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Hey all,

Thanks to Romance Junkies for allowing me to become a monthly guest blogger.

Eyes Of Fire by CJ EnglandYou’ll see my posts at the end of every month on the 30th.  I love to chat with my readers and I really enjoy spending time at RJ.  And of course, the reviews here are always a treat.                                                                                             .

Today I wanted to remind everyone about my newest book.  As most of you may know, The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire released recently. I’ve already had several wonderful reader reviews where it’s being sold at My Bookstore and More and that means the world to me.

Let me give you a brief blurb…

An ancient prophecy comes to life in an erotic tale of forbidden love.

Talia’s visit home turns upside down when dark, frightening creatures appear seemingly from nowhere and transport her to another world. The faerie world. In this mystical paradise, she finds her life and honor threatened for reasons she does not understand.

When Calion Sáralondë, Prince of the Calen’taur Elves, rescues the human female from an orcan stronghold, his attraction to her is immediate and strong. And the feeling is mutual. Though their love is sardai—taboo—Calion can’t bring himself to send her back to her world. Her presence sets a fire in his soul only mating with her can tame.

And their passion could be the answer to an ancient prophecy that saves his world.

Cool, huh? Wait till you read it! Reviewer and readers alike use words like, “beautiful writing”, “sensational”, “uniquely creative”, and “breathtaking imagery” to describe it.

I’ve also had a few emails asking me where I get my ideas, so I thought it might be interesting to show you where some of the ideas for beyond the faerie myst came from. From dark forests to painted valleys, our own earth holds a myriad of inspirations. Join me now as I take you to Beyond the Faerie Myst…in our own backyard.

forCJMystThe Myst…in the book, the barrier between the human world and the world of the faerie. I got the idea on a cross country trip from Florida to Idaho. We were traveling through North Carolina and suddenly found ourselves in a place beyond time. Something unexplainable happened then. Where it should have only taken us a day or so to get through, it wound up taking us two weeks.
What happened to us during those two weeks? Were we transported beyond the Myst? We never found out, but we’ve never forgotten. And thus, a story is born.

The Valley of Osali…which in the human tongue means “Perfection”. FoCJ Osali
And for those of you who don’t recognize this magnificent place, it is the one and only Yosemite Valley. Painted by the Creator’s brush, it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

This is the inspiration for the kingdom where Calion and the Calen’taur elves make their home. Filled with serenity, magick and tradition, Yosemite fills all the above requirements.
It is here where the prophecy will come to pass.

For CJ WhisperingfallsWhispering Falls…A Place of love and enchantment. Where Talia and Calion first join together and destiny is fulfilled.
A beautiful place taken from one of the many gorgeous waterfall areas in Northern Oregon and Southern Washington. Each with their own mystery and secrets.

Shimmering lights in the sky point to the Aurora Borealis which sometimes can be seen that far south, and the hidden hot springs, are a nod to the many exquisite places that every traveler should visit just once.

In the book you’ll hear me mention the Forest of Mysyr. It is a dark place, filled with FORCJ Forestheaviness, yet a strange, almost unnatural beauty. I used as my inspiration the rain forest near the coast of Northern California.
I’ve spent many an enjoyable time wandering through these massive giants and I always felt the trees were watching and wondering about me.

It’s that sense of spookiness that I tried to convey in the story,
Eyes of Fire.

Those are just a few of the inspirations for my magical world behind the faerie myst. To learn more about Talia, Calion and their friends and foes, purchase the book and enjoy. And let me know if you recognize any of the other places in the story. It’s all true, you know. Every word. The Myst is real and so are the places beyond the veil.

And remember, when you do purchase The Mylari Chronicles: Eyes of Fire, send me a copy of your receipt. I have a great THANK YOU GIFT, just for you! 

And just for you RJ Bloggers, if you leave me a comment about this post, I’ll put you in a drawing for a goodie bag of Eyes of Fire Promo gifts, plus a beautiful dreamcatcher to remind you to always…Follow Your Dreams.

You will have until June 10th to enter.  Make sure you give me your name and email addy in the post so I can contact the winner!

And lastly, please check out my FREE READ blog where you can get a taste of CJ twice a week!!!

Want more of CJ and another FREE READ?  Check out my newsletter…

Hugs and have a wonderful blessed June!!!!

CJ England

Never anger an elf… we have very long memories.


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    Очень признателен, реально полезная инфа.

