Robyn Carr


    When I began Virgin River, I thought I was writing a romance balanced
neatly with a women’s fiction.  Then I realized I had a four book series.
And then, because readers connected, I had what can only be termed as a
long running series.  Or maybe better termed as a runaway train.  I have
committed to many Virgin River stories.  Twenty-one at last count, some
of them novellas or special Christmas editions.  Honestly, I can’t see
any end in sight.  Towns live for a long time.

    Everyone seems to have their own definition of women’s fiction and
romance, whatever definition works for them.  Mine has changed over the
years.  Women’s fiction was once strictly a feminist thing in my mind,
but now it exceeds that.  In this phase of my writing life romance is
about finding the perfect partner; maybe not perfect for everyone, but
perfect for the two people involved.  And women’s fiction is about
dealing with the issues that threaten a woman’s happiness and peace of
mind and may (or may not) have anything to do with their romantic lives.
Those issues have such a wide range – from relationships with family
members to pregnancy and childbirth, to life threatening issues from
cancer to battery domestic.

    The balance of those two genres seems to strike a cord for women readers.
Romance tends to be a woman’s issue more than a man’s, but it’s not
always the chef’s recommendation on the menu.  I love romances, but I
also love those deadly serious novels that examine the
sociological/political/spiritual challenge a woman continues to have in
our world.  And I adore those wonderful “girlfriend books” that bond a
group of women as they try to resolve one or more of those issues.

    Add to this tender balance the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly changes in a
town and what you end up with is a lot on your plate.  People come and
go, are born and die, meet and fall in love, visit and go home, the
possibilities are endless.  A small town is a very large canvas to paint

    I’ve never had so much fun!  I find this juxtaposition of women’s
fiction/romance/small town drama gets me jazzed every morning and is hard
to wind down from at night.  It might have started as a happy accident,
but it turns out to have a more personal impact than that.  Based on my
reader mail, it’s what it does for women that works for me – I wish I’d
planned it!  Showing female characters grappling with serious concerns in
a positive way with satisfactory results is empowering to women!  Showing
female characters choosing men of honor and integrity to fall in love
with rather than some loser they hope to turn around is empowering to
women!  Add in a sense of community, one that we not only all long for
but can replicate in our own neighborhoods and towns is empowering to

    Before you think I’m giving myself an awful lot of credit, I realized
this after the first books were written and the readers pointed it out to
me.  They told me they’d taken an important lesson from Mel Sheridan who
got on with her life after being widowed, and from Paige Lassiter who
fled an abusive spouse and from Brie Sheridan who went after her rapist.

    And coming now, in Forbidden Falls, meet young Ellie Baldwin who has had
just about every hard knock a girl can endure and has survived it all.
She has earned a chance for a good, solid, dependable life and she’s ripe
for love.  Soon to follow in Angel’s Peak, meet Franci Duncan who chose
to raise her child alone rather than hook herself up to a man who didn’t
want a commitment.  And finally, in Moonlight Road, take a spin with Erin
Elizabeth Foley, a single woman who put her personal life on hold to
raise her orphaned siblings – now it’s her turn, and what a ride it is!

    This is the writers life at its best: Virgin River is growing and growing
and with it, so is the author.  I am learning from my readers and from my
stories.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

    Therefore, I humbly thank you.

    Come away with me to Virgin River.  There’s always a lot going on.


33 Responses to Robyn Carr

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  3. Eva Lege

    Hi Robyn, I love all the Virgin River books. I have read them all and am eagerly awaiting Moonlight Road. I love all the peps n the series especially Ellie and Noah. That Ellie just touched my heart!!I hope u can continue to write more stories on this series. Loved little Wild Irish Rosie!!!Lege70542

  4. Chris Mead


    I haven’t had the pleasure to read your books yet, but after reading your post I most definetly will put them on my must buy list!

    Best wishes,

    Chris Mead

  5. Sherry Haut

    I love the Virgin River books!

  6. Pam Keener

    I haven’t read any of this series, although I do have a few on my TBR pile. I’ll just have to put them on my next to be read pile.
    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener In PA

  7. Josie Roetemeyer


    Your books are great. I just finished Forbidden Falls and loved it. It really touched me. I can’t wait for Angel’s Peak. (I now have my mom reading your books).

  8. Tina b

    beautiful! i love to connect with the author behind the book

  9. Ashley A

    I love the Virgin River Series!! They made me laugh and cry, and told a wonderful story!! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!

  10. Lexee

    I love conntect books and this series sounds really good.

  11. Lori Leger

    Hi Robyn…reading this makes me realize what I’ve been missing out on. I will be looking for the entire series, I assure you. This is exactly the kind of stories I love to read and write.
    A new fan,

  12. Cherie J

    I enjoy books set in small towns. I love the sense of community and caring in the books, although I know it has its downside like everyone knowing your business.

  13. Kammie

    Coming from a big city, I love to read about the small town life and I love this series! Thanks for all your wonderful stories.

