Acceptable Risk by Lynette Eason

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How I Set the Scene by Leila Brown

When I started my book ‘The Diamond Heartstone’ I had to decide where I wanted it to take place. I knew the book was about white tigers. So I Googled big cat reserves. I found one that borders a national forest in California. I then used Google maps to show me the surrounding area. Then...

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Guest Blogger Leila Brown

Please help us welcome guest blogger Leila Brown. Join us as Leila discusses researching her upcoming release from Cobblestone Press. But first grab a cup of coffee or tea, whatever gets you going this morning and enjoy a little about Leila. Like many aspiring and published authors Leila has always been a reader. Her desire...

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The Many Faces of Chaos

My name is Chaoscat and I have an alter ego. Okay, that sounds cool and makes me, for a moment, feel like a super hero. I wish my alter ego donned shiny spandex and headed out each night, ready to fight crime in the big city—-I should be so lucky. No, my alter ego is...

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Guest Blogger Samantha Storm!!

Watch Out Junkies a STORM is Brewing.  Come join us on November 20th as we welcome author Samantha Storm. What you ask will she be discussing, well that is a surprise so come back tomorrow and find out what’s going on with Samantha. Samantha’s day job is that of a freelance Web Designer and Graphic Artist. But in...

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