By Lisa M. Campbell 

Legend has it, in ancient times, the druids created a magical substance, which they presented to a clan of mischievous faeries, with one condition; they could only spread it upon the land of the Scots. Not long after the Great Sprinkling, the faeries realized the lust-dust rendered the Scot’s distinctive brogue irresistible to women of all ages, and cultures.

Sound far-fetched? Yeah, it does. Though, no more far-fetched than a woman in her forties drooling to the point of dehydration over some guy in a kilt!

Let’s face it. In this country, pleats and plaids have always been relegated to our grandmother’s Christmas attire, and correct me if I’m wrong, but no one’s having hot flashes over that image, are they? So what is it about a man, and not just any man, but a Scotsman, wearing a kilt? Could it be the various colors of the individual plaids complimenting their manly stubble? Or is it the well-muscled calves and thighs, peeking out below the hem line which seems so provocative? Perhaps it’s the “dangly bits” underneath the kilt, that knocks us into a faint?

Recently, my husband Kevin, and I, attended three Campbell weddings within months of one another. Every single time my six foot, three inch honey put on his formal regalia, it was all I could do to keep from ripping my clothes off, and launching myself at him. It hardly mattered we had been engaged in heated debates over which route to take to the reception(s). Once his kilt went on, all rational thought screeched to a halt! 

Now, I would like to think all men are kilt-worthy, but the truth, as I see it, is this; kilt wearing is programmed into a Scotsman’s DNA. When a Scot throws on a kilt, no more thought goes into it than if he were slapping on a ball cap. And maybe this is where the “turn-on” factor comes into play. The Scotsman seems completely secure in his manhood, and in the role the kilt plays in his traditions, and heritage. What red-blooded female among us is able to resist such a confident, manly display?

A few of you are shaking your heads; still unconvinced? You truly believe all men are kilt-worthy? Fine, I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve forced my hand. Now, close your eyes and picture Gerard Butler, Mr. Phantom of the Opera, in a kilt. Ooh baby…better break out the drool-bib. Keeping your eyes shut, dredge up a picture of Billy-Bob Thornton, Mr. Sling-blade, in a kilt. Eww…fetch me a bucket.  Gotcha!

Case closed. 


50 Responses to Kilt-Worthy?

  1. Kent Cecchinato

    I totally love the use of this large room, with the ladder lights and yes the melting disco ball, very cool. Thanks x

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  3. Sheet Metal Brake

    european vacations are very exciting sepcially if you got to visit many places at once :~:

  4. Nancy

    You are right, Gerard Butler yummmmmm
    Billy Bob, yewwwww, No thanks

  5. Lisa M. Campbell

    I lifted this from his website. “Born in Glasgow, Scotland to Margaret and Edward Butler, Gerard was raised (along with his older brother and sister) in his mother’s hometown of Paisley, Scotland. He also spent some of his early youth in Canada. His parents divorced when he was a small child and he and his siblings were raised primarily by their mother who later remarried. He had no contact with his father Edward until years later when he was sixteen years old, after which time they became close. His father passed away when Gerard was in his early twenties…”

  6. Kathleen O'Donnell

    I liked that part of the book too.. Leave it to a woman to think of these things.
    Thank you for the compliment and I did know he was Irish. Especially after I seen him in PS I Love You…

  7. Diva Donna

    What a nice Irish name.
    Do you know Gerry Butler is really Irish.
    “Devil of the Highlands” was a great Story. I love the Heroine riding her horse around and around in her undergarments, with her skirt in the air trying to dry her wet clothes, after falling in the pond. and they thought she was daft.

  8. Lisa M. Campbell

    I loved that book–Lynsay Sands sure knows how to set a mood…

  9. Kathleen O'Donnell

    WOW I cannot believe you how lucky you were Donna, a kiss from Gerard. I would have never washed my lips again..

    I just finished a hot spicy novel about rugged hunk in kilts… called “The Devil of the Highlands… and this post reminds me why I love these books.