  5. XSatiram

    Интересно! Только не могу понять насколько часто обновляется этот блог? 🙂

  6. CJ England

    Hey all,

    It’s time to announce the winner of my contest for commenting on my monthly Romance Junkie Blog. I had a lot of fun and met some really cool people. I’ll do another, don’t you worry, but for now, I went through and chose a winner. Actually two of use came up with the same one, so it was totally destined! LOL

    The winner of the Eyes of Fire Goodie Bag and the dreamcatcher is…

    Comment #19

    Tamsyn T

    Congrats!!! Send me a confirmation email with your snail mail addy and I’ll get you your prize!!!

    Thanks to all who commented. I’ll see you again next month!!!

  7. CJ England

    Thank you so much, Katie. Hope you enjoy the book as much as the blurbs and inspirations. LOL

    Remember to send me your receipt for a free gift when you purchase it!



  8. Katie Reus

    Great blurb and beautiful photos!! I liked reading about where you get your inspiration 🙂

  9. CJ England

    It sounds like you’re talking about the Cumberland area. If that’s true you’re right…it is gorgeous. I’ve been there several times and it always takes my breath away.



  10. Melis L.

    Hi again CJ,

    My husband and I have always wanted to venture out West. I will definitely remember to make that one of the places to see! I have seen Niagra Falls which was absolutely amazing! We also rode the boat that takes you near the falls. Awesome!

    My husband and I traveled to Georgia two summers ago and drove through the mountains at the top of Georgia and saw a beautiful waterfall on the side of the highway that went under the road and down into a river below. We stopped and spent about an hour just soaking in the beauty of the place. It was so peaceful and tranquil. I understand completely the magic of a beautiful waterfall. You feel so at peace after you leave as if you have been washed anew.

    Many blessings to you!
    Melis L.

  11. CJ England

    Hey Melis,

    Nice to meet you. I’m glad I’m here to chat with all of you. I wasn’t a blogger, but I’m getting sucked in. LOL And that’s a good thing.

    As for Whispering Falls. It is a beautiful place. Anytime you have a chance to head to the Northwest, you will find some of the most gorgeous waterfalls on the planet in some very lovely forests.



  12. Melis L.

    Hi CJ,

    It is so nice to have you here! Welcome to RJ! I absolutely loved reading your interesting blog! Whispering Falls sounds like such a magical place to visit! Oooo….I would love to go there sometime!

    Your book sounds wonderful! I am definitely putting it on my to-buy list! 🙂
    Thanks again for the interesting blog! Have a super week!

  13. CJ England

    Hey Sara,

    There is a place in the Redwoods that has this beautiful chapel. I’ve always wanted to renew my vows there, with the trees as my chapel.


  14. CJ England

    Hey Krysten,

    Well met, and thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures, as well as the descriptions. It’s easy to paint with words when the subjects are so beautiful.



  15. CJ England

    Hey Robynl,

    Thanks, I’m glad you like them. Whispering Falls is one of my favorite places on the planet and it is just as you say, filled with peace and contentment.

    And I hope you enjoy the FREE READ.


  16. CJ England

    Hey Gayle,

    Thanks so much. Did you get my email about your prize? Let me know and I’ll go from there. And I’m glad you’re here too. RJ is a great place to hang out.

  17. CJ England

    Hey Minna,

    Thanks! There are so many places that are beautiful, it was hard to choose, but this these were the ones that touched my heart.



  18. Krysten Weller

    I loved the pictures you included with the post! Your descriptions were very vivid and intriguing.

  19. Robynl

    what beautiful pictures; I’d love to visit Whispering Falls; the name makes one feel at peace with contentment.
    Very nice of you to give the free read. Thanks.

  20. Sara J.

    Hi CJ,
    How do you find the time to do so much???
    In the 70’s, my hippie days, I went cross-country and spent some time in a commune in the Northern California National Park & Forest. I didn’t have my camera, traveling lite, but I’ll never forget what it was like and your pictures reminded me of that time. It was like being in a cathedral ~ mystical, spiritual, awe-inspiring.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    Sara J. ~: ]

  21. Gayle O

    Hi CJ. I’m so glad you are also posting here. We can’t get enough of you and am happy to read more. Love the photos. Helps give a visual to the places in the book. Congrats.

  22. Minna

    Those photos are really beautiful!

  23. CJ England

    Hey Joye,

    It is a special book. Sort of an autobiography in a way. I hope you enjoy it. And send me a receipt for a free gift when you get it. I’ve got some nice things for you.




  24. JOYE

    Thanks for the free read and I have added Eyes of Fire to my TBR list. It sounds like a really good book

  25. CJ England

    LOLOL Admit it. It’s me. All about following me around. LOL But I have to say I love having both you Karens around. You spice up my life!!!

