LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels


A few months ago, his sister had gotten out of jail and gone to work for Bo. He’d been surprised she’d given Emily a chance. He’d had to readjust his opinion of Bo—but only a little. Now this.

“There has to be an explanation,” he said, even though he knew firsthand that Bo often acted impulsively. She did whatever she wanted, damn the world. But now his little sister was part of that world. How could she leave Emily and the rest of the staff at the foundation to face this alone?

“I sure hope everything is all right,” his sister said. “Bo is so sweet.”

Sweet wasn’t a word he would have used to describe her. Sexy in a cowgirl way, yes, since most of the time she dressed in jeans, boots and a Western shirt—all of which accented her very nice curves. Her long, sandy-blond hair was often pulled up in a ponytail or wrestled into a braid that hung over one shoulder. Since her wide green eyes didn’t need makeup to give her that girl-next-door look, she seldom wore it.

“I can’t believe she wouldn’t show up. Something must have happened,” Emily said loyally.

He couldn’t help being skeptical based on Bo’s history. But given Em’s concern, he didn’t want to add his own kindling to the fire.

“Jace, I just have this bad feeling. You’re the best tracker in these parts. I know it’s a lot to ask, but would you go find her?”

He almost laughed. Given the bad blood between him and Bo? “I’m the last person—”

“I’m really worried about her. I know she wouldn’t run off.”

Jace wished he knew that. “Look, if you’re really that concerned, maybe you should call the sheriff. He can get search and rescue—”

“No,” Emily cried. “No one knows what’s going on over at the foundation. We have to keep this quiet. That’s why you have to go.”

He’d never been able to deny his little sister anything, but this was asking too much.

“Please, Jace.”

He swore silently. Maybe he’d get lucky and Bo would return before he even got saddled up. “If you’re that worried…” He got to his feet and reached for his hat, telling himself it shouldn’t take him long to find Bo if she’d gone up into the Crazies, as the Crazy Mountains were known locally. He’d grown up in those mountains. His father had been an avid hunter who’d taught him everything about mountain survival.

If Bo had gone rogue with the foundation’s funds… He hated to think what that would do not only to Emily’s job but also to her recovery. She idolized her boss. So did Josie, who was allowed the run of the foundation office.

But finding Bo was one thing. Bringing her back to face the music might be another. He started to say as much to Emily, but she cut him off.

“Oh, Jace, thank you so much. If anyone can find her, it’s you.”

He smiled at his sister as he set his Stetson firmly on his head and made her a promise. “I’ll find Bo Hamilton and bring her back.” One way or the other.


When danger claims her, rescue comes from the one man she least expects

A cowgirl at heart, Bo Hamilton does her best thinking in wide-open spaces. So when money goes missing from the family foundation she runs—meaning one of her trusted ragtag employees is a thief—Bo rides into the Crazy Mountains to figure things out. But a killer hiding among the sawtooth ridges takes her captive…and isn’t planning on ever letting her go.

Bo’s disappearance gets folks thinking she’s the guilty one who’s run off with the money, but Jace Calder would bet his ranch that she’s innocent. Not that he has any reason to trust the beautiful, spoiled senator’s daughter. But she also gave his troubled sister a job when no one else would. For his sibling’s sake, Jace is going after Bo and bringing her home to face the truth. But up in the mountains, he finds Bo at the mercy of a suspected murderer. As her only hope, Jace is about to find out what they’re both made of.

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