Neighborhood Treasures – A park

The other day since it wasn’t too cold of a day I took a stroll around my neighborhood. I’ve walked my neighbor many times and seen so many interesting things. This time I turned down a street I hadn’t explored before and to my delight and surprise I came across a small park. I had no clue it was there.

After walking around a little I took a seat on one of the benches and people watched. As I mentioned it was a rare warm day in this cold winter we are having and others were out enjoying it as I was. I even had a conversation with some of the other park goers. I spent a little while in the park before I made my way home. As I went home I wondered how I had missed such a neighborhood treasure. Imagine a park within walking distance.

I made myself a promise that the next time there is a warm day I would go back to the park and take a book with me. Also I am looking forward to summer so I can spend some time there. I plan on exploring more of my neighborhood. Can’t wait to see what other neighborhood treasures I can find.

McKenna Jeffries
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  1. Linda Henderson

    Sounds like a hot book.

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