Pure, Unadulterated Romantic Conflict At Its Best And Strongest

I’m a member of the Romance Junkies readers list on Yahoo Groups and lately, there’s been some long conversations about fantasy romances and historical romances, and lots of differents sorts of romances…anything but contemporary romances, which nobody really talks about anymore, but they’re so plain vanilla these days when you look at all the varieties of romances you can get.

And yeah, I confess, I like some of the fancy varieties out there – I inhaled Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series in a matter of days.

But at their core, all those fancy romances are just contemporary romances dressed up. They’re all romances.  Two people struggling to deal with the most overwhelming emotions and feelings two people can face in a lifetime (even if that lifetime happens to last a century or more!)

So as much as I like my fancy romances – and I adore writing them, too – sometime I like to boil it right down to the core:  expose those raw feelings and emotions.  In other words, a straight contemporary romance that is 100% pure romantic conflict.

That’s why I’m so pleased that Romance Junkies are allowing me to celebrate the launch of Eyes of A Stranger today on their blog. It’s pure, raw contemporary romance, the winner of the Emma Darcy Award, and has picked up some rave reviews already.

If it’s been a while since you dipped your toe into a pool of potent romantic conflict bereft of any distractions, with a hero you won’t soon forget, give Eyes of A Stranger a try, and reaquaint yourself with romantic conflict at its best and strongest.


Tracy Cooper-Posey
Emma Darcy Award Winner and Romantic Suspense Author
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3 Responses to Pure, Unadulterated Romantic Conflict At Its Best And Strongest

  1. Joyce

    I really mostly enjoy contemporary Romance but I also really enjoy contemporary romantic suspense. I rarely read historical, but I will read futuristic.

  2. MarthaE

    I love the basic conflict!! I haven’t read the Twilight series. I saw the movie and just don’t get the excitement myself! But I have been enjoying the Sookie Stackhouse and Rachel Morgan (witch) series. Time for me to pick up a good solid contemporary romance.

  3. Leah Braemel

    I adore contemporaries.I’m pulling back on reading more paranormals lately. I think I’ve overdosed on them. As for the romance and the conflict – I love it when you find a couple who are so right for each other and there gets to a point where you just can’t see how they’re going to get together in the end. And give me a story that makes me cry and I’m in heaven. (Weird, huh?)

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