  14. Amelia

    I want to thank-you for your series, for keeping it “real” & real enough to make most people long to move there. For keeping us in touch with some of our old aquantiences yet continuously introducing us to new ones. For touching on topics that a lot of people still would like to sweep under the carpet, because that is not something that you bring out to talk about. (I know showing my age here). It is only when some topics start coming out into the open, that we can start dealing with those issues and making changes in real life.

    I know that in your newsletter, you’ve said that you have several more in the works, so we can look forward to have “Virgin River” be around for a long time to come. So thank-you ahead of time for that.

  15. Little Lamb Lost

    I have been hearing great things about your series and your story Forbidden Falls sounds like quite the read.

  16. Guestauthor

    Thank you, everyone — I feel so priviledged to be here! Paula — I think that’s exactly woman womens fiction/women’s issues are — everyday life for every woman. That’s why the people and characters strike us all so close to home.

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone — and for the warm welcome!

  17. Jo


    Your books are wonderful. I am reading Forbidden Falls now. I got a friend at worked hooked on your books and is she is loving them. I feel when I pick up the book to read I am reading about my old friends. So looking forward to the additions to the series. Thanks for all the hours of reading enjoyment.

  18. Nancy Alexander

    I keep forgetting that this blog is here but today Robyn reminded me. These are the best series that Robyn has written. They get to the heart and stays there until the next book arrives. I related to Mel first thing once I started reading. Too bad Virgin River isn’t a real town because I would definitely move there. Please keep them coming Robyn.

  19. Joyce

    I am definitely a romantic suspense junkie so I was amazed when I fell in love with your Virgin River series. I call them heartwarming and it’s like coming home when I pick up one of you books. Keep writing.

  20. Paula R.

    Hey Robyn, how are you? I am glad I got the opportunity to come and show you some love. Your books really do strike a cord in me. You know, I never thought of the VR series as Women’s Fiction. I just figure it was everyday life…you know. Learning about the goings on in a town, and the lives of characters in a story just jazzes me up. I fell in love with Virgin River from page one of VR, and I find the stories very powerful. Thank you for doing what you do! I am waiting, quite impatiently actually, for Angel’s Peak to hit the shelves. I am jealous of all those who already have it courtesy of harlequin. Virgin River is a wonderful place, and I am sure there is some place on this earth like it. It is great having you back! See you at Jack’s Bar.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  21. Maureen

    I have the first book in the series and I am definitely going to start it. It sounds like a lovely place.

  22. Eva S

    I got the first book in this wonderful series for Christmas and now I’m hooked, recently I ordered three more books and I’d love to have them all!

  23. Lisa G

    Hi Robyn! I love your books! They are so great! Keep them coming! Thank you for a wonderful post today. I’ll be wondering in to Jack’s Bar soon, hope to see you there!

  24. Pam S

    I really enjoy your books and have a few of the Virgin Rivers – am trying to collect them all :)!

  25. Crystal B.

    Hi Robyn. I enjoyed your post. Your books are wonderful.

  26. Diana Smith

    Hi Robyn, Yes it is one of your biggest fans and I am so happy to see all of the good comments on your books, new and old. We chat about you on ToniBlake’schatgroup and RomanceJunkie’s as well. I cna so relate to some of your characters and your books make me cry and laugh and can’t wait for the next one to arrive on my doorstep. Of course they are pre-ordered and will be here before I know it. Keep up the good work and hope to see again at Jack’s Bar soon. In this recession it is good to have a feel good book to read as often as possible. Thanks again.

  27. RobynL

    I love the Virgin River series also. I don’t have all the books but am working on it, lol. Indeed the characters become friends to me.

  28. Eva Lege

    Hi Robyn. I have read all of the books n this AWESOME , Heart warming series. Your characters seem so alive. I love the way the community sticks 2gether. Glad 2 hear u will b writting more. Lege70542

  29. Guestauthor

    Thanks, ladies — I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. I tend to get lost in books also. I love it when characters I’m reading about feel almost real, when I think about them long after I’ve turned the last page. There’s just nothing like the friends we find in stories!

  30. Kathleen

    No need to convince me Robyn, you know I am a big fan. I am forever grateful to you as I found Virgin River at a time when my life changed very drastically and your books brought me a welcome retreat from these changes and gave me a new prospective..
    I like that books can do this to me. Because they are real issues you are writing about. You have weaved this community and brought your readers into it and we feel we are so much appart of this wonderful place called “Virgin River”..

  31. susan leech

    Robyn, I can not find words to express how much I enjoy your books. I have a reader’s group and we all like your books. Since I retired I am not able to spend as much as I want for my book habit but I try my best and I do have friends who are generous with their books. I thank GOD for all my friends. I can curl up with your books and I get carried into that town or place. susan L.

  32. susan leech

    I need an agency to locate me a house here in Virgin River. I only need two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and one simple bath. Mayb a spare room or a room I can use for a library. I love this place and if you continue writing books located here..for the next 50 years I won’t mind. I won’t be here that long but I will make sure my kids and grandkids continue buying the books. I get all excited when I see Robyn’s coming out with a new book. I am a big fan in case you haven’t notice. ha ha susan L.

  33. Linda Henderson

    I never get tired of reading these kinds of stories. And frankly, I love connected books. I tend to read a lot of them.

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