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Hello and howdy!!!

Hopefully everyone had a rocking Valentines in their own little way! Well today I’m going to continue it with some love birds. My beautiful Maddie and Cole.

Madelyn Wagner is a a young woman entering a new part of herself, living life on her terms. As a vibrant, and fiesty woman, she takes life on life’s terms; as much as she can that is. Until she meets Cole. Cole Treunmhor though, in every way a man can be. He doesn’t respond to Maddie, nor her disregard of the men around her. He’s lived life differently and now wants to finish a dream he thought of long ago. When they meet though….there is much more hidden in the shadows. Things both don’t want to recognize, but now must. And so I give you a little taste of Shadowed Heart.

Sin –noun- any act regarded as such a willful or deliberate violation of some moral principle.

Boy did Webster get it right. She was without a doubt, with absolute certainty, and irrefutably, sinning.

To Madelyn Wagner, that word said too much about her life. That word was a jack-in-the-box held tightly on the last note before it sprung with its surprise. It was unsuspecting. That enigmatic word – sin – stared at her with soft eyes, a light purr and harmless demeanor. Preciously wrapped with a great big, fluffy bow, that diminutive package hid power. It was a small jungle cub licking its paws content and satisfied, while hiding its four-inch razor-sharp claws. It had no intention of wanting to bother and minded its own business, but remained none the less adorable, precious and dangerous.

Just that misrepresentation in and of itself made the unaware suspect come closer. Lower its guard. Curious, intrigued. How could such an adorable representation ever mislead? Why would it? It innocuously sat there minding its own business, and one wanted to pet the creature.

Oh yes, sin was disarming. And its ability to disarm came with memories where her judgment was overridden by the pure adrenaline rush pumping through her veins. Everything thought process, every aisle of thought, shut down within her brain and she existed only to feel. Moments like now, moments where her brain severed from the rest of her body. The more morally conscious side of her personality always attempted to signal dangers, sirens whenever her behavior would be deemed ‘un-lady-like’ in certain public circles. But with every morally conscious buzzer, there came twice as many intense, riotous and erotic pleasures countering any possibility of her turning things around for the better. Sounded reckless but, that’s how she lived life; wild, free, and sucking the marrow out of every single second.

Have to run out the door but see you all!!!

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  1. Tess MacKall

    Well, when you put it that way, sin sounds very attractive. lol

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