Paranormal talents that make you chuckle

“I think there were only two gentlemen there. The others are servants. One has a deep baritone voice, while the other sounds more boyish. Let me concentrate. They seem to be talking about a girl.” Jana used her bat hearing, which was five times better than a human’s, to listen to the conversation taking place in Novaland. Her expression grew more abstracted as she began, in a toneless voice, to repeat what she was hearing, for the benefit of her mother and sisters.

She is a very pretty girl.

You find every girl pretty.

I would not be as fastidious as you are. She had guts to come here and confront you. She didn’t flinch much, so spirited and full of fire. I don’t know why you had to deliberately scare her off.

I need someone with more than headstrong spirit. I need someone with wit and determination, who will not be easily scared off, if we are to be successful with the quest.

I don’t know if you are going about this the right way, buying yourself a stranger as a wife. You could at least choose someone you have known longer.

Who do you mean? Don’t say my cousin Anne, or Caroline, or any of the women in the enclave in Cosmos. No offence to you, but I don’t think your sister Caroline would survive the first hurdle of the quest. She sulks for days if she so much as gets her nails slightly dirty. As for Anne, you know she is so sickly. How could she bear what I intend to do with my wife? And as for the women in Cosmos, most of them are only interested in my teuros. I don’t need that kind of woman to complicate the quest. In fact, let’s not discuss this any further. The Lawcove party will be here soon, and Jana, the eldest one, has bat hearing that can hear things kilometers away. We don’t want to let anything important slip.


The above is an excerpt from Enid Wilson‘s novel In Quest of Theta Magic. It was originally written as a Pride and Prejudice inspired futuristic romance.  It features many characters with special talents. Want to see what special talents the main hero and heroine Dean Williams and Elana Bailey possess? Check out this trailer.[youtube][/youtube]

In Quest of Theta Magic, first published last year, is newly released in Kindle format on 3 April 2010.

Dean Williams has no need for love, but he does needs a wife, fast, since only his quest for Theta magic can save his sister. But who could be courageous and tough enough to endure what he needs to demand from his new wife?

Elana Bailey is determined to brave the ugly beast in order to save her fragile sister. But she doesn’t expect the only reason for the match is to create a daughter to help Dean with his quest. What if she bears a son instead? Will they succeed in the quest?

REVIEWS: “Between the babies, sibling rivalry, an exotic wedding and dire predictions, the tension builds around the characters and eventually brings Dean and Elena together and pits them against the world. I loved the author’s sense of humor …” – Coffee Time Romance, 5 cups, Ultra Rare Extraordinary Read

“This book was so good I sped through it in one sitting. The futuristic story was unique and intriguing with great characters. I enjoyed the banter between Dean and Elana. It was witty and natural making the whole story seem genuine and it led to some pretty steamy love scenes.” – Reading with Monie, 5 Stars

Enid, who has guest blogged here a few times, is delighted to give out a gorgeous black T-shirt with the cover photo of Theta Magic to a lucky reader (You can choose the size). The giveaway is open to any one who has bought a paperback or kindle version of the novel.

Please leave Enid a comment about what special talents you want to see in fantasy stories and email her at enid.wilson28 (at) with your proof of purchase to enter the competition. Giveaway ends 30 April 2010.

Buy In Quest of Theta Magic in Kindle format

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  2. Enid Wilson

    The book does have an exotic wedding scene that lasted for 8 days, Mary.

  3. Mary Campbell

    This book sounds so interesting. I love paranormal/exotic romance. I love the mystery and magic. I have to find this book.

  4. Enid Wilson

    Thanks Jacqueline and Carol. It’s fun to create special talents for each of the Bailey sisters. And of course Dean’s big muscles are irresistible.

  5. Carol L.

    I loved the theme in the trailer. Love the blurb and so now I have a new book I’m looking forward to read.:) Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L.

  6. Jacqueline Seewald

    Sounds like a very cool book! I love paranormal romance.

    Jacqueline Seewald

  7. Enid Wilson

    Thanks Lisa. I hope you like the sexual tension between Dean and Elana.

  8. Lisa

    Boy I don’t have a kindle but love to have this in paperback sound good and like to read it. Thanks mite fine it in paperback on amazon.

  9. Enid Wilson

    Thanks Valerie. I hope you like Dean’s big muscles.

  10. Valerie

    Wowsers, I am certainly going to check out this book…it looks yummy!!!!

    in Germany

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