Queen Of Sexual Tension


A few years ago when my romantic comedy (Ten Ways To Melt A Man’s Heart) was released, one of my reviewers labeled me “Queen Of Sexual Tension”.  Let me tell you, I loved that title!  I was thrilled to get it.  I wear it proud even now.  Since that review, some of the other reviewers caught on to my title, and continue to tell me I am the Queen Of Sexual Tension. (grins)  I’ve had a few authors (even interviewers) ask me how I obtained the title.  I will share that with you now, and even explain how to write sexual tension.

First off, the writer must create characters readers will connect with. In my recent release,(a historical) Spanish Eyes, my heroine is a woman trying to live in a man’s world.  Suffragatte, Rebecca Wakefield is determined to become a Pinkerton agent.  She wants this bad, and she is going to fight for it.  Most of us can relate to that, can’t we?  She thinks she has found the notorious thief, Antonio Carrera – a man known as much for his womanizing as he was for his brilliant criminal mind.  She will do anything to get her man and prove to her employer she can be a good agent!

Well…Anton has different plans.  He’s smitten with Rebecca right away, and he is determined to prove to her that he isn’t the theif her agency is after, even if it means practically kidnapping her and taking her to Spain.  He’s a charmer, and he certainly wants to charm his way into Rebecca’s heart.  He also wants to protect her from his uncle’s murderous games.

Okay, so now we have characters we can relate to.  As women, we want a man to sweep us off our feet and treat us with respect and love.  Anton is this kind of man.  He’s very sexy, and will show Rebecca he does care for her…any way he can.  But the key to writing sexual tension is to take the scene – take your characters and get them just so far without really getting what they want.  Dangle the carrot, so to speak, and just as the other person reaches for it and almost touches it, then you yank it away.  Each time you do this, the other person gets just a little closer…almost there…but once again, you take it away. 

I do this with my stories so much, in fact, that I’ve made reviewers want to shake their computer screen.  heehee  Here is a excerpt from my latest release, Spanish Eyes.

Anton had only one thing on his mind, and it didn’t include waking Rebecca’s older companion. Rebecca was more beautiful, more charming, and more sensual than he’d imagined, and he didn’t want to waste a minute of his time, nor hers. She’d told him earlier she informed men when their attentions were not wanted, and so far she’d yet to convey a negative response to him. That was a good sign.

He stroked her cheek, still warm from embarrassment over her companion’s untimely slumber, and trailed his thumb over her bottom lip. Fascinated, he admired its gentle curve, loving the luscious raspberry color that contrasted with her creamy smooth skin. High cheekbones, straight nose, and delicate, curved chin made her face nearly perfect. Her eyes held him prisoner. Amber brown with flecks of melted gold—like her hair. Her beauty couldn’t hide her charade. She had a secret, and determination pushed him to find out why she had been asking so many questions, and in an accent that seemed far too strained at times.

Why the desperate interest in him? His manservant had told him about this woman, and when Anton saw her and her companion crawling through the hedges, he became more curious by the second.  

“Rebecca, would you accompany me outside for a walk in the gardens?”

She swiped her tongue across her lips. The urge to taste her tempting mouth became strong, but he refrained for now. There would be time for that later…he’d see to it personally.

Hooking her arm around his elbow, he escorted her through the side door onto a small patio that overlooked a flower garden. A thick patch of trees bordered the secluded area, keeping their walk very intimate. As they strolled, her body shivered against him, her breath escaping in uneven spurts.

He smiled, loving the power of seduction, seeing himself as an expert at the art. Rarely did a woman refuse him. This one would fall as easily, he was certain.

“So, Anton, where will your operetta group be traveling next?” Her voice shook, and he tried not to grin.

“Since it is the end of the season, we will take a short break for a few months. I plan on staying in New York during that time.” He looked down into her upturned face. “Does that please you?”

“Why would you think such a thing?” One of her perfectly shaped eyebrows rose.

He gave a low chuckle. “This will give us more time to get to know one another. Is that not why you are here with me now?”

Her lips twitched as if she tried to keep herself from smiling. “I think you are jumping to conclusions.”

Señorita? Are you not interested in me?”

She shrugged. The moon gave enough illumination to show him her beautiful eyes.

He moved in front of her, circling his arms around her slender waist, pulling her body against his. A gasp sprang from her, but she obeyed his gentle prompt and rested her hands on his chest. “You mentioned earlier that life is too short. If I find something I enjoy, I, like you, want to savor the moment. You, my dear Rebecca, are one of the pleasures I seek.”

“You have only known me for a short time.”

“But I have sung to you for two weeks. I have memorized every line of your face.” He traced his fingertip along the side of her jaw. “And every curve of your delicate figure.” He dropped his hand to her shoulder and caressed it. “How can you say I do not know you, when in my mind, I have already touched you? In my dreams, I have kissed your sweet lips, held you against my body as your uncontrolled breath brushed my skin.” Her breathing grew faster, accentuating the sensual rise and fall of her bosom, yet she seemed more relaxed in his arms. Seduction was within his grasp.

He lowered his head and swept his lips across her cheek. “And I know you have been thinking of me. Why else would you come every night to see the opera? Why would you look at me the way you do with your fascinating, angelic eyes?”

Her eyelids closed. Almost there. Brushing his lips across hers, he hesitated, teased, and prolonged the sweet pleasure—if only for a moment. But he couldn’t wait any longer. He had to taste her.

To purchase this story, it’s available at Bookstrand Publishing.  Please visit my website for more of my sensual stories.   Also, check out the awesome Book Trailer!



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  1. Jessica

    It was okay….

  2. Margaret Tanner

    Hi Phyllis,
    Queen of Sexual Tension, gee I would wear that as a badge of honour, but of course you are, that excerpt gave me goosebumps.


  3. Sonja

    You explained sexual tension in a very understandable way. GREAT trailer, great teaser!

  4. Jerrica Knight-Catania

    Very sexy, Phyllis! I can’t wait to read this one! Your title is well-deserved 🙂

  5. Pam S


    This sounds so awesome and what a great trailer! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  6. Phylis

    Queen of Sexual Tension is right!!! Great excerpt Phyllis! I loved it.

  7. Samantha Grace


    The plot sounds fantastic. I’m sure it will be a fun read and full of butterflies-in-the-stomach moments. Sigh. I love when a book gives me butterflies. Looking forward to the release.


  8. Kathleen

    Great trailer and excerpt Phyllis really grabs you to want to read more.!!!!!

  9. Melissa Blue


    What a great blog! Sexual tension is one of the things I struggle with most in my writing because I like for everything to be neat and tidy, and I tend to be impatient when it comes to getting my characters together. I’m glad to take lessons from the Queen of Sexual Tension any day!


  10. Phyllis Campbell

    Romance Junkies…thanks for the opportunity to blog with you!!


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