Rescuing Christmas by Nancy Lee Badger

Rescuing Christmas by Nancy Lee Badger

In Nancy Lee Badger’s RESCUING CHRISTMAS, a Manhattan businessman in a Vermont ditch meets a muddy female firefighter. No snow since November might ruin the town’s annual fire department fundraiser. Can Elinor and Bradley stop their squabbling long enough to Rescue Christmas?

Nancy Lee Badger

Rescuing Romance by Nancy Lee Badger   

I wrote my 27th book the same month my dad passed away and my mom needed extensive medical assistance. I wrote Rescuing Christmas, a full-length small-town sweet romance, wherever I found a minute to spare. “Have laptop, will travel!”

I used my background as an EMT and volunteer firefighter from when I lived in New England to make the characters, and the emergencies that affect them, pop. I now live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and write full-time, but I have a son living in Vermont, so I am familiar with its green mountains and icy roads. The book was released October 15th and is available from Amazon both locally and internationally. A print version is in the works. Writing a Sweet Romance is new for me, but please give it a try.  

Excerpt from Rescuing Christmas

“You want it to snow?” Bradley had crashed outside of a town he hadn’t even seen on the map on his phone. Icy roads and thick forests were enough nature for him, but she wanted a blizzard?

“Of course. We rely on tourists. Listen, Mr. Wainwright, I’ll drop you off at the inn, so I can go get cleaned up and check on Dad at the hospital. You’ll like the B&B. It’s just off Main Street.”

“I am sure I will. Please call me Bradley. After what we have shared today, I believe we can remain on more intimate terms.”

“Okay. Um, you can walk to everything from the B&B. Sean will feed you dinner and breakfast, of course, but you might like to check out the café in the bookstore and the other shops. A clothing store, perhaps?”

Looking down at his ruined suit, he curled his toes in the thoroughly drenched shoes and nodded. “I packed light. Underwear, socks, my laptop, and papers…erase that. No papers.”

“I did apologize for that.”

He smiled. Elinor was really being very neighborly, something Mona tried to instill in all the executives and other employees. His rescuer was going out of her way to see him taken care of, but was it because she did not wish him to file a lawsuit?

“You sound very familiar with the B&B. Do you live there?”

“No. I live with my dad. I kind of dated the inn’s owner, Sean Peabody. Didn’t end well.”

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Nancy Lee Badger grew up in Huntington on New York’s Long Island. After attending Plymouth State, in New Hampshire, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree and met and married her college sweetheart. They raised two handsome sons in Rumney, New Hampshire, where Nancy volunteered as an EMT and firefighter while working full-time. When the children had left the nest, and shoveling snow became a chore, she retired from her satisfying job as a 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher and moved to North Carolina, where she writes full-time. She and family volunteer every fall at the NH Highland Games.

Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, and the Triangle Association of Freelancers. She loves to travel with her husband and is never far from her laptop. She finds story ideas in the most unusual places.

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  1. Mickey

    I fell in love with this book as soon as I read Chapter 1. Elinor and Bradley are so believable and the story develops quickly.

  2. Nancy Lee Badger

    Thank you for hosting me!

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