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WhoΒ is your favorite hero/heroine? Is there one thing about a hero/heroine that you can’t stand?

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  1. Lenore Underwood


  2. Josie

    I’d have to say my favorite hero is any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood or Dark Hunters. I have a soft spot for Ash/Tory and Vane/Bride.

    Least favorite – any hero that is so, so “macho” chauvanistic and the heroine who can’t survive without him or think for themselves . YIKES!!!!

  3. Sue A.

    I like heroes and heroines that complement each other, but that does not mean a simpering and weak heroine. They have to be able compromise and never oppress or control one another. You can still have a strong alpha male without aggression. I’d rather he was charismatic and seductive rather than heavy handed.

  4. Renee M

    My hero is my SO πŸ™‚

    What I can’t stand in a hero or heroine is whiny or TSTL heroines. I want them to be strong and know that at times we all need help.


  5. Romance Junkies

    Very true, I can’t stand when the heroine is helpless. ewww Makes me want to climb in the book and smack her. LOL I do like one that is a bit feisty but also lets a man take care of her a little. For the hero, a strong but sensitive one. No huge egos, so not enticing πŸ™‚


  6. Debbie Beverley

    I have many different favorite heroes, but not heroines. I can’t stand it when the heroines are too tough and alpha like. They go around acting like they don’t need a man and even tell the hero so whenever he tries to help her………….especially if she’s done something to get herself in trouble.

    Heroes I can’t stand are the ones who are too soft and are very easily swayed by the heroine. I love the strong, dominant alpha males.

  7. Breia Brickey

    My favorite hero/heroine are the characters from C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamps’ Sazi characters. There are so many different types of people that you can always find someone to like. They also get stronger as their stories go along.

  8. Ashley A

    My favorite Hero/Heroine are ANY of the Carpathians or Leopard people of Christine Feehan’s books. The only thing I really dislike about some heroines is when they are so innocent and naiive they are almost child like. That is just irritating!

  9. Danielle D

    My favrotie hero and heroine is Derek Craven and Sarah Fielding from Lisa Kleypas’s — Dreaming of You. Derek to me is the hero of all heros. Although Merripan from her Seduce Me at Sunrise book is running a close second.

  10. peggy Q

    my favorite hero would be a some willing to listen to other’s .
    kind and giving also handsome.with out looking weak.

  11. Valerie

    I love Roark and Eve Dallas. I love my heros to be strong, big, confident, loyal, handsome and not too strong to go to his knees for his heroine.

    I hate the TSTL heroine…that drives me up the wall. All indecisivness….drives me crazy…or misunderstandings that could easily be solved but go on and on just to draw the story out…ugh!!!


  12. Karen H in NC

    It is hard to choose just one favorite, but I think I will stick with my old standby; Rhett & Scarlett. To me, they represent all that is good and bad in well-written hero/heroine.

    I cannot stand the hero who is too overly alpha to the point of being obnoxious, overbearing and/or rude. And I cannot stand the heroine who is TSTL. When I run across such a hero/heroine, I have actually closed the book never to be finished.

  13. Lois

    Well, for favorite hero I usually say Mr Darcy, but in the, so many times my new favorite is the latest one I read. LOL πŸ™‚ And I usually say Lizzie Bennet as heroine because after all, she goes with Darcy. πŸ™‚

    As for what I can’t stand, in the end, it comes to the book itself. . . I love some alpha heroes, I hate others,etc. . . so in the end, there isn’t anything that I can think of that I can’t stand as a general rule. Because there are always exceptions to the rule. LOL πŸ™‚


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