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And I’m back!  Just that fast….

My first book is Love of My Heart, and as a first book, it holds a special place in my heart.  The cover by Tamra Westberry is exquisite…as are all her covers…  Love of My Heart was contracted in April 2007 and published in e-book form in June with print following in February 2008.  Fast, huh???  I think the publishing company was a big smaller then and could process the books quicker, but what a ride.

The idea for Love of My Heart came from a little Victorian house Christmas tree ornament I had (I love those things).  When I lived in Western Washington and worked on the hilltop of Tacoma, I loved the beautifully restored Victorian homes in the area, and I wanted to set a book in one.  Combined that with my work as a mental health therapist, and Love of My Heart was born…

If I may, I’d like to post the cover, link to the book trailer, blurb and excerpt for you!

Blurb:  Aggie has done what no mental health therapist should do. She’s fallen in love with her mysterious client, Bill.

Aggie has recently purchased an old Victorian house on a hillside overlooking Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Washington; where she finds an old photograph of a Victorian era couple and a love letter written in 1885. The letter speaks of another love that can never be—that of Louise, the daughter of a wealthy English family, and her Irish lover, William.  Heartbroken, Aggie soon begins to dream of the forbidden love between Louise and William, but in her dreams, William’s face mirrors that of her beloved, Bill.

Bill is in love with Aggie, and he can’t figure out how to get close to her.  If only he hadn’t entered her professional doors as a client.  How is he going to fix this?

Cathy leaned forward conspiratorially. “Okay, so

what’s this mysterious thing you wanted to discuss? I’m

all ears.”

Aggie grinned at her longtime friend. It was always

good to spend time with her. She had such an effervescent

personality. Aggie wasn’t really looking forward to

discussing Bill with her though. How to broach such an

awkward subject?

“This is tough,” Aggie began hesitantly. “I-I’ve done

the one thing we therapists aren’t supposed to do.” She


“What’s that? Overcharge? Call in sick? Reschedule

an appointment?” Cathy grinned.

Aggie chuckled. Cathy wasn’t making this easy.

“No, silly. You know…” She hesitated again, hoping

Cathy would come to the rescue.

“You know you’re going to have say it, Aggie, not me.

You do the talking. You’re worse than one of my clients.”

She sighed in mock exasperation.

“I know, I know,” Aggie sighed. “Okay, here goes. I

swear though…if you even look at me funny, I’m going to


Cathy grinned, but she raised her eyebrows


“I’ve fallen for a client,” Aggie announced as if she

were dropping a bomb. She waited for the fallout.

“But that’s not the only thing.” Aggie rushed on. “The

house. You know, the Victorian I just bought?”

Cathy nodded.

“Well, something really odd happened. I found an old

cigar box in a small cupboard in my bedroom. There was a

love letter of some sort inside and a photograph. The

letter was from a man named William. How’s that for

coincidence? It was addressed to a woman named Louise,

and he was begging her to come back to him. Not that she

left him or anything.” She knew she was babbling. “It

seems her parents were against their relationship. I don’t

know why, but he asks her to put a candle in her window

for three nights, and he will come to her on the third

night.” Aggie’s voice cracked, and she paused and fanned

her face in a comical gesture to break her rising tension.

“My word…so romantic,” she managed to continue lightly

as she tried to grin at Cathy who was now leaning

forward in her chair.

“No kidding. Did you bring the letter? I’d love to see


“No, it’s so old and fragile. I really didn’t want to take

it out of the house. I wish I had though.” Aggie took a

breath. “Anyway, there’s more.” She was beginning to

enjoy her audience’s rapt attention. “The photograph was

probably taken in 1885 here in Tacoma. It’s of a man and

a woman standing on a curb in front of a building called

the Tacoma News. She’s wearing a long skirt and a dark

bonnet, very turn of the century type of clothing.

Unfortunately, the hat is obscuring her face. But the

man…” she paused for effect, “the man looks exactly like

my client, Bill, except he has one of those old-fashioned

thick mustaches.”

Aggie sat back in her chair triumphantly, awaiting

Cathy’s reaction, which was quick in coming.

“Really?” she breathed. “You don’t just have Bill on

the brain and see him in every face, do you?”

Aggie shook her head, a small smile playing on her


“I don’t think so. I thought of that myself. It really

looks a like him. And one more thing…” She told Cathy

about her dream of Louise.

“So you see why I needed some rational thought here.

I don’t know what to think. Was it a dream? It seemed so

real. I’m confused, counselor. What’s going on?” Aggie

raised her hands in supplication as she tried to read the

varying expressions on Cathy’s face.

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