  10. Lisa M. Campbell

    Hot men in kilts, and then those same hot men out of kilts! lol Thanks Nicole!

  11. Nicole North

    Yum!!!!!! I love me some hot men in kilts! Especially Gerry!! Awesome post, Lisa!!

  12. Lisa M. Campbell

    Pea-green with envy, that’s moi…I’ll be stopping by Cheryl’s blog. It’s always a pleasure chatting with another Butler fan!

  13. Diva Donna

    I was on my European vacation visting my daughter in Netherlands. I was just going here and there. And Nork told us to come to the movie set that day.
    I didn’t know who the actor was at the time. But he sure was cute. So I stood near the spot the other Tarts were talking to him. He stopped and talked, signed things. I had him sign my visor hat. then I asked him the question about kissing. Do want a proper snog. i thought he was joking. Oh Yes!!! He laid the juiciest kiss on me. I was so stunned. Then he laughed. “I hope your big strappen man will not be comin after me.” I couldn’t talk. I just shook my head No!! The biggest surprise ever was when I seen POTO and he was in it. I also fainted. I kissed the Phantom. So Oh yes. I’m a big Gerry Fan.
    I hope you have seen all those Jay Leno video’s on Utube with Gerry talking about his Kilts and stuff. P.S. I hang out at Cheryl Brooks blog. i’m glad I stopped by.

  14. Lisa M. Campbell

    Okay, I fainted there–think I was out for at least 5 minutes—I hope you took advantage of the situation and sucked the tonsils from his throat! Dear Frankie was the first time I had ever heard of Gerard Butler. I LOVED him in that movie. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to throw some ice cubes down my pants.

  15. Diva Don

    I stumbled into this discussion. And oh I have to say. Gerry Butler is the most lickable adorable Scotsman I’ve ever met.
    That’s right. I’ve met him. My ex-Son in law was on the Camera for Dear Frankie in Scotland. I met him. He gave me a Kiss. A proper Snog. As he put it. The fans were asking him questions. I got real brave. But being around Gerry does that to you. I asked him if it’s true that Scots men our the best kissers. He showed me. I have to say it’s true.!!!!
    Oh he looks great in his kilt too.

  16. Lisa M. Campbell

    And there ya go, Pat–you just put the exclamation point on this discussion. 😉

  17. Pat

    Well said. I love it when my sweetheart goes “highlander” on me. Once when he wore his kilt, we stopped at a diner. We’re sitting in a booth, minding our business, when some scruffy dude walks up and smirks, “Nice, kilt, dude.” My sweetie just stood up, looked down at the guy (who was now the same grey as the diner floor) and said, “And it’s comfortable too. Thanks.”

    Yep, gotta love ’em.

  18. Lisa M. Campbell

    Seconds, thirds, fourths—lick’em to the skin falls off!

  19. Pam P

    Can I have second licks? LOL

  20. Lisa M. Campbell

    This is true Phyllis; and I’ll be the first to admit it’s certainly a struggle to wrap your eyes around the unfortunate looking ones! lol

  21. PhyllisC

    I loved your post. It was right-on all the way around. I think one thing that helps with the draw of a man in a kilt is that we always picture them as the good-looking muscular ones, not the ones that aren’t. 😀

  22. Lisa M. Campbell This blogger is a kilt-wearer and after reading my article weighed in with the opinion we’re being short-sighted as far as nationality and kilt-wearing goes. Now, I’d be willing to make a slight amends to my opinion, but I’d have to see a picture first–unfortunately I’m not easily convinced.

  23. Valerie

    Oh yeah, the Moonlight dude would look awesome!!!


  24. Lisa M. Campbell

    Okay, he’s not a Scot, but there are a few Irishman out there who make the grade!

  25. Lisa M. Campbell

    I’d like to see the actor from the defunct series ‘Moonlight’ in a kilt! What’s his name? Alex O’Laughlin? I need some new pics for the ‘Hottie-Scottie’ gallery on my website!!