    Thanks for posting!

  26. Karen H in NC

    Hey there Karen H in Colorado…we gotta stop meeting like this!! LOL People are going to start talking…

  27. CJ England

    Hey Karen.

    They are beautiful and whenever I was there I did fell like I was in another world. Maybe that was why putting them in my world was so natural.

  28. karen h in Colorado

    Oh my, C J, those places are so beautiful that it is hard to believe they don’t come from a faerie world. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us. Just amazing!

  29. CJ England

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks so much. The reviews pretty much nail the book and that made me really happy! And I too like the cover. He is one hot elf!!!

  30. Lisa

    Congratulation on the reviews! Great looking cover and sound good!

  31. CJ England

    Thank you Tamsyn,

    I love these areas and highly recommend anyone who has a chance go visit and experience it for themselves.

    And thanks about the FREE READ and the newest release. I’ve been having a blast with both.

  32. Tamsyn T.

    That’s a really fantastic post! The pictures and description are great. BTW, love your Journal too and following your free read all the time. And congrats on your latest release!

  33. CJ England

    Hey Kimmy,

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting.

  34. Kimmy L

    Loved the post and pictures.

  35. CJ England

    There you go! The next best thing to a vacation is getting a good book and going to your chosen destination between the pages.

    I hope Eyes of Fire can take you there!

    Thanks, Phylis!!!!

  36. Phylis

    Those places sound wonderful CJ! I would love to visit those places. Maybe with my bonus money next week I can get your book and read myself there. Phylis

  37. CJ England

    Thank you, Peggy. I’m glad you enjoyed getting to know me a little better.

    Check out my FREE READ (see above for addy) if you are looking for a story to keep you going. It’s a lot of fun!!!



  38. peggy

    the pictures was great.i also enjoy knowing where your ideas come from
    the blurb was great.

  39. CJ England

    Hey Ruth,

    Thank you. I’m glad you think the post was unique. I rarely do normal. LOL This was so easy to put together because it was one after my own heart and dreams. I wanted to share it with everyone!



  40. CJ England

    Thank you so much, April. I hope you like the book. It was a BESTSELLER and I’m very proud of it.

    I always have inspirations surrounding me when I write. It seems so much easier to feel the world your building if you can look at something that helps you.

    Pictures of scenery and hot hunks both! LOL

    And remember, send me your receipt when you purchase the book. I will send you a free thank you gift!!!



  41. ruth

    Thanks for this lovely and unique post. I enjoyed learning about your new release and the photos are great. Congrats and all the best on your great book.

  42. April

    I loved this post. The photo’s are so inspirational and really bring out the ideas of your book. A book I must get a hold of after reading this. Congrats on your newest release!

  43. CJ England

    Thanks Cherie,

    The pictures don’t do the areas justice. They are some of the most beautiful places on the planet, which is why I had to bring them into my own world beyond the myst!

    I’m glad you liked the post!!!



  44. Cherie J

    Beautiful pictures! Enjoyed your post CJ!

  45. CJ England

    Hey Nancy,

    Thanks so much and I’m very pleased to meet you. Pleased too that you enjoyed my first blog.

    If you’d like to read more about Eyes of Fire and the rest of the series, go to There are excerpts and more info there.

    As for the drawing, you are already entered just by commenting. When I announce the winner, I will use the winner’s name and the Comment # as a backup just in case there are two of the same names. If you’re the winner, I’ll tell you where to send your addy.

    Hugs, and thanks for commenting!


  46. Nancy Bristow

    Hi CJ…Welcome. I’m a photo-ho so you know I loved your blog with the wonderful pictures. You’re a new to me author but the blurb about Eyes of Fire sounds great. I’m not exactly sure where you want me to leave my address but I’d like to participate in your drawing:) I’m a reader member at RJR. The very best to you for sales of your new book….Nancy

  47. CJ England

    Thanks Debbie,

    As I said, I’ve been to each of these areas and I have to tell you, there is something magical about them all.

    I can’t wait to go back!



  48. CJ England

    Thanks, Karen,

    I love having you follow me! LOL Have you read today’s installment of the FREE READ yet? It’s up and smokin’



  49. Debbie Wallace

    OMG what beautiful pictures CJ! Great blog.


  50. Karen H in NC

    Geez, can’t be June already, can it? Following you everywhere CJ. Have a great weekend. Loving the free read too, BTW.

    Karen H in NC

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