Money, Honey Winners!

Thanks so much for coming out to play the other day, ladies!  All your comments were so good I formally abdicated responsibility for choosing one.  Thanks to, the five proud new owners of their very own copy of Money, Honey are:

Comment #3, Lindy

Comment #2, Scorpio M

Comment #17, Barbara Elness

Comment #28, Valerie

Comment #39, Pauline Baird Jones

Please send your real name (rather than your screen name), and your snail mail address to me at and the book fairy will wing you a copy of Money, Honey ASAP!

Thanks again, ladies!


5 Responses to Money, Honey Winners!

  1. Lindy

    Thank you so much! :>]

  2. Barbara Elness

    Thanks! Looking forward to reading Money, Honey.

  3. Scorpio M.

    Thank you!

  4. Valerie

    Um, here I am….a bit late…hehe!!!

    Congrats to everyone.


  5. Linda B


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