound love for.

      So what about you?  Are you a cat or dog person?  Can you be both?  If you’re a dog lover, does that automatically equate to being a wolf lover as well?  What is it about werewolves that make them so sexy?  And if the gauntlet were thrown down between a werewolf and vampire, who do you think would be the last one standing?

For more info about RACING THE MOON, and to read the first chapter, stop by my website at:

I don’t have copies of the short story available yet, but I’ve love to give away a signed copy of my latest vampire release, KISS ME DEADLY to one lucky commentor!


15 Responses to It's Raining Cats and Dogs by Michele Hauf

  1. Ewings

    great post, thanks for providing so much. Keep up the good posts.!

  2. Ann M.

    I’m more of a dog person than cat although I’ve had both. Hmm.. never thought about being a dog person made me like wolves… although I did have a Siberian husky growing up which can be very wolf like. 🙂

    Okay between a vampire and werewolf.. I’d have to give the edge to the wolf for great power.

    Don’t make me decide between vamps or werewolves. 🙂

  3. Pamk

    your vamps books sounds good. Need to get a copy of them.

  4. Anne M.

    My husband is a cat lover, I think, because cats play hard to get. He likes to outsmart them. Northern Minnesota has lots of wild animals. One time our more favorite cat was pinned down by a female fox hunting for her kits. Quite a scene. Best of luck on this new line. I’m anxious to check it out!
    (fellow mfw member)

  5. Brenda W.

    I never thought about them having special powers at all. But perhaps if they did, it would be the ability to hypnotize with those wolf eyes. Locking in their prey. And what woman can resist a wolf?

  6. Michele

    Oh, powers. You know, what sort of powers do you all expect a werewolf to have? And a vampire? I mean, I would expect a vampire can perhaps control you with his mind. Convince you that a bite might be nice. 🙂 He might be able to shapeshift and fly. He may not be able to see his reflection, and garlic and crosses might send him fleeing.

    But what about werewolves? Silver kills them dead. The full moon does strange things to them. Anything else?

  7. Little Lamb Lost

    I am a cat person, though I really enjoy dogs as well. Hmmm…winner between a Vampire and a Werewolf? Couldn’t honestly say, it would depend on what powers each have. 🙂

  8. Brenda W.

    Looks like I am way late to join in on this but just in case…
    Not sure the cuddle factor plays into Michele’s story – not in the traditional sense! But if you want a fun sexy, read do check out her story. I was lucky and got to review it.

  9. Jennifer K.

    I’m a dog person. Our family has always had dogs. Never cats as my mother is allergic (and one sister tried cats after she got her own place only to discover she’s allergic too).

  10. anne

    I adore dogs. They are precious, sweet and loyal. They give me loyalty, love and are always by my side. They make my days brighter and I cherish them both. I have an adorable Maltese, and a cute, little mix. Best of success with your wonderful and unique novels.

  11. Michele

    Betina, I hear you on the cat hair. I’ve been known to say ‘If you don’t find a cat hair in your supper, then you won the prize.’ Sounds awful, but you know, there’s not much you can do. I think there is actually a breed of cats that don’t shed. I would be very interested in those next time I’m looking for a new pet.

    Alexis, yes the cuddle aspect cats bring is worth a few (or thousand) cat hairs. They are also very important to my writing. I take regular ‘cat naps’ which involves a cat or two and daydreaming about story ideas.

  12. Alexis Morgan

    I’ve had both cats and dogs and have great fondness for both. My cats were cuddlers and so was my dog, so whenever I sat down, I had one of the furry people curled up in my lap.

    Michelle–your story sounds wonderful and intense! Congratulations on coming up with such a fun concept—


  13. Betina

    Dog person, totally. But since both my kids now have cats (two each) I’ve come to see the advantage and the attraction in critters of the feline persuasion. The one think I HATE is cat hair. . . all over everything, including me.

    I’m told that one of my grandcats is a “dirty cat”. . . meaning she hates to groom herself. She sheds all over me. . . and for some reason LOVES me. She’s always trying to climb into my lap and I don’t have the heart to say no. So when I’m “up north” I walk around like a dust bunny full of hair.

    See when I got my dogs, I chose ones that don’t SHED! Schnauzers. Yeah, they have to be groomed, but they’re tidy otherwise. No stray hair.

    Hey, are their any breeds of cats that don’t shed? Okay, besides those weird hairless ones. I don’t think I could bring myself to love a hairless cat.

    Michele, I can’t wait to read your were-guy!

  14. Michele

    Kimber, so that’s why I love cats so much. They just aren’t needy. I love that about them.

    And yep, NOCTURNE BITES is a new line from eHarlequin. It’ll only be in downloadable eBook form, which is very cool. For more info, and to see the cover for June’s Nocturne Bites from Lisa Renee Jones, check the Nocturne Authors sight here:

  15. Kimber Chin

    I’m a cat person. Dogs are so needy (don’t like needy people either). I love how aloof cats are, like they’re giving you a gift by spending time with you.

    This is the first I’ve heard of this short story line. I LOVE it! Some more lunch time reading.

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