Mr. Webster might not approve

Language is always evolving, and we writers are naturally inclined toward playing with words. So a few of my writing pals and I have created our own writing dictionary. It gives us laughs when we need them, and some shortcut words we use in our critiques.

I’ll share this entry:

plotsticker – n. a mental pitstop regarding a particular element of a story, i.e. a plot-twist, historical fact, or event, which slows the momentum of or completely halts a work in progress. Usually requires extensive research. (see procrastolating and screwing off in general) as well as lengthy internet chats on the subject. A plotsticker can hinder to the point of long-term mental disability, given the right climate and time to flourish. Anti-venoms include but are not limited to: staring off into space for undefined intervals, self-induced quarantine, excessive chocolate as reward for brainstorming, skipping over said detail of story (see also plothole), hitting the Delete key until it snaps, a week off from writing, acupuncture, walking, staring for long hours at photos of Johnny Depp/Enrique/Orlando Bloom/ any male actor from Desperate Housewives, tweezing eyebrows, housecleaning, or – most effective of all- being entirely too busy to sit down and write a single sentence. This last remedy is nearly always guaranteed to cause a plot breakthrough.

ant: inspiration syn.: (the dreaded)writer’s block

Happy Wednesday!

Piper Denna

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2 Responses to Mr. Webster might not approve

  1. George

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

  2. Amanda :)

    HAHAHA. Sounds like my college days!

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