  26. Kelley Heckart

    My favorite kilt moment was in the movie Made of Honor. The jealous bridesmaid purposely has Patrick Dempsey’s kilt made too short and he still looked hot with those legs of his. And I am not even a fan of his. Might have to re-think that.

  27. Valerie



  28. Lisa M. Campbell

    For this expedition we’ll need moisturizer, gator-ade and a miner’s helmet. Short straw goes first…

  29. mammakim

    Great Post Lisa 🙂 Oh the visuals

  30. Valerie

    LOL, how many licks to get to the center of Gerry? Oh my, does that give me some great visuals….the center of what??? LOL!!!!

    Well, I would say it would take as many as it needs…hehe!!!!

    who was sleeping through all your lickin’

  31. Carol L.

    Loved this post. Well I actually love a Scot in a kilt. God , half the books I buy have beautiful Highlanders in their kilts on the cover. . I think it’s the fact that they are so secure in their manhood it matters not what they wear because they pull it off so verrry well. 🙂 As for licking Gerard Butler, I think it may depend on if they’re little kitteny licks or the big slow slurping licks. Lol
    Great post. Loved it.
    Carol L.

  32. MarthaE

    Cute post! Yes… certain men would do better in kilts than others! Actually my DH has some lederhosen and he looks pretty cute in those. *G* Not sure I could picture “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) in a kilt… although he did well with gladiator outfit! But yes to Liam Neeson in a kilt?

  33. Pam S

    Lol Lisa,

    I’ll take either side! The number of licks depends on how long you want to draw out the activity :)?

  34. Lisa

    Men in Kilt are yummy! But really like the brouth of there voice more then a kilt. (G)

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  36. Lisa M. Campbell

    We’re going to send Valerie on special assignment…

  37. Pam P

    Oh yeah, it’s calves and thighs and hoping to see dangly parts, lol.

    Where’s Valerie, I know she’s had to have been licking Gerry in her dreams!

  38. Lisa M. Campbell

    Thanks Chris! Now all we need is a plan to shanghai Gerry!

  39. Chris Mead

    Oh my gosh I loved this post! Yes, I love me a Scot in a kilt! I would have to say front for licks!

  40. Lisa Campbell

    Front or back?

  41. Kathleen O'Donnell

    I’m in, I’m in….. I would say about 10 long licks maybe!!!

  42. Lisa M. Campbell

    Hey Pam, Glad you enjoyed it! Maybe we should form a club, but we’d have to pose a question if someone else wanted to join. And I have just the one: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of Gerard Butler?” Any takers?

  43. Lisa M. Campbell

    Thanks Holly! And you are sooooo right, Billy Bob is definately NOT a Scotsman. 😉

  44. Holly G

    Great post! It was a lot of fun. I agree there is something about a SCOTSMAN in a kilt. And Billy Bob is not a Scotsman. :0) LOL!

  45. Pam S

    LOL Lisa I absolutely loved your post!

    I loved your responses to Kathleen and Valerie :).

    You three, my thoughts exactly!

  46. Lisa M. Campbell

    LOL! We’re kindred spirits for sure, Valerie!

  47. Valerie

    Yeah…yum yum!!


  48. Lisa M. Campbell

    Gerard gets 5 licks to the back of the neck! That’s the highest level in my own personal rating system…

  49. Valerie

    Oh yeah, that hit the nail on the head.

    Gerard Butler in a kilt is absolutely delickable!!!

    Mr. Sean Connery too!! Delicious!!!

    I love me Scots lad in a kilt!!!


  50. Lisa Campbell

    I think you nailed it—literally and figuratively! lol

  51. Kathleen O'Donnell

    I think it has somthing to so with the swish of there hips as they walk in their kilts and there hunky bodies and the lure of “what does a scot’s man really wear under his kilt”, that does it. I freely admit that I have a thing for men in kilts…. and can relate to that wanting to tear off his cloths and have a go at him…..oops, I think I have opportunity to do that a time or two